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Know folk prescription 136, from now on need not go hospital (1)

 1. Leaves fumigation treatment of migraine

Dragon Boat Festival gathering the leaves will come back a hand on the pot boil, cook for 20 minutes back, the hot head with a muffled fumigation. Came alive again after the cold water on the fire lit, smoked twice per day, smoked twice a week can be recovered.

2. Massage the swollen gums consumption

Wash your hands first with his right middle finger massage the left side of the gums, the right side with the left hand middle finger massage gums, gradually increasing the intensity, the time for about two minutes. Massage immediately after the liquid with metronidazole mouthwash for one minute. Liquid preparation method is: a metronidazole with 400 ml of cold water to dissolve. In addition, this massage can effectively relieve the gingival recession. Every morning and evening.

3. Massage treatment prostatitis

After going to bed every night and get up before the next morning, with the index finger and middle finger back and forth on both sides of the root in the penis by massage, hand tired to continue for another hand. Each 30-minute massage for each round trip of about 4 to 6 seconds, massage, massage pressure to feel good about themselves is appropriate. Adhere to massage 3 months, the condition will be significantly improved.

4. Expectorant cough cabbage root

Wash the cabbage root of two, 30 grams of crystal sugar, sharing boiled, soup. Note: for cough, phlegm symptoms.

5. Cabbage root treatment of colds

Fresh cabbage root of a wash, add 30 grams of brown sugar and ginger five, Shuijianbi.One dose a day, and even served three days be effective.

6. Morning service apple cured cholecystitis

An old man suffering from cholecystitis permanently. After listen to an old Chinese advice, take apple recipe, illness has not recurred. Is: eat an apple every morning empty stomach, half an hour after every meal. 365 days a year, every day. Note, be sure to eat with the skin.

7. Eat tofu anti-acclimatized

To the strange, the first dish of tofu should be polished draft, to a certain extent, can prevent and overcome the lack of acclimatization. Tofu on the gastrointestinal irritation, easily absorbed, can make the stomach slowly adapt to the local diet, all ages, is the ideal diet to overcome the lack of acclimatization.

8. Grapes ulcer treatment

Many people often suffer from oral ulcers, usually grapes on the treatment and prevention of oral ulcers is very effective. Eat several times a day, the amount of open, generally 2 to 3 days recovery.

9. Eating raw onions rhinitis treatment

An old man suffering from chronic rhinitis, sinusitis. Six months ago he got a recipe, very simple, namely: in the daily meal, a bite to eat with some raw onion. He realized that the process of eating, the best moment in the mouth of a feather, deliberately so spicy green onions through the nostrils, so the effect will be better.

10. Eat cooked apple diarrhea treatment of intestinal disorders

An apple (skin) wash, cut into eight, nine, put a bowl of water, low heat cooking, such as apples boiled, even the fruit eaten with soup, eat once a day, morning and evening, a dozen days after the stool shape recovery after a month ever.
11. Eat sesame gastric acid reflux treatment

Every time before meals to eat a few mouthfuls, adhere to the 5 to 6 days can be cured of stomach acid reflux.

12. Onion stir sprain treatment

According to the size of a sprained area, take 200 to 300 g light blue, smashed after a knife chopped, sizzling on the pot to about 50 ℃, when deposited on the surface of the skin removed and used medical gauze covered. Operation once a day, seven days a course of treatment, usually two to three treatments to cure sprain.

13. Intima except corn onion

First soak feet in hot water 15 to 20 minutes, then use scissors to cut off corns around the necrotic white, and then rub with a paste of onion skin around the mouth corns, and finally the onions stick to the corn lining the mouth. To prevent falls onions can be used to secure the plaster. Repeat every day.

14. Vinegar soak black beans governance cardiovascular diseases

Wash the black beans on a good, dry it with a good vinegar soak can eat after a week.Early, middle and late fasting to eat, each 15 grains. Persist for many years will benefit, longevity.

15. Vinegar cure insomnia side

10 ml vinegar, add a cup of water before going to bed Beverage Service once a day.For the treatment of hypertension insomnia, after drinking a few moments to sleep.

16. Cuzhu dumb egg treatment

Enamel vessel will use the vinegar on the catty, which together with the three raw eggs, then cook for 10 to 15 minutes, boiled eggs, and keep boiling. Then remove the shell, cook for 10 to 15 minutes, with the last dose of the egg with vinegar.

