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Isaiah 51

A Review of Isaiah 51
by Keith E Gardner
Always using the King James Bible


Isaiah 51:1

In the first clause of verse 1 our Lord GOD is telling all of those He has granted salvation to hear Him.  In the first half of the second clause the Lord is telling His elect to acknowledge Him.  In the final part of this clause the LORD is telling His to acknowledge that we have all been redeemed from the pit.  Consequent to the falling of Adam and Eve to sin all mankind, except a very few, are born in the pit and if God does not pull us out we are forever lost: Isaiah 38:17-18.

Isaiah 51:2

Abraham and Sarah are the father and mother of all Gods children: Romans 4:3-12.  Satan, Adam and Eve are the adulterous trio who are our adoptive parents, Isaiah 64:6-7, therefore unless God saves us, 1 John 3:8-9, we are lost forever.

Isaiah 51:3

In verse 3 Zion represents all the elect of God.  The LORD is telling us in verse 3 that once Judgment Day begins He will bring all of His to heaven.  The “waste places” our Lord GOD speaks of are the earthly minds of all His children; He will remove all of our earthly concerns and memories when He resurrects us.  At the cross the Christ demonstrated the cost of salvation for His elect.  He also, at that same time, took dominion over Satan and consequently the eternal fate of all the lost: Luke 10:17-18.  Even still dominion belonged to the LORD always because it was, in truth, accomplished before the foundation of the world.  A proof of this is Luke 10:18 as the LORD declares He saw Satan fall from heaven and because Satan only fell at the cross and Jesus had not yet gone to the cross we can know our Lord GOD saw this before the foundation of the world.

Isaiah 51:4

The first two clauses of this verse are making it clear that our Lord GOD is speaking only to His elect.  In the final clause the LORD is telling us of a law that will proceed from Him.  This law is the Bible in its entirety as it is, has been and will be the only law from God: Revelation 22:18-19.

Isaiah 51:5

In verse 5 we can know our Lord GOD is speaking to all mankind as He says “my salvation has gone forth, and mine arms shall judge the people”.  The arms of our Lord GOD represent His will being fulfilled by His elect, Isaiah 63:12, and it is the will of the LORD that we take His gospel to the world: Romans 10:13-18.  Everyone is to hear the word of God but only those who have been called and chosen of God will accept the true word of the LORD coming through His elect henceforth the phrase “and on mine arm shall they trust”.

Isaiah 51:6

In verse 6 the LORD is telling us all a man can know, on the final Day of Judgment, shall be no more.  However those who receive the salvation of God shall live on throughout all eternity: Romans 6:22-23.

Isaiah 51:7-8

In verse 7 we see the LORD speaking only to His elect as He says “…ye that know righteousness, the people in whose heart is my law”.  The true law of the LORD is only on the hearts of His elect.  He is telling us we are not to consider the men as we go forth doing His will; spreading the true gospel.

In the first half of verse 8 the LORD is reminding us of the temporal nature of mankind.  In the final clause of the verse He is telling us the character of His righteousness and the nature of His salvation.  He does this that His elect will always keep their eyes on the prize.

Isaiah 51:9-10

In verse 9 we see the LORD makes the call to His elect as He says “Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm of the LORD”.  He has a task for us all and we will perform it for as He came to Rahab and guided her to hide the two spies of Israel spoken of in Joshua 2:1-6; as He wounded Satan by empowering His elect to take the gospel unto the world in Luke 10:16-19; so He sends His elect today to do the work of spreading the gospel.

Our Lord GOD continues to give us yet another example of His use of His elect to do His will in verse 10 as He speaks of His use of Moses to part the sea in Exodus 14:23-28.

Isaiah 51:11

In verse 11 we see the elect of God will know all the LORD has done for us and we will never approach Him with even the thought of anything we have done.  Therefore in the first clause of verse 11 we see the LORD saying because of His great sacrifices “the redeemed of the LORD shall return and come with singing unto Zion”; it is all because of Him.  He has also said He would remove all sorrow and morning that we may rejoice in the gift of His salvation: Isaiah 25:9.

