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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:55 PM   [19 May 2011 | Thursday]


The love that God has for His children cannot be understood by mortal man because that love transcends all things that would interfere with a human relationship. We speak about the love of God towards His children but we know nothing about it except that it exists. Although the love of God is far beyond our comprehension, it certainly is not beyond our belief. We experience it every day in many ways, but unfortunately, often times we do not recognize it. But, because in this earthly life, we are so used to receiving punishment for the errors that we make even from those that love us, that it seems impossible that we should not receive some retribution for our sins against God. Even today, there are still church groups that believe that we will be punished by God before we are allowed into paradise. We are so used to getting some sort of punishment for our errors in this world that it is almost impossible to comprehend that God does not punish us for our incredible sins. His love for His children is so immense that He took that punishment on Himself so that we do not have to suffer. In a world full of hate and immorality, it becomes even more difficult to understand the magnitude of His love.

There are some that cannot accept the fact that accepting the atoning death of Jesus is all we need to cleanse our souls and so these groups teach that earthly punishment is a necessary element to achieving salvation. And, there are others that just take advantage of this simple fact and do not even attempt to lead a Christian based life. And, the truth is that it is extremely difficult to believe that we need not do anything physically in order to achieve salvation. Considering our incredibly sinful lives, just having faith just does not seem enough in any way to grant us access to paradise. We are so used to receiving some sort of punishment for our errors that we fully expect to have to pay for our sins. However, our sins are so great that there is no adequate punishment and so no one would ever get into heaven.

We are human and we think as humans. God can think as we do, but we cannot think as He does and so it is impossible for us to understand His reasoning for anything The Bible gives us all we need to know about the aspects of life that are necessary to achieve an acceptable life with God, but when we consider the incredible gift that He has offered to us as His children, it is difficult to comprehend considering how often we insult the Giver.  It is not unusual for some to actually punish themselves for their sinful actions without even realizing that is what they are doing. If we examine the problems that we have faced in our lives, we find that the ultimate reason for the problem was our own fault. Without realizing it, this could very well be a type of self punishment, but in many cases, it is just pain ego and stupidity.

The gift that God has given us is so immense that it is impossible to comprehend. We can have certain ideas about it and depending upon the depth of those thoughts, our conscious comes into play. We all sin, of that we can agree, but acknowledging our sins to God and how we do it, tells us the conviction that we have. We may not be sorry for the actual sin and often this is true, but a good person is sorry for offending God. Then there are those that just do not give it much thought at all. Depending upon how we were treated by our earthly father will generally determine the thoughts we have concerning the forgiveness of God. There are some fathers that are very understanding and when we make an error, they will discuss it with us, but still punish us because we did something wrong intentionally and some sort of punishment is appropriate. Unfortunately, there are few parents such as this. Generally, if we are caught in our discretion, we are just punished. And, the degree of punishment sometimes does not suit the error. People are prone to allow their emotions to govern their good sense, but God is not as we are. First of all, He does not punish. He may chastise us for our own benefit if we are continually sinning to our own hurt, but it is not to satisfy some emotion in Him.


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