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   [13 Apr 2011 | Wednesday]

The Reason I Blog

It has been almost a year since I first set down at my computer and started to blog. Blogging was all new to me. It started out just to be filler on a webpage site which people could go to on a regular basis, if they so desired and have their morning devotion. My goal for the blog was to take something that was happening in the world, or a thought that came into my spirit and write as I sense God’s Spirit moving through me. Often, I have sensed as I have written these blogs, on occasions, it is as though God has taken over and has used my words to speak to someone, somewhere who might be struggling in their life. Now, after almost a year of blogging it has become a habit. At times I will awaken early and sense a topic in my spirit which I need to address. Or I will read something on the web that I know I am under assignment to address. I laugh at myself, because as a kid growing up in the West Texas town of Plainview, the idea of anyone reading anything I would write is totally my blowing to me.

I blog for the simple reason that it is enjoyable first of all to write down what I believe God wants me to say in the moment. I blog because it is my way of being able to journal. But, most of all I blog because it is my prayer that perhaps something which is written in the moment can be a source of inspiration and encouragement to someone who might happen along and read what has been placed on the web. I have a way of checking periodically how many hits our church website has received on a monthly basis. It is interesting to read the numbers from time to time. What’s humorous is that the United States government has also hit our website. There must be people assigned in a room somewhere to check every website in the world to see if they can pick up certain keys words they have been trained to look for. I doubt that the Holy Spirit or salvation, or heaven, or deliverance is anything that they might have an interest in. Yet, I think it is great they search. Keep reading is all that I can say.

Just yesterday on a particular website, which I go to often to read articles of interest to me concerning church leadership, someone had listed the Top 200 Church Leaders blogs. I could not find my name(lol). But, there are some interesting bloggers out there. My goal is not to be among the top 200. I simply want to be obedient to the Spirit of God as He flows through my heart, to hopefully write something that might challenge, encourage, motivate, inspire or provide you with a sense of direction in your walk with God.

Thank you to all who even read these words and have read them over the past year. It has been enjoyable to me to write. Thanks to my precious wife who reads my blogs and tells me that I am full of blogging(lol). She, being an English major in college helps me keep my words correctly spelled right and used properly in a sentence. If I ever hit the big time in writing I will owe her a lot. Thanks to those on Blogster and True2Ourself websites where I post these blogs who might happen along and take the time to read what I have put down for the day. Thanks most of all to the Spirit of God who sometimes early in the morning will awaken me out of my sleep and provide me with a thought which I know is from Him. To be honest, as early as I write sometimes, it has to be God doing this stuff because in my mind I could never come up with things to write about.

My Bible sets on the desk from which I write today. My mind thinks about all those authors who with some type of writing instrument and parchment, wrote down what God was placing in their hearts and minds which would eventually be turned into the canon of scripture. I can only imagine what they would have given to be part of your and my day. Computers, texting, apps, blogging, tweeting, email, IPods, IPhones, and the list goes on. Honestly it is too