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   [18 May 2011 | Wednesday]

Can I Get a Volunteer?


Usually before now I have typed and sent my blog out, but due to problems early this morning, and getting things arranged at our church building for some volunteers to put down new tile, today has been a very hectic day to say the least. But, that’s life. As I sat at my computer my heart is full of gratitude for volunteers who step up to the plate and are willing to lead a hand. How appreciative I am of their service to the kingdom of God. In fact, if it were not for volunteers there is not a church anywhere in America that could function properly. There are those churches that have large staff that can accomplish some things, but those churches which cannot afford staff, people willing to put their hand to the plough, so to speak, are invaluable.

I got to thinking about this attitude that is prevalent among volunteers within the body of Christ recently while reading a particular chapter in the book of Exodus. The particular passage actually speaks of offerings that the children of Israel brought to God in the preparation of the building of the tabernacle. The tabernacle was the meeting place in the wilderness of God with His people Israel.  This is way Moses wrote about the spirit upon the people of God. “And they came, each one whose heart stirred him up and whose spirit made him willing, and brought the Lord's offering to be used for the [new] Tent of Meeting, for all its service, and the holy garments” (Exodus 35:21 Amplified Version). The word “willing” actually means “to volunteer”. The attitude of the people was to give themselves to the advance of the will of God that was happening among them.

Over the years of pastoring, both my wife and I have had some incredible people work with us who had the same attitude as those in the wilderness with Moses. People who stepped up and gave of themselves when no one else cared to do so. People who you could count on. People who were selfless in their service for the glory of God. People who took hold of the vision and with their lives declared, “You can count on me”.

Today my wife and I are seeing the same kind of attitude among a group of people He has sent us to work among in the State of Texas. What a joy that is to us. Because without them nothing would be accomplished. I see a willingness to serve wherever they are asked to serve. They have come with the attitude, “You can count on me” and what a joy that is to the heart of pastors. I read recently of a church in Virginia where 70% of the congregation gives of their time to make ministry work. I was shocked. That pastor must be beside himself with wonderful enthusiasm because the vast majority of his congregation “gets it”.

I take my hat off to those people within the church world that give of their time, talent and in some cases finances to help advance the kingdom of God. Like the children in the wilderness, first of all, “your heart has been stirred”. How exciting it is when God’s finger reaches deep inside of every one of us and stirs us to action. He knows how. He drops a dream, thought, idea, plan, vision or something else inside of us and before long our hearts are racing with an excitement to get involved.  But, secondly, “your spirit has been made willing” or you have the heart to volunteer. I shout “THANK YOU” to you today.

Many of you who read this blog are already involved in some sort of church work somewhere. You either give of your time, or you help finance the vision. Either way there is not a minister on this planet that does not have a heart of thanksgiving for you. If no one has told you how much you are appreciated for all you do, then let me be the first. Thank you for getting involved with the vision of where you are serving. Thank you for having a heart to help. Thank you for giving of your time and talents. Thank you for making the work of your pastor(s) just a little easier. Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to touch your heart and life. Thank you for being one of those wonderful volunteers who none of us could operate effectively without. You are needed!!!!!!




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