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HP Laptop batteries warranty period and one for the free-replacement period

Performance differences. Our tests of batteries regularly show wide variations between and within brands. See below for details on how to obtain Ratings and additional hp laptop battery information.

What you can do. Check the battery group size and CCA for your vehicle. Not every brand comes in every CCA level. To get the brand you want, you may need to go a bit above your car’s CCA requirements.

Steer clear of laptop batteries with a CCA rating below the one specified for your vehicle, as well as those rated 200 amps or more higher than the specified rating. It’s a waste of money to go too high. Buy a battery with the longest reserve capacity you can find. If it’s not printed on the HSTNN-LB17battery (and it usually isn’t), ask store personnel or check product literature. Should your car’s charging system fail, a longer capacity can make the difference between driving to safety and getting stuck.

Reserve capacity is another important measure of battery quality. It indicates how many minutes your car might run using the battery alone, should the car’s alternator fail. You may have to check product literature rather than the battery’s labeling to find the reserve HSTNN-MB09 capacity.

Buy a fresh battery—one manufactured less than six months earlier. Batteries are stamped with a date code, either on the battery’s case or an attached label. The vital information is usually in the first two characters—a letter and a digit. Most codes start with the letter indicating the month: A for January, B for February, and so on. The digit denotes the year: 0 for 2000, say. For example, B3 stands for February 2003.

Warranties. Like CA ratings, HSTNN-MB10battery warranties can sound better than they are. You’ll see two numbers: one for the total warranty period and one for the free-replacement period (usually three months to three years). The free-replacement period is key. If the old battery fails after this period expires, you get only a prorated credit toward a new battery.

n contrast to usual discharges with direct current, the plasma is separated from one or two electrodes by a dielectric barrier. This gives rise to two main features of the dielectric barrier discharges: it can serve as a dissociation and excitation device and as an ionization mechanism, respectively.

One referee commented that ‘as a discharge method at ambient pressure and using low power, the DBD is becoming increasingly attractive in various areas of analytical chemistry.

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