17. Rub ears tinnitus treatment

Ear rub for at least 3 times a day, as long as there is time to rub. First rub the front of the ear, that is, by the face close to the 9, from the top down, then the rear ear is 9, and from the top down. After rubbing the ear, the index finger and then plug the ear hole a few seconds, then release.

18. Rubbed loin muscle therapy frequent urination

An old man to urinate at night up to four or five times, effects of sleep. Read books found in the friction Shenshu (that loin muscle) can cure urinary frequency, and very good effect. So he began to follow suit. Six months later, the effect is significant, reducing the number of urine during the day and night to urinate only once, sometimes puzzling night to urinate. Methods: The night before going to sleep, sitting up in bed, his legs down, incense burner, tongue touching the palate, and mix thoroughly respiratory, abdomen levator ani, rubbing his hands on the heat, the bear by Yao Yan, rubbing up and down force of 120 times, more times more the better.

19. Scallions diarrhea treatment

Two green onions, remove the dry skin and fibrous roots, raw one, eat one day, diarrhea can be cured.

20. Rhubarb feet varicose veins treatment

Superficial phlebitis varicose veins in the consolidated cases, two morning and evening every day and rhubarb feet for 20 minutes, a half can have a significant effect.Completely varicose veins, especially when more serious symptoms, only the ineffective use of rhubarb.
21. Garlic can cure a cold massage

Take Purple garlic cut sheet, a hundred will, the temple, the wind pool, Ying Xiang, Hegu various massage for five minutes, then massage the foot Yongquan fifteen minutes to cure a cold. Early cold this method good results, should be with cold medicine. The formation of the surface of the skin after the massage points garlic film, should keep four hours and then washed.

22. Garlic can cure psoriasis

Drunk smashed garlic some salt, deposited in the affected area covered with gauze and fixed with adhesive tape, garlic new ones once a day. Psoriasis after some time they can be eliminated, leaving only a dark lesion spots India.

23 Garlic can cure wart

His face grew a large wart millet, mung bean, after gradually grow to as big as the garlic cut into small pieces, to wipe the affected area, first wart surface dry scab, and finally should succeed in completely off, the affected area clean as ever, without leaving any traces.

24. Garlic burns treatment

Take fresh garlic chopped pulp. When the first affected area with a wipe with garlic juice, garlic dressing for later use. The first days were heavier dressing 2 or 3 times, after day 1, were treated with 5 to 7 days. This side treatment of mild burns, efficacy significantly.

25. Jujube bean itching treatment

Take jujube 20, 100 grams of green beans, a spoonful of lard, crystal sugar, add water, cook until green beans were flowering can be taken, serving a day, split dose, usually taking 3 days to alleviate the itching, 10 days heal.

26 iodine cure nail fungus

A person suffering from onychomycosis, nail and meat completely out. The doctor told rubbed with iodine. Suffering from a first off, and then rubbed with iodine, 3 to 5 times a day. A month later, a white nails slowly turn red, long nails are slowly better.

27. Independent living egg treatment of vertigo

30 grams of independent living, eggs (preferably red eggs) 6, water cook. When the egg to be cooked, remove the eggs, crack the shell, add medicinal pot (preferably Lu pan) cook for 15 minutes, to soup, to the residue, eat eggs, eat two a day, once per payto eat for three days. Jiyu by a pair of light weight from eating three to pay.

28. Fengyoujing can cure athlete's foot

Feet daily with warm water before going to sleep after the amount of wind with a cotton swab dipped in essential oil applied to the lesion, the general continuous use for 5 days, you can basically achieve the pain, itching effect. If accompanied by blisters, the blisters should be used to pin prick, and then the wind spirits.

29. Honey garlic bulb treatment of asthma

By spring, when the tender garlic garlic 60 to 90 washed, sealed with honey after soaking for 6 months. Open until the fall and winter when the food, eat one. Insist on taking some time, the condition will ease or improve.

30. Honey treatment five parties

Hypertension vertigo: 10 grams of honey, warm water of the open blunt, 1 or 2 times a day, a better long-term use.

Governance dysentery: Daily each with 40 ml of cold boiled water, honey, preferably 1 hour before meals or after meals taking 2 to 3 hours, 3 times a day for adults, pediatric dosage reduce it, the amount of control infants 30 grams, mixed In the gruel, milk or soy milk of feeding.

