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   [14 Apr 2011 | Thursday]

The Blood Speaks

First, the caulk as walls were being prepared for a new coat of paint on walls that had been left uncared for, for some time. The caulk covered holes, scratches, marks, dents, and as it dried the look was not pleasant at all. Never is. Then a fresh coat of paint. Brighter than the one which had been placed there, who knows when? And wow, what a difference it is beginning to make. I like new paint. No not to stiff, but to look at. There is the look of new. The look of a fresh start. Before there were ugly places and darkness, now they are all covered and things look brand new.

Isn’t it amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do? As my wife and I begin to apply new paint over walls that have not been touched in perhaps some time, with each coat off a roller, or the sweep of a brush, scars you once could see are no longer visible to the eye. Now there is a sense of all things being new. If walls could talk you can almost hear them shout, “Thank You”. You can hear them breathing fresh life once again. It is truly exciting.

As I make a sweep with my roller, my mind races to the thought of how powerful the blood of Jesus Christ is when a scarred individual with issues and dysfunctions comes to a Savior to have their lives made new once again. With each drop of the blood of Jesus on a broken, ruined life, the shout of freedom erupts as excitement fills the heart of a broken individual. The breathing is easier. The freshness is encouraging.

As I retired last evening thinking about the painting we are presently doing on a building, and watching changes take place right before our eyes, the old gospel hymn rose within my spirit as I reflected on the words which the author wrote, “What can wash away my sins, Nothing but the blood of Jesus. What can make me whole again? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. Oh, precious is the flow, that makes me white as snow…”.

If you are a student of scripture, you recall what God said to Cain after he rose up and killed his brother Abel in the book of Genesis. God said to him, “…thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.”(Genesis 4:10 KJV) God said to Cain, blood speaks. And it does. It has a certain sound. A particular distinction. A language all its own, And the ears of God, which are sensitive can hear the sound from any place on this planet. If you own a dog you have perhaps seen the whistle which when blown does not make a sound to the human ear. But, to a dog, if it has been trained will come running because their ears are on a different frequency than that of humans. I cannot hear the slain blood of a murdered individual or an aborted child, or an abused person, but God can. I cannot hear the sound of the blood of the Redeemer when one drop is placed into the life of a person bound by sin, but God can. And that sound, when pure blood is applied to sin stain blood, sends forth a shout which causes angels in heaven to dance and praise because they understand the value in His blood.

In just a few days the world will enter into what has been called the Passion Week. The last week of the life of Christ before He went to the cross. The One chosen to bear the sins of the entire world. The sacrificial Lamb. Understand with me that Jesus Christ did not spill His blood, He shed His blood. There is a difference. When you spill something it is accidental. The cross was not an accident. It had been planned in the heart of God the Father and carried forth by God the Son. And, I fully believe, standing under the cross, as the blood of Jesus flowed forth was the Holy Spirit waiting to catch every drop. And today, when a member of the human race cries out for freedom from sin, the same Holy Spirit goes forth to apply the blood that speaks onto the life of a person which needs to be set free. A person with scars. A person with nicks and cuts by life itself. A person with darkness, like the walls on a building receiving new life with Glidden paint, when the blood is applied all things become new.

Perhaps this is the season for you to receive new life. A complete makeover if you will. It’s not necessary for ABC to roll up into your yard. All it takes is for the Holy Spirit to apply a fresh touch into our broken lives, and when He is allowed to apply precious blood to our condition, we will have a freshness about us that old walls in a building has about it today. Thank God for the blood of Jesus that is speaking at this very hour!!!!!!

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