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Go With God. Hell is NOT worth it :)

 The saying "God knows my heart" is just an excuse to continue to do wrong in your life".

You know when/if God is pleased with your actions. Why jeopardize your spot in Heaven for a "good time" on Earth? My friend Ebony Huffman stated a while back on twitter "I'm saved and I have a life. I really do, but it's a saved life." Meaning you can have a life full of fun and happiness and still make it to Heaven. Did you know when/if you make it to Heaven you get rewards, trophies, mansions, etc? Why chase that materialistic aspects of life here on Earth when your stay here is limited... 1 Peter 1:17 stats, "Live as temporary residents on earth" Clearly we should live life to go to Heaven, NOT live life as if our true home is Earth.  Living for the world can surely cost you your spot in heaven.  

Heaven/Hell will be for eternity. I rather have Jesus than silver or gold. (aka that good time). honestly...I don't think many people want to go to Heaven. Why do I believe this? GLAD YOU ASKED...b/c people tend to believe that they will die at 89...when you can die tomorrow. We young people really need to think about how were are living. Is it the walk with Jesus or the walk with Satan? If you were to die today would you enter Heaven? REALLY! Would you? We have to start living our life according to God's word because we NEVER know when our time is up. We CANT continue to think God will continuously forgive us for the same sins when we purposely do them. He is a jealous God and everything we do or pay attention more then him upsets him. many young people say "Imma do me anyways" (meaning I will live life for me) are you really?... do you honestly think that "doing you" will give you that pass to Heaven. No seriously, think about it. I'll wait!

In conclusion, don't let your so called wants and needs distract you from God. Its not worth it. An eternity in hell is not worth it. Walk with God. He orders thy steps. Trust him.

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