Hypochromic anemia treatment, dizziness and insomnia: eggs a day sooner or later, open water cooked, add 30 to overcome the use of honey (preferably dark-colored honey, set porcelain cup and steam 8 to 10 minutes in standby).

Governance throat mouth, hand, foot and heart heat: a large pear digging holes, into which 50 grams of honey, eaten steamed, day two you can even serve a few days.

31. Honey Hypertension

With honey, 100 grams, 75 grams of black sesame seeds, black sesame steamed first pound drunk, put honey, mixing with warm open water of a day in 2 doses. A cup of pure honey each morning and evening every day of water will make blood pressure to normal.

32. Honey treatment glaucoma

Acute glaucoma patients, 80 ml of honey can be served, served three times a day; chronic glaucoma, intraocular pressure remained high who served 50 ml honey, served 3 times day, after a few days can make symptoms. Because honey is a hypertonic agent, after serving to make the blood osmotic pressure, to absorb moisture within the eye to reduce intraocular pressure.

33. Longan shell charcoal for treating blood

Several longan, meat will shell, core and dried into the charcoal into the Guo Chao, broken after the sieve, dust the powder into the bottle of its use. Once the family experience trauma hands and feet, apply the wonders, the prognosis without a trace.

34. In addition to oral ulcers with honey clothing

Pure honey with a spoon to scoop that directly applied in the affected area, so keep honey in the mouth for a while, then rinse with warm water, and swallow two or three times a day.

Honey-like substance containing adrenal cortex hormones and antibacterial factors, there is a strong anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, astringent, analgesic effect. Honey rinse water is conducive to the repair of oral mucosal epithelial cells and promote healing of ulcers. Gargle with the tea brewing honey effect is good, usually within 3 days pain, ulcers reduced, 3 to 5 days to heal.

35. Hecu senile plaques honey water governance

Empty stomach every morning bowl of water, vinegar and honey. Methods: The first with a tablespoon of cold boiled water to a tablespoon of honey and vinegar, stir in some more hot water, at least drink a small bowl, more limited. Adhere to the six effective.

36. Walnut black sesame mulberry treatment of insomnia

Walnut, black sesame, mulberry leaves, 50 grams. Smashed drunk, made into pills, each pill 3 grams. 9 grams per serving, 2 times a day. For people who sleep longer.

37. Walnut kernel to treat constipation

Take a few day before breakfast (block) washed walnut, or at leisure with the chewing, can also be used for a class soy milk nourishing beverage blunt, can cure constipation, chronic illness, long lasting.

38. Walnut treatment of gallstones

Sesame oil (sesame oil) 500 grams, 500 grams of walnuts, 500 grams of rock sugar, Zhuangpen, on Steam (sugar of date.) After steaming, nine points, one serving a day.

39. Black fungus tied to lean ginger cerebral infarction treatment

Black fungus 10 grams, 150 grams of lean meat, (pork, beef and mutton can be), three pieces of ginger, jujube 5, with six small bowl of water over the shamisen, put the casserole in the boiling, cook for 20 minutes to be adding a little salt, not together with other spices. Taken once a day meat soup. Patients typically take 4 to 5 days Jiyu.

40. Safflower spur treatment

In the pharmacy to buy 50 grams of saffron soaked in 500 grams of rice vinegar, a week later rubbed the affected part can be used to soften and eliminate. If severe, producing several times more for better result.

41. Sweet potato porridge elderly constipation can be cured

With rice, millet in 2 to 3 two, plus two sweet potato 4 to 7, boiled sweet potato porridge, eat before and after dinner, next morning, the stool can ease, the effect of speed, is better than medicine, and can eat it regularly, no side effects.

A period of sweet potato to eat, constipation can disappear.

42. Breath can ease migraine headaches

Migraine pain is usually caused by the excess oxygen to the brain, when the first attack of migraine pain, take a small paper bag or small conical plastic bags (preferably not through hole), the opening of a bag, cover your nose and mouth , forced expiratory to the bag to reduce the oxygen to the brain, repeated several times, it will ease the pain of migraine, which finally disappeared.

43. Sophorae honey treatment sinusitis

Upward, with a cotton swab dipped in honey, dripping down into the nose can be more than a few drops, and then rubbing the nose with your fingers lightly on both sides. After a while, on the ventilation of the nose. Drops two or three times a day, four or five days can be recovered.

