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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:58 PM   [19 May 2011 | Thursday]



People spend most of their adult lives attempting to find the answers to many questions and discover what makes them happy. First of all, happiness is not for what we should be searching, but contentment is. But, what we should be using our time for is to discover and achieve the great gift that God has offered to us and that is paradise forever. This life is meaningless and absolutely useless if we do not succeed in that quest The greatest gift that God has given to us may not be life, but it just may be death !!! However, if we were never born, we would never have the ability to reach heaven. And, getting there is one of the easiest things to do. There are some religions that have various stages of heaven and different ways of reaching certain levels and the whole thing is very confusing and unfortunately cannot get anyone there. God has made salvation and eternal life one of the easiest aspects of life and many people do not even know what it is.

The love that God has for us is very much different then what we, as humans, consider to be love. Unfortunately, few if any of us have ever experienced true love for or from another person, there always seems to be conditions on the emotion. Certainly, the love that a parent has for their children is incredible, but not always guaranteed. When we are young, we confuse lust with love and when the lust disappears, so does the love. But, the love of God towards us in unconditional and that is something that we do not understand. There is nothing that we can do to make God stop loving us, but in life, we experience this many times. So, our thoughts on love are based upon our experiences, and we are generally disappointed because things never seem to rise to our expectations. We cannot imagine the love our Father has for us, but it is there and always will be.

So, let us get to the core of the matter and see just how simple this whole thing really is. So many denominations add so many conditions onto the acquisition of the love of God towards us that it sometimes seems unattainable. First of all, it is not that we love God, it is that He loves us. We cannot understand His love because it is so much different than what we have ever experienced. We are all creations of God but we all are not His children. We get to become one of His children by asking Him for that privilege. That seems simple enough, and it gives us all of the benefits of being a child of God. It is just that easy…. Then, the love of God is so great towards us that He takes upon Himself all punishment for every sin that we will ever commit and suffers the penalty for those sins. The fact that He created us shows His great love because if we were never born, we would never have the opportunity to achieve eternal paradise. And, when we become His child, He gives us His Spirit to guide us and protect us for the rest of our lives on earth. And finally, He guarantees that we will always have whatever we need as long as we are here on earth.

There is no other being that can do all of these things for us, but God does because He loves us and that can be the only reason considering the way we treat Him in return. We continually sin against Him. We disregard the wishes that He has stated for us in the Bible. We alter His words and take His position by changing His rules. And because we are endowed with His Spirit, we make Him a participant in our sins. And yet, He still showers us with gifts and benefits and ultimately we are given eternal paradise.

The least that we can do is to return to His original intentions by unifying the Church and return to the basic and fundamental teachings and doctrine given to us by God and not altered by man. And, the next thing that we can do is thank Him for the incredible love that He has shown us even though we cannot possibly understand the depth of that love


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