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Samuel J. Naligala





There has been this war from the beginning.  

What do you (audience) think, who is going to win the war?


Sam Newton is born.

The planets are moving around the Sun. There is an emergency meeting in a black hole that is located in the vicinity of the solar system.

Avatar - the leader of one of invisible forces gives serious instructions to a couple of selected members of his team, Alien and Predator called AP brothers. He hands over the mission SAM to the AP duo.

Sam’s mom is dead after seeing him once. Sam develops Oedipus complex, inferiority complex, and serious emotional disturbance. Also, he is slow in learning linguistic and motor skills. Sam’s dad is busy earning money and his step-mom ill-treats him as AP-brothers are unseen guests. Sam suffers from lots of ‘why–questions’.

At school, Sam’s intra-personal intelligence is enriched though his inter-personal intelligence is below expected level. Sam argues with a teacher at school about the law of attraction. Sam reads an article on humanity, aggression and terrorism. AP-brothers strikes back as Sam become a petty thief and an ADHD victim. Sam’s dad compares and contrasts whenever he finds a little time to talk to Sam while his mom always criticizes and pokes his heart with bitter words.

Sam’s Indian classmate Durga talks about goddesses in India as AP-brothers curiously watch this scene with bright eyes.

Sam’s grandmother is wise and caring. She visits Sam often and tries to impart life skills and spiritual education.

Sam is growing. He joins a university college. Sam feels infatuation, but his girl ditches him for his best friend. Sam likes to watch movies, most of his time of all genres. He likes music and he imitates singers as well and gives a good presentation on the influence of music. Now, Sam has a girl friend Paula who likes music.

Paula needs some academic help.

Professor Hall sexually harasses Paula at university.

Sam argues with Hall mentioning Anita Hill’s case. The ADHD brings down Sam. Sam is dropped out from his university. Also, he realizes the frantic influences of infatuation; try and releases his testosterone secretions.  

Paula denies Sam as she loves success and money.

Sam suffers for money and food; tires to steel money from home, from friends, neighbors, and bank ATMs.  Sam joins a Christian youth mission but could not adjust there for a long time. With the generous help of unseen AP brothers, Sam joins hand with extremists, develops pessimistic attitude and almost joins a group of gang that is trying to gain acceptance and power in inappropriate ways; trying to take revenge in ill methods. 

Sam’s dad is no more. Sam leaves his entire dad’s money to his step-mom. Sam’s granny comes forward to help. Sam joins teachers’ college.

Child psychology is Sam’s piece of cake. He enjoys his learning sessions. Sam delivers a speech on war and peace at teachers’ conference where AP brothers could not bear that applause.

AP brothers try to influence psychology professor Dr. Post in vain.

Avatar calls on AP brothers; yells at AP duo and declares that “He cannot become a teacher”

Sam gains teacher’s degree. Sam is a teacher now.

Granny passes away. 

Sam joins an international school in India as a counselor. He meets Durga and marries her. AP duo celebrates. Sam understands Indian culture and religious practices. Sam conducts parenting skills training. Sam encounters traditional conflicts with Durga while Durga delivers a boy-baby.

Sam joins the UN. He visits some African and Asian countries. He delivers expert opinions on education, health care, ignorance and corruption. Sam realizes cosmic battle within himself, family life and social life around. Also, he understands how the ignorance, the inherited misconceptions of his wife polluting his sons mind.  

AP duo rages with jealousy and vengeance. They plan for Sam’s death.  A car accident occurs, but Sam miraculously escapes while AP duo was watching an angel helps him. Sam could see the angel and the AP duo. 

Sam is on the death bed as AP duo motivates doctors and supporting team at the hospital. Durga realizes the true love of this soldier called Sam. The American Ambassador, the UN representative, VC of an university along with some scholars and lecturers visits Sam. They encourage him to write a book on Cosmic Battle.

Sam decides to visit several places around the world to proclaim the truth about the cosmic battle. Sam takes his son Guru along with him and keeps filling Guru’s mind with lots of knowledge. He visits as many places as he can and passes the amount of light energy till the shining light in his face fades to normality. He finishes writing his book “COSMIC BATTLE” and gives live interviews to many TV channels discussing the love and love, the life and human life, the acceptance and mere acceptance, the ultimate power and so-called power, the original revenge and temporary revenge, the best satisfaction and lack of satisfaction. Sam whispers in the ear of Durga, blesses his son and dies peacefully on his bed.

Avatar relaxes and appreciates AP duo for their efforts in executing his plan. He proclaims that this process is unending and the people are masked by all the ignorance penetrated by genes and polluted environment with the aid of money, media and music. 

But AP duo never felt that their job is finished.

Guru grows into a man with a complete goal in his mind as Durga observes him curiously thinking how long this battle continues… there any end for this story?      

Mood: anxious
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