44. Astragalus treatment premature

Taking 15 grams of astragalus into the cup, add hot water 200-300 ml immersion, with the bubble with the taking to the water brewing light repeatedly until the day one, and even served 五日 as a course. If insist on taking one to two courses, often to receive the effects of premature elimination. Astragalus with Qi, solid form, cardiac effect.

45. Huoxiangzhengqi water treatment solar dermatitis

Summer, strong ultraviolet radiation, excessive exposure can cause skin, solar dermatitis. At this time, the affected area can be coated with Huoxiangzhengqi water, you can eliminate itching.

46. ​​Egg shell cure stomach ailments

A clean break the egg shell and put the pot Chaojiao (as yellow and black), and then swallow inquiry into powder, about 3 grams each time, sooner or later, the first time, the treatment of stomach pain, hyperacidity, stomach and duodenal ulcer is effective.

47. Eggs, bamboo soup bronchitis treatment

Fresh eggs every morning into a bowl, stir all the reserve. First bamboo leaves (available in pharmacies) washed in water boiled, boiled to remove bamboo leaves, bamboo leaves and then boil the water into the prepared eggs, cover with a plate, bored a while you can, an empty stomach every morning. Do not put any eggs in the sauce, especially salt. Insist on taking 15 to 20 days, chronic bronchitis be effective.

48. Mustard surface treatment prostatic hypertrophy

The mustard and vinegar into a paste with noodles, spread on the plastic sheet, a larger than sized round. A small bag of mustard surface can be divided into four purposes. Tail of the house and then the Ministry (coccyx side) the upper part of wipe clean, good mustard, then spread the batter on the site up in the sink. Changed once a day.

49. Mustard foot rule breach

Warm water with feet about 40 ℃, soak about 10 minutes, then dry, warm tone with good mustard, paste-like, not too thin, his hand over the affected area, wear socks in order to maintain clean. Feet the next day and then warm water, add a touch of, 2 or 3 times Jiyu.

50. Chive cream treatment bruises

Leek half a catty, washed, chopped leek cream beaten deposited in the affected area.Will be able to recover three times the general even apply.
51. Leek porridge governance frequent urination

The washing clean of rice 100 grams Zhu Chengyu, and Jia Ruqie leek paragraph 60 grams, cooked oil, salt cook, cooked, warm taking 2 to 3 times a day, a warming yang, the effect of Gujing , treatable deficiency, urinary incontinence, and urinary frequency.

52. Cabbage Citrus shell duodenal ulcer treatment

Square One: Take appropriate amount of fresh cabbage, washed and twisted 200 ml juice, stewed temperature, the Beverage Service before meals 2 times a day, usually for 7 days that have a demonstrable effect.

Side two: egg shell powder 90 grams, 30 grams of dried tangerine peel. Wei Chao egg shells will be washed, dried tangerine peel Wei Chao, a total of inquiry into a fine powder, each serving 3 grams, 3 times a day.

53. Cough symptomatic fruit

Asthma, sore throat, sputum, in addition to symptomatic medication, the fruit also has an unexpected effect, help you reduce cough symptoms.

Cough accompanied by wheezing, or dry cough without phlegm, you can eat apricot. In addition, dry cough, the eat bananas or pineapple, with good results.

If the cough accompanied by sore throat, cough belongs to inflammation, may wish to eat oranges.

Phlegmatic cough in the early stages of disease, or who can eat pears, Jia Ruchuan mother of pearl, crystal sugar after eating steamed pears, the better. You can also eat a loquat.

54. Quick prescription than toothache

● take appropriate smashed garlic, warm enough in the following points can ease the pain pulpitis, periodontitis, and pain and other symptoms.

● MSG and warm water at the ratio of 1:50 after the opening, the mouth and then spit it out while the solution containing MSG. This consecutive times, adhere to the two days after the pain will disappear.

● pain when you can cut a little bit of ginger in pain, when necessary, can be reused.

● take on cup white wine 100 grams, plus 10 grams of salt, stir, and so boil the salt dissolves. Including the one where the pain (do not swallow), pain immediately stopped.

55. Sunflower cure incontinence

Amount of sunflower roots, wash, add water to cook, when Aozhi half small bowl, pour a half teaspoon of brown sugar added. Warm clothes, day 1, to treat urinary incontinence.

56. Sunflower disc treatment prostatitis

Take sunflower plate (dry) 3 grams, wash with cold water into a cup, steep open water bubble, the cup ourselves. Effective this day of drinking water, frequent urination, urinary urgency, urinary endless, dysuria symptoms; 3 days after the nocturnal clear not muddy; even drink 5 days to cure prostatitis.

