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Women with five parts every massage than eat tonic

 Women do this every day when the five health SAR, can promote the metabolism, detoxification clear body, thereby achieving 

To keep fit, anti-aging effect. 

SAR I: abdominal umbilical 

Health Keywords: abdominal fat elimination, prevention and treatment of constipation. 

Abdominal umbilical is a very important health care experts "fortress", Chinese medicine, said the central navel belly "God 

Que. "Umbilical abdominal rubbing stimulation, conditioning, can Yifei Gu Shen, soothe the nerves rather heart, liver and gallbladder, Tom Lee 

Triple burner, disease prevention and healthy. 

Roufu also arteriosclerosis, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, cerebrovascular disease, obesity has 

Good adjuvant therapy. 

Health care approach: hands overlap, according to the navel, moderate force, while maintaining natural breathing, clockwise 

Needle direction around the umbilical Roufu. 

Lack of exercise for people on weekdays, it is recommended to develop in their spare time or when the two-hand cross-walk 

For the beat (frequency of once per second) for 20 minutes in the lower abdomen, the abdomen can promote metabolism. 

DC II: ear 

Health Key words: preventive ear frostbite to help Yang Shen. 

Kidneys open into the ears to Chinese medicine, often rubbing ear ear frostbite can be prevented, and can play a strong Jianshen 

Waist, the role of health sickness. 

Health care methods: pulling the ear lobe. Put your hands index finger inside the tragus, the use of the index finger and thumb pulling ears 

Screen, earlobe, pulling from the inside out, approach from light to heavy, traction force is limited to not feel pain, each 

Time 3 to 5 minutes. 

Mount Helix hand. Two-hand fist, to the thumb and finger food from pushing up and down along the helix-mo, until the helix 

Congestive fever. 

Pulling sharp-eared. With both hands, the thumb and index finger pinched ear tip, move up pulling, rubbing, kneading, friction 15 

20 times, so that local heating red. This method has sedative, analgesic, clear brain eyesight, fever and other effects. 

SAR III: chest 

Health Keywords: improve heart and lung function. 

The strength of the immune function of a person, to a certain extent, depends on the concentration level of thymosin on the chest 

Gland to conditioning stimulation can prevent cancer disease, physical sickness. 

Health care approach: right breast with his right hand on top, fingers under oblique, moderate rubbing to the left by pushing 

Abdomen, back and forth rubbing touch 50; for the left hand rubbing the same way 50 times. Then, with palms facing the chest and then 

Friction between the upper and lower back and forth 50 times; can alternately tapping the chest with two hands back, the remaining 100 per shoot, 

Sooner or later, do it again. 

A chest rub can "sleep" of the thymus cells active, improve heart and lung function. 

DC Four: Back 

Health Keywords: enhance immunity, anti-cold. 

Often scraping back the meridians and muscles, rub, hammer at, slapped, you can clear the meridians, 

An Xinan God, to help prevent colds, the other, rubbed the back of the middle-aged patients with chronic diseases have a certain auxiliary 

Aid treatment. 

Health care approach: sooner or later in the day, rub (rub) back, take care hammer back or back (including back and neck 

Department); or take back massage therapy, such as scraping the back, chiropractic, and cupping. 

DC V: Spinal 

Health Key words: promote digestion, prevention of common diseases spine. 

About 70% of people are usually due to lack of proper care of the spine leaving the SAR had a disease. 

The SAR has four spinal curvature, the most prone to lesions in the neck (cervical spondylosis), and lumbar flexion (lumbar 

Strain, lumbar disc herniation). 

Health Methods: Children anorexia, the partial eclipse can be on both sides of Jiaji massage along the spine. Every night on the ridge 

Column and massage therapy, Gua Sha, cupping and gently pat. 

In the spine, DC, acupuncture, moxibustion and Chinese medicine Fengliao, separation of the spinal nerves of the spinal cord pain 

Pain and a treatment of ankylosing spondylitis 

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