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Spirits removed by the hand of Yah


This message is to those that would claim Christ as El Shaddi's son and messenger.

In Matthew Christ gave us the Signs to watch for.

We are surrounded by these very signs right now in the here and now.

The Earth's elements are going Hog Wild on Mankind.

The Earth's People are in mass confusion.

The Earth's People are at War everywhere.

The Earth is the Lord's which was not to be destroyed, but yet we have. We have paid Him back with Violence towards it.

The Earth's People are the Lord's and we were made to have Love for all mankind once we excepted Him as our King. But we even after our belief paid Him back with Violence.

In the World before the Flood this Earth was as it is now in our time. This is and was the warning from Christ.

In my heart and mind I have stood by and took account of all of man's history towards Yah's Earth and  Yah's human creation.

It is now coming to pass that the Spirits which hold fast the Earth are leaving us to our demise.

No one knows why the World is erupting in so many ways you can hardly count them.

It has been shown to me many dreams.

In these dreams one stands out very strongly.

Japan and the devastation still taking place.

America was chosen by Yah to destroy a great Evil. Yah knew who to call upon to defeat such a great evil. We then took upon ourselves the Power of Yah. (The Atom)

Since we thought we were so blessed as to be the Nation of Yah that we saw fit to use this Power against a People whom we could of starved to death but instead we wish to save two cities for the said purpose of showing the World the True Power of God and we used it.

Now this same Nation decided that they would not turn towards Yah, but away and then take on this same power for power. They should of never allowed Atomic Power to rule them.

Yah spoke in three's to thids nation. I saw it as our countries curse of using such a power coming back over our own heads.

Remember that every conflict we have gone into has failed miserably.

We were just used by Yah and stepped over the line in putting In  God We Trust on our Mammon in the 50's.

He said we must obey Him to be His people. You all need to examine what being His People Means.

Meanwhile we wrestle hear in this land from the Financial Horseman of Death and our Sin of the Love of Money has spread as a cancer through the World. The World has seen our example of Greed and War's and have taken our advice and it was not advice Yah would have approved of for a supposed Yah nation to give.

Raise your hands now and repent and put your house in order (your soul).

Do not be affraid for he will be on His way one day soon.

What you need to do now is what he has commanded of us.

It was shown to me one very important vision.

This is that when the Son's of Yah came to Sodom before the Closed gates were opened for them so they themselves could see the deviant act's they cried outloud when just as they went to knock they saw all around those Guarded gates all the Homeless Children and Widows begging for scrapes and water. This was the decisive moment for them. They knew before those gates and not even laying eyes on the goings on inside that this had to End now and needed not to enter, but for the sake of LOT and His family.

The comparison came with the latest of figures here for this country so supposedly blessed by Yah. That being, not counting the adults in this figure, we have right now every day 14 million Children starving and with no bed to call their own.

We do have so many gated communities, we have so much personal wealth. We have so many churches with empty pews. Pews that would be a better bed then the dirt and sky these children live with everyday. We take the money gathered in these very same churches to build clinics overseas and Even larger Churches.

I speak as one of those Children grown up now, for I had to beg for a loaf of bread and lived on the same dirt and under the same sky as these who are amongst us. Some are Angels unaware to us, and these are the ones who report to their creator Yah about the goings on of we who would dare claim Him and yet not follow His Ways.

For how can any of you (Christians) Love a God you can't see and not a Brother or Sister you do see.

I live in a samll town and county. We have 2000 in town and 30,000 in the county.

2009 we served 10, 349 meals at our Non- Faith based Community Table.

2010 we fed 20,549.

Not one church here in the Bible belt has done such as this non Church or faith entity.

Yes, He is coming, but I feel the People of Yah will be low in number, for in such a country with supposed ownership of Yah with large numbers claiming Him have not done what he demanded of the Rich Man and all of His people.

Repent and feed your family.

Mood: shocked
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