57. Vinegar can cure osteoarthritis

Paint rubbing the affected area with Vinegar not only anti-inflammatory analgesic effect, but also play a role in softening of bone spurs. New bone spurs on the human body also has the role of softening and does not make old bones are affected. If a clean piece of gauze soaked Fuyu affected area with vinegar and then hot water bottle to the local heating 20 to 30 minutes, the better. Vinegar treatment in use at the same time, should not be mixed with other traditional Chinese medicine, because most of the medicine contains alkaloids.

58. Laocu peanut lower blood pressure

Peanut has been very popular in our food, eat 10 Laocu peanuts, hypertension and coronary heart disease have some secondary effects.

Method: boiled peanuts after cooling in covered glass, the use of high-quality vinegar soak 8 to 10 days, to be made Laocu peanuts.

59. Two strokes Toothache

Knock - Guchi. Daily morning and night, every 3 to 5 minutes. Issued when the force knocking sound.

Bite - prevention and treatment toothache. When urine is particularly important, the best I usually bite (the so-called teeth), is also good.

60. Willow leaves the treatment of chronic cholecystitis

Willow leaves can be used as medicine, have anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, diuretic effect. Willow spring after germination collection, made of tea, drink every day, can be cured.

61. Willow can cure athlete's foot

When toe seam fester, pick a few pieces most tender willow pellets like its twisted, caught in the toe seam fester at night into the folder and then wear socks to slip away, can be effective the next day, 3 days athlete's foot can be cured. Large incidence of beriberi, can be a tender willow water torture, then torture and feet in warm water, can also play instant results, athlete's foot 3 to 5 days to recover.

62. Aloe buck wolfberry honey liquor

Take fresh aloe leaves 400 to 500 grams, chopped, add liquor 1,500 grams, honey 500 grams, 25 grams of wolfberry, hitting on two-week drinking, twice daily drink a small cup, over time, blood pressure will be will decrease.

63. Aloe buck wolfberry honey liquor

Take fresh aloe leaves 400 to 500 grams, chopped, add liquor 1,500 grams, honey 500 grams, 25 grams of wolfberry, hitting on two-week drinking, twice daily drink a small cup, over time, blood pressure will be will decrease.

64. Aloe itch anal discharge

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory effect. Wash the anus after morning and evening, take a small section of fresh aloe vera, slashing both sides of the spines, from which cut open, with some friction with the juice in and around the anus, once every three days does not itch.

65. Aloe sugar treatment pharyngitis

Take aloe leaves two to three (two large or three small pieces), washed with water, cut into small pieces, into the pot. Add water (one or two bowls), and crystal sugar (sweet for degrees) were boiled for ten minutes, with gauze filters to Java, whichever is liquid when the open water, effective two days, five to seven days recovery.

66. Aloe vera can be used anti-inflammatory should be careful

After a fever caused by throat inflammation, swelling and pain, take a fresh aloe (the best for growing more than one year), to the skin, the stem and cut into the meat meal, in a bowl, add rock sugar or honey. Then heated in a microwave oven for 2 minutes, remove the soup along with food residue. Severe, continuous take 2 to 3 days.

Experts advise: aloe laxative can be diarrhea, for the usual weak stomach, eat less and pregnant women avoid using thin person, so required, shall be first local agricultural or medicinal plant expert advice.

67. Aloe juice pruritus treatment

Specific Methods: aloe leaves (old leaves new leaves may be), cut a length of about 3 to 4 cm, and Generative two, with the mucus out of the side leaves rub the affected area can be immediately and relieve itching.

68. Mung bean dates anemia treatment

Take green beans and red dates, 50 grams, add water 2000 ml, set fire to cook. To be boiled mashed green beans, add brown sugar to take. One dose a day for 15 days for a course of treatment. Continue to take 2 to 3 courses of treatment.

69. Purslane treatment of ulcerative colitis

30 to 60 grams of fresh purslane Jianshui a bowl large garlic smashed into the 10 to 15 grams, was filtered juice, Zhuojia bran, 1 to 2 times.