Isaiah 51:12-13

In verse 12 the LORD is reiterating that we are His and we are to fear Him only.  In verse 13 the LORD is making obvious the insignificance of the oppressors as He points out they have no fury as it is only the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent God, the three who are one, that must be honored, obeyed and feared.

Isaiah 51:14-16

In verse 14 we read “The captive exile hasteneth that he may be loosed, and that he should not die in the pit”.   “The captive exile” are all those who have been called and chosen and they hasten to learn all they can of the LORD.  They are captive exiles because they know they are in the pit and they desire more than anything else to get out.  Prior to their being called and chosen of God they, just as everyone else in the pit, do not realize the hopeless position they are in.  However once God opens our eyes we will see the plight we are in and we will humbly cry out to the God of Heaven that He might free us from the pit; we are all the elect of God as almost every man is born in the pit of damnation and only God can free us: Isaiah 38:14-18.

In verse 15 the LORD identifies Himself that no one can truly make an error.  If an individual can read verses like this and continue to accept a picture, statue or anything material they are, without question, lost and in the pit.

In verse 16 the LORD says “And I have put my words in thy mouth, and I have covered thee in the shadow of mine hand”.  This is what our Lord GOD has done with all of His elect as He sends us forth with His gospel.  He has given us the words to say, or write and He protects us as He covers us “in the shadow” of His hand.  The LORD continues with “…that I may plant the heavens, and lay the foundations of the earth, and say unto Zion, Thou art my people”.  This is the plan of the LORD that will soon be fulfilled.  Our Lord GOD is planting the heavens as He gathers all of His elect through the spreading of His word by those who have already been called and chosen.  In doing this He is laying the foundation of the new earth, which is to come.  He will then gather all of His to Himself in the new earth telling us all “Thou art my people”.

Isaiah 51:17-21

In verse 17 we see the LORD as He speaks to those of us elected before the foundation of the world but, not yet called and chosen.  We drank of the cup of the fury of the LORD because we were in the pit.  In verse 18 the LORD is telling us of the condition of one who is lost in the pit.  We can know that their eyes are blind, their ears are deaf and their understanding has been dulled because these are people of the world and without question a vast number of them have heard the true gospel however; they remain lost.  They remain lost because “There is none to guide her among all the sons whom she hath brought forth”.  In verse 19 we see the LORD is preparing the lost for Judgment Day and because they are deaf to the words of the elect there is no one to comfort them as they are all in the same predicament; a predicament which they are blind to and consequently cannot recognize.  The elect of God who have not yet been called and chosen are also in this predicament.  Verse 20 speaks to the state of damnation the lost are in and there is only one way out: the salvation of the LORD.  There are those among the lost who will recognize their condition and cry out to the LORD for His mercy however, this is a very small number as most of mankind is proud and it is a very difficult thing for them to humbly come even to the LORD.  Those elect of God have not come unto the LORD of themselves.  Remember, we were called and chosen we had no choice in the matter but, those who must humble themselves have a great mountain to climb as all mankind is proud.  In verse 21 our Lord GOD mentions the drunkenness which is based in the pride of mankind.  It is this drunkenness that drives the desire of a man to “determine his own fate” rather than accept the God of the Bible.  This is the drunkenness that makes a man pursue his own idea of worship and religion as opposed to the word of God: the Bible.  This is the reason there are so many different faiths and different bibles and the number of them will continue to grow until the end.

Isaiah 51:22

In verse 22 the LORD has completed the gathering of all His elect.  He has removed “the cup of trembling” from the hands of all His elect and it remains only in the hands of those lost whose pride would not allow them the bow before the God of the Bible.  Although it also remains in the hands of those who will humble themselves before God, but are not elect of God, their punishment will be minimal; they will die quickly during Judgment Day and their bodies will lie upon the earth as their punishment will primarily be shame.

Isaiah 51:23

In verse 23 we see the LORD has directed His fury solely upon those who are lost.  This includes everyone who is not called and chosen of God.  These are all those of the world who desire their own way and refuse to accept the teachings of the Bible therefore, the Lord gives them all over to the slaughter: Isaiah 34:1-3.

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