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Family life

 Children's birthday, Mother's bitter day.
Requirements Zixiao, the first King father and mother.
Thousands upon thousand Code, filial piety first.
Lang afraid of the wrong women, men fear the wrong line.
Wife of one mind, more than a thousand gold.
To the family well, everything and more to discuss.
If the old, suffer in the eyes.
Select only select sons Mo money, mo only choose elected female face.
Sweet Basil Brothers concentric, wives together at home or be square.
Had a bad hair day, bad husband to marry the wrong life.
Places with the forest of life like birds, their flight when disaster.
Dumping the word prostitution and gambling house, the word home ground and Thrifty Ning.
Love is not a horse, and happiness is not providential.
Germany did not marry a wife married to color, making friends, do not pay financial heart to heart.
Filial piety in-laws own welfare, handling its own valley crops.
With people at the turn of
Utter devotion, meet honest.
Man knows, time will tell.
People see a heart, the drum beat mismatch.
Friends thousand little more than an enemy.
A rooster crowing, Xiangbang the confidant.
Iron needs of hard-fire, and friends need sincerity.
Money can be discarded, and friends can not forget.
On a friendship of shared water, mean men as sweet as honey.
In the eyes of their friends, as friends heart.
May favor a thousand days left in, where life does not meet.
Have a good horse is not afraid Way away, there are friends are not afraid of things difficult.
Zaokangzhiqi no less than Church, turn not forget the poor and lowly.
To make water flow as long, short blue willow Mo learning.
To see the face than listen to his words, listen to his words than hear his lines.
Do good in mind, work in the Shen.
Employers do not suspect, the suspect not.
Fu is also a large volume, the heart is also wide-wide house.
Politeness costs nothing, if people do not love.
Wounding ax mouth, the tongue is the flesh knife.
Ming not to say, only troops on a good horse.
High yield of doing things, treat people with wide is a blessing.
Have one drop of water of grace, to be the smallest favor.
Can be let go to be let go, get forgive and forget.
Cool breeze blowing mental and physical, verbal abuse refractory wounding injury.
Do not look at how to foot, walking is not correct to look at.
Little children.
Water can be put into the bamboo heart, the truth can be put into people.
Knowledge of management
Soon people verbally, through the heavenly things.
Then walk along the grounds, the water flow down the ditch.
Renmei wise, if the United States in the right.
Good longevity, the evil will die prematurely.
Mo trouble doing things, trouble is easy old.
In the section of your meals, exercise your in constant.
Drink Do not worry, do not be angry to eat.
Better than breakfast, lunch to eat, much less dinner.
Happy spirit of good, trouble trouble annoying sick.
Treasure time
Time step light, age does not forgive.
Sun and Moon too busy Mo, youth no longer come.
Lost time is difficult goodbye, no longer flow back to the East China Sea.
Junior hard life thing, Mo-inch power to idle time.

Educating people to teach the child
Shun sometimes wise to seek, the fool against management moves.
Equal to the union to study music, to teach children to be nurturing.
Spring bad injury one year, to teach the child not harm life.
Fish can not let the water dry, adopted son could not let their sexual.
Something small, do not a; child, although Yin, do not teach unknown.
Inspirational spirit
Strict teacher training to teach the lazy, no knowledge of sin into the child.
With goals in mind, do not bend over pressurizing.
Microlithiasis can shop thousands of miles, and strive to climb towering peaks.
Zhitaicaishu things too hard, Chi-kin Diligence tiger wings.
Words can not recklessly, the pen can not be frivolous.
Its fantasy ten, as a success.
Preaching to the people, must first understand themselves through.
None knows the weight is not difficult, I do not know what does not experience difficulties.
Two sharp sewing needle is difficult, half-hearted staff too hard.
Life philosophy
Do not hesitate to success of Heroes.
Things are ins and outs, things are beginning and end.
Great shade tree birds to places, open-minded people to gather.
Work is not more and less, all in doing good or not.
Were made to the difficulties of Moga, Ma to Mo Swagger Insurance Department.
Life philosophy
Take clothing to withdraw, net grasp the key link.
Trap while the weather was fine, the first wells are not thirsty.
Way early wet shoes, failing to back arrangement.
Who kindly Ye Hao, until the old rich.
Closed the door tight grip, twisted wind does not enter.
They must not hit everyone in friends, they must see the money hand.
Soldiers are not few but will not brave in the plot.
Good medicine tastes bitter, unpalatable advice help line.
Say has long is short, since the friend is a long short.