70. Bezoar send fire Notional

Depending on the performance into Firelight, dirty fire, Wei Huo, anger and so on.Firelight has actual situation. Virtual fire performance of low-grade fever, night sweats, palpitations, irritability, insomnia, forgetfulness, etc.; real fire manifested as recurrent oral ulcers, scanty dark urine, irritability and so upset. Wei Huo has actual situation of the points. Real fire to eat good hunger, abdominal discomfort, mouth pain, dry mouth, dry stool hard; false fire was a mild cough, eating less, constipation, abdominal distension, red tongue, little coating.

Therefore, different drugs need different fire. Dry eyes, throat pain, leg pain, backache, etc., can be served with soup and Liu Wei Liu Wei Di Huang Wan to Yin Jiang Huo; constipation, dry mouth, etc., can be served bezoar detoxification pills to detoxification.When the yellow urine, pain in the tongue tip, mouth ulcers, the service "Daochi Powder" drop Firelight; eye pain, Liang Lei pain, mouth pain, pain when urinating, to choose the "Long Dan Xie Gan" Liver diarrhea fire.

71. Relieve toothache remedies

Pulpitis, periodontitis, toothache: pound the garlic paste, hot after the topical pain.

Virtual fire toothache: crystal sugar 100 grams, water bowl, bowl into the pot boiled, one served twice a day, with heat annealing effect only toothache.

Toothache, Wind & Fire: Wash cabbage mash with gauze Ji Zhi, toothache at the juice trickle, not a little more volume.

Tooth pain: MSG and warm water to melt 1 to 50, the rinse after the spit, several consecutive weeks, pain will ease or disappear.

Anti-inflammatory pain side: vinegar 120 grams, pepper 6 grams, with an open cold water to cook, rinse several times to anti-inflammatory pain.

72. Recipe Qiaozhi cold

In summer, people will often feel nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, thirst, want to drink, drowsiness fatigue and other symptoms, this disease is a summer cold Shushi, Qingshu Shufeng Expelling dampness. Tomato juice with the watermelon party:

Take flesh watermelon seed, with clean gauze and squeeze the juice, tomato, red hot boiling water, peeled seeded, with clean gauze and squeeze the juice, the two fluids merge, on behalf of the water with the drink, good effect.

73. Apple gingival inflammation treatment

Eating ripe apple lip can cure heat sores, inflammation of the gums, tongue splitting and other heat phenomenon. The methods were: the Apple with Peel and cut into 6 to 8, into the boiling pot of cold water until the water is boiling, take out about Apple, with skin eating. 1 time per day, each one, ate 7 to 10 can be more. This method is also laxative effect.

74. Dandelion governance Corn

Wash feet first, taking advantage of the wet corn cut off the top with a razor blade, until you can see the inside of the vertical wire so far, cut out a dandelion, the white smoke will be root slurry applied to the corn, the corn will be two or three days slowly falling out, then a week off clean.

75. Knock head does not hurt

Used a small empty bottle tap head (Bai Xue of exchange), can cure presbyopia, migraine headache.

76. Eggplant skin honey Toothache

Peel the eggplant pieces in place spoon, slowly on its busy burning charcoal black, hand-twisted into powder and then cooling, bottling use. When the proper amount of powder used to transfer honey paste, stuffed with cotton balls dipped in the affected area, pain reduction after 10 minutes, 30 minutes after the pain disappears.

77. Eggplant root alcohol treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Eggplant root 90 grams, 500 ml white wine, eggplant root dip liquor, seal 7 days you can drink. Each 25 ml, 1 to 2 times.

78. Panax Ginseng Powder prostatic hyperplasia treatment

Take Tianqi (thirty-seven), 15 grams of American ginseng were powdered mix. Each time with warm boiled water 2 grams, 1 day (longer course, bit by bit out of urine 2 times a day), 15 days for a course of treatment. 2-3 courses of treatment generally can be cured.

79. Ginger, red dates in Summer ulcer

Summer, Ginger can be used to treat peptic ulcer, cold-type gastritis, enteritis, and cold-type cold.

Feeling cold due to cold or diet caused ulcers in patients with disease onset, 50 grams of ginger Jianshui available to drink, take 2 times a day until pain, vomiting, heartburn and other symptoms. For patients who did not attack, can add ginger 3 red date 10 Jianshui service, 2 to 3 times a day, 2 weeks to 1 course of treatment.

With pneumonia, hepatitis, lung abscess, tuberculosis, cholecystitis, pyelonephritis, associated with hemorrhoids and summer boils, prickly heat of the patient, not the long-term consumption of large amount of ginger.

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