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Truth & Consequences---God wants more than you're ears, He wants your heart filled with love to trust in only Him and never man.

Truth or Consequences

Within my own thoughts of mind concerning the massive numbers who are being followed through tweets while following many others as they tweet through life along with every other activity worldwide through the Internet which are levels uncountable that involve every whatchamacallit that has ever been known to man---plus much additional whoknowswhat which just leaves completely everything of this world separate from me because in absolute truth--- my only genuine association is with what is not of this world--- which I can understand because it’s in the Spirit world; and there is but only one True Spirit, or, the world of spirits with the uncountable false spirits that make everything wrong to feel and appear right and correct when in truth everything brought on through feelings is counterfeit, temporary, untrue and a lie from the father of lies who has a resume so strong that his deception dates back far before the human race was even created.


Therefore I have a question for a world of those who follow, are being followed, or those who blog any thousands of subjects that pretty much describe who they are, or those with the greatest involvements in various activities that show who they truly are accompanied through association within a world of people either in “darkness” or the “false light” --- which in truth describes the believers and non believers of this entire world as being no different because those who do not believe in God know only this world whereas those who do believe also know only this world through Christ own words in John 15:18-21 being the people of the world in verse 19 are the people in all of the churches and religions of man worldwide who know not God because of the counterfeit spirit from the prince and power of the air that leads them all through disobedience. So they have not yet been made alive. Ephesians 2:1-2----Because Christ described who I an in those three verses---now you know---so you decide, God or man, His truth or mans lies. I speak as God leads, so I can "Prove all things".


And that is because the light of believers is a false counterfeit light that only hides the darkness that it actually is; and I speak only as the Father directs me because He has already told a world of believers with their lips that this whole world has been deceived, but this entire world of believers who claim so much love for God Almighty don’t even believe what He tells them all, therefore, they as believers have become of this world with hearts that put confidence in man rather than of his little flock that is not of this world because their only trust is placed in who created them through his Book of Instruction that only his “few” follow by believing in his every word without question.


Whereas the religious people of this world just believe what man teaches them all through their over 33,000 man made religions with all the teachers as the devils co-pilots whom he leads that have this entire world as their passengers on one very comfortable and pleasing flight that’s smooth, easy, and with great comfort; and that’s because for believers, all they know is by grace they have been saved as a gift that requires no works while totaling ignoring all that God says about disobedient sluggards that have no love; and unbelievers don’t even need salvation, so everything is good, smooth and easy to them also because they are of the world with no worries. Therefore the Devil is very happy because he has deceived this whole world just as God said to the point where they can’t even feel the extreme turbulence they are living in that will suddenly increase, and when it does without warning, all that it shall bring is extreme suffering in every way imaginable while bringing only certain death with more suffering in ways that our minds can't even begin to comprehend. So says God who this world of believers does not believe---unless it's only the smooth lies of man.  


This is no religious sermon of man that I have absolutely no association with, but rather some simple words that concern every life on this planet according to the Higher Powers that created an endless universe out of absolutely nothing. Therefore even non believers who perhaps believe in the big bang at least need to ask themselves ----where from nothing the “big” came from that was able to go bang? All human beings need to take into consideration the invisible super glue that holds infinite trillions of stars, planets, moons and the uncountable creations in rotations and spins with gravities and properties that completely exceed the thoughts, and even the imagination of man.


Think of the “Black Hole” in outer space and perhaps the infinite other dimensions where it leads while also thinking that without the super God glue, the entire never ending eternal universe would only become as a massive never ending falling domino effect with destruction that would produce only a completely uninhabitable universe with a never ending destruction.


Another way to picture what you just read is through viewing a pinball machine in action with thunders, explosions and flashing lights while racking up so many points that the counter becomes as a spinning wheel of endless free games because the destruction would never end. Get my drift here? The deaf, dumb and blind pinball wizard knows what I am saying. {got me a laugh}


However, there is a difference; and that is because the universe was created to be inhabited, but not by a human race with every conceivable way of evil either seen through actions or unseen as hidden within a heart that false words make them to appear proper and true for others to see, but God sees only hearts that can hide nothing, so a world of religious people with so much praise in their words along with so much love from their tongue, God sees as they truly are as completely open and naked before Him with nothing hid. So He tells all who love Him to examine themselves through His pure words of only truth written with no confusion. {Isaiah 45:18, Hebrews 4:12-13, 1 John 3:18,                 2 Corinthians 13:5, Psalms 12:6, 1 Corinthians 14:33}  


So what does all this mean having to do with a world of websites that are completely loaded down with the uncountable whatchamacallits of this world?  What everything written means is that all people of this world have some understanding with involvement of what goes on in this world depending on where their own hearts and minds have become planted, whereas I have absolutely none, therefore my only function works through being directed by the Spirit of Higher Power that this world of flesh and blood with their given human spirits as their only guide know not by His own words of pure truth written in 1 Corinthians chapter 2 that they don’t believe---And those are the many of this world in the broad way which leadeth unto destruction----But the few are those whose only lead is the Spirit of God which places them in the narrow way which leads unto life----and “few” there be that find it. God cannot lie, but the over three billion “Many” will not believe that they are not of the “Few”. Remember always that God speaks absolutely no confusing words, so Matthew 7:13-14 speak only pure truth as in the many and the few.