People love to have, first love.
Allusions selfish, anti-chaos itself.
Oliver bounds, repent and be saved.
Appreciating a wise, knowing those out.
Think good, a love for the high.
Do listen to lying, big Enmo forget.
Were the United States in mind, if the United States in reality.
Means a length, were not low.
If it were not the letter, Pepsi are virtual.
Persuade men respect you, you have to respect people.
Innocence like a mirror, to reflect the nine days of cloud.
Anger to intellectual disability, and your doubt consumer trust.
To not worry, only contentment good.
Iron rust is bad, life is jealous of the defeat.
Good things must give way, push the evil Mo phase.
Real are reticent, hypocrisy among those debates.
Too far, then the less, cheap things to do less.
Contentment was quiet, easy to flies fly greedy.
Chaos mouth easily into trouble, big tree attracts the wind easily.
Non-day there, do not listen to nature without.
Not afraid of people disrespect, fear has errors.
Honest people are always there, people often lost to fraud.
Grass change the wilderness, because no self-love.
Evil prostitution led hundreds filial at the head.
Hand wants no washing.
Mo Luanjiang every person, failing to Mo loitering.
Not to mention others short, Murdoch himself long.
Unjust no support, moral support from the public mind go.
The strong do not fear, the weak can not be bullied.
Others magnanimous to a large, horse reins to long.
I do not know what is not open-minded, not solid does not work.
Germany reported a gentleman to work, vengeful villain ingrate.
Do not make fun of others, watch out fool yourself.
Like words can not go wrong, Shenxing not falls.
Meditation has long been thinking, people chatting on the non-Mo.
Do not look at people's clothes, to see people's hearts.
Modified its face, it is better to enrich mind.
Chaiqiao over the river Mo, Mo on the floor, broken ladders.
Responsibility has been responsible for human heart, forgive thyself people.
Can not be arrogant self-respect, modesty is not inferior.
The amount of people often short life, why not go back to overrate their own strength.
Mo in front of people since the glory, all things easy in the hand.
Heart can not get a hundred people, as one can get a hundred people.
Wheat field to repair the high, bearing in mind to put too broad.
Ih addition to being thoughtful mind, ko cultivation to worry.
Shoes, small feet are suffering, the heart of man to suffer narrow.
Cotton to warm the person, good words can drive people worry.
Do not boast in front of others, not in the sly of people wrong.
Mo Green School Poplar six months, to learn evergreen pines and cypresses.
The truth value of extremely heavy sentence, lies one thousand as dirt.
Good words a third winter, cold Lengyan the last part of June.
Birds are flying and then the three care, people think twice before they act.
Victory is Huotai try to be brave, modest, cautious one security.
Rhetoric of non-wisdom, faith is a noble upright.
Not because of the rich and proud, do not feel sorry for the poor.
Harmful to the already excessive amount of wine, too far, then harmful to people.
Do not good when the cowardly, not to modesty as timid.
Pride is not long, go rather be full, not very happy, want not vertical.
People to make up our own weaknesses.
Doing things for others, faith-based.
Horse Kuaidang, people want stability.
Not being himself, how can Masato.
Prefer to admit, can not lie.
Compassion-oriented, convenient to the door.
Money is not squandering, active and does not boast.
Days is not made from high, to speak from the thick.
Full of pot and do not have sound, Banhu sound.
Clear high mountain spring water, tree Kogan be deep.
To know know it, I do not know as I do not know.
I would rather be held liable, not my negative people.
Good said that as being good, good only as hospice.
A good thing to do in the end, bad things once by day.
Heaven and earth sliding rain, yourself down to my shoes.
Sea water droplets do not laugh, not ridicule ridiculed stone mountain.
Happy Valley, shaking his head to lag behind, the hero proud to stumble and fall.
In charity by people like, pretentious detestable.
Sage does not have long-hyun, a gentleman who does not opt ​​for wins.
Pretentious unpleasant, with an open mind to add wisdom.
Who often have been thinking of humility, pride often say that people short.
Quan Xue sum
Wit is not wisdom.
Shipbuilding thousand days, a day to cross the river.
Read a thousand times, and its meaning see.
For enriching true knowledge, to be painstaking work.
Learning is like rowing upstream, not behind.
Mountain road to the book for the track, learning is endless suffering for the boat.
Thin sawn wood will often break, stone eaves drop of water will wear a long time.
Hates few when goes to use the book, I do not know right and wrong through hard.
Master, round trip back into the forest, stupid Diligence early entry.
Ears do not hear out of the window, as one read only the books of sages.
Look for all learning, and asked thousands of times things will be clear.
Deep knowledge and do not meet again, and then a small fault and do not be ignored.
As early as one day can not afford to do wrong, be wrong not to learn life little things.
Nine of the soil from the base station, a thousand miles begins with one step.
To have to have wings to fly, in order to learn you have to have perseverance.
Conduct training
Respectful of others, loyalty to country.
Requirements of peace, doing things fair.
Would rather lose, not his word.
Rather poor, not accusations.
Behavior is not serious, short one-third of the tongue.
S not too happy, not worry about loss of.
Do something good for everyone, MO mistaken this body for money.
The clear water of the active often have roots Wood evergreen.
First and worry about the world, after the world to enjoy.
Stella ground to learn farming, MO learn best practice parrot mouth.

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