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   [16 May 2011 | Monday]

The Tongue


What kind of tongue do you have? I’m not interested in whether it is long, pointed, thick, round or any such thing. I want to know what kind of atmosphere you are producing around yourself and others when you start to speak. We honestly have the kind of power within us to change things with our tongues.


In the Garden of Eden where God had placed our first parents, there was a tree planted called the Tree of Life. The tree of knowledge of good and evil Adam was forbidden to eat of it, but the Tree of Life he and Eve could.  When they disobeyed God and sin entered into the world, it was the Tree of Life that was guarded by Cherubim’s or divine angels with a flaming sword. By the time you get to the end of the Bible, in the city which God is preparing for His people to dwell in there you will find the Tree of life which will produce twelve manner of fruit. Now here is my question. Are you aware that within you and me there is a tree of life? Not just in the Garden of Eden. Not just in the city of God which is being prepared even this very moment, but, within you and me?  Ok, if you are from Missouri, the show-me state, some are raising an eyebrow about not and wondering if I am a little crazy. But, I am not. In fact, the Bible tells me that the kind of tongue I possess will indicate if this tree of life is within me. Alright, here is the proof. Solomon penned these words, “A wholesome tongue is a tree of life…”(Proverbs 15:4 KJV).  The dictionary describes the word “wholesome” as, “beneficial, conducive to bodily health, healthful”.  I became so intrigued with the word “wholesome” of recent in this verse I wondered what other translations used. The NIV uses the word “soothing”. The Amplified Bible has the word “gentle”. The Message Bible, “Kind”. But, Young’s Literal Translation stated this, “A healed tongue [is] a tree of life…”


Now, my purpose in asking you on this Monday what kind of tongue do you and I have is not to place guilt anywhere. My purpose is to help all of us understand that within our mouth we possess a tree of life when used in a proper way can literally cause others to feast on the fruit which we are producing from our life.


Do you know why a doctor asks us to stick out our tongues when we go to their office? Because the tongue is one of the most informative members of our body. For example,  The tip of the tongue tells us that health problems may be occurring in the heart and small intestine area. When red overall or red dots are found, this can be a sign of stress and anxiety. It also may point to conditions such as such as celiac disease, obsessive-compulsive disorder or a phobia.

I have often awakened in the early morning hours with a bad taste in my mouth, but never the feeling of a tree. Yet, that is exactly what we have. A tree of life. Do you realize the potential we possess within us? We can change our circumstances, our environment, our home, business, lifestyle, destiny, marriage, health, or anything else we set our minds to by the tree of life that sets on the tip of our tongue, but, only if it is wholesome.

Here is my challenge to us all as we begin another week. Our world is full of negative speeches. Stand around a group and if you listen long enough someone will be critical of something. The weather, relationships, politicians, preachers, husband, wife, job or a whole host of other things. Let’s you and me determine to change things. Start with your own environment. Speak God’s word. Speak truth. Speak healing. Speak faith. There is a tree in your mouth if your tongue is wholesome. If it is not then there may be a bad taste which no amount of toothpaste can change!!!!!!!!



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maocrcecw1 | Wed May 18, 2011, 05:05

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