I now have a question for all the people in this world who are of this world because everything about them is through association with what ever this world has to offer that places them in their own comfort zones just because to most all, life is just life, so we must make the best of it---while completely missing the meaning of the beginning of the end.  


What will be the effect of whatever you are doing now and in your life through the long term gains of whatever the tomorrows may be?  Or, in looking at the question from another direction, what if the unknown and absolute wicked evils of pitch black darkness so black that it was never before even known of in any way, shape, or form was with no warning to come crashing down upon you in a full and unstoppable force? --- and with that, all you could do is see it coming with absolutely no where to run, no where to hide, and no way to change the certain death with waste and destruction that was without question going to take your life and the lives of you’re children----is what you are doing now as a preparation for the only way to stand in what’s rapidly approaching?  There is only one way; and it’s a way that this world of man in high places of government, education or religion have absolutely zero knowledge of because it’s the way that God said man would be.


"There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established. {Proverbs 16:25, 3}.


God Almighty Tells us all that we need to know within His words, but this deceived world of religion prefers the foolish blindness of shepherds worldwide that feed not their flocks God's truths; and God loves us all so much that He tells us over, and over, and over of deception all through His pure words of truth, and He even tells us of how a deceived world will not believe Him---as in the few in His little flock {Luke 12:32} who do and the many being the world who does not. {Revelation 12:9}

I am going to make just a partial list of but few interests that this world of people possess, and it’s not necessarily to say they are wrong or bad, but only for use in helping others to gain a grasp on the big picture.

There are the oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, forests, and mountains for a great variety of pleasures, or the universe full of endless wonders with unlimited education, camping, sports, reading, building, designing, the human body, music, cooking, animals, hiking, scuba, mountain climbing, motocross, nascar, biking, opera, dance, Broadway, Hollywood, explorers, hunters, entertainment, investing, games, writing, religion, business, sailing, world travel, sex, love and just any of the totally uncountable ways of enjoyment in this life which are all good.


But then there are also the many bad ways of life that bring only hurt and shame in the use of today’s mind bending popular drugs, music and entertainment from the dark side; and as far as corruption goes, it is everywhere worldwide in governments, police, military, every level of education, every level of religion, every nation of the world, every college, very evil cartoon's for children and just everything everywhere as inside looking out or outside looking in only to see what’s temporary because what’s right cannot be seen within a deceived world; therefore the total darkness which brings only evil is completely missed and not seen as it comes closer each day in the form of a huge massive cloud of darkness that is going to bring years of what life once was being turned into the worst living nightmares that have ever been, or will ever again be; and that's because this human race has reached its "Beginning of the End".


So what exactly is the big picture?  There is a beginning and there is an end for all things--- and in this particular case of discussion, the human race that began about 6000 years ago is coming to its final end in the ways that it has always been with man ruling man that has only been as an endless production of pitiful disgust full up with worthless:

Wars, death, crime, diseases, porn, torture, starvation, brutal serial killers and just every possible way of evil darkness for the innocent majority of the human race who has been led by the minority who is led by Satan; therefore we have an entire human race of near seven billion people who have never been properly governed, educated or led; and that is because this world has been deceived through the religions and governments of man who all have been led by the god of this world, therefore man knows not God beyond empty words, because if man truly did, they would believe God by his every word rather than what the blind leading the blind of this world refer to as out of context because of themselves being completely lost in their own little know it all world of prideful darkness which keep them correct and the rest of the world wrong when their own ignorance only adds to the death toll of just people who are going to shed their own blood because of their wisdom of man without God's Spirit.   


Israel was not a nation, but rather a man named Jacob who God changed the name of that was still carrying the passed down birthright blessing promised to his grandfather Abram through seeds that was promised by God in Genesis 12:2, 17:1-7, and he placed it upon his son Josephs sons {Genesis 48} who became Britain and the United States who were abundantly blessed as promised, but because they never knew God, those blessings have been removed with their own great destruction coming, {Leviticus 26 & Deuteronomy 28} but if they had obeyed God, they would have set an example for all of the world to follow through their pure joys of love with only prosperity, good health, happiness, righteous living, no crimes, no diseases, and just no wrongs while having the whole world wanting only to be just as those who were blessed as the house of Jacob and called Israel.

So God kept his promise in making Israel a great company of nations {Britain} and a great nation {USA}, therefore He is also keeping his promise of their destruction for not knowing him through obedience.


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Truth or Consequences

God has so much love that He is now warning all who want to hear only Him; and never man. Proverbs 1:22-32 are the many with verse 33 as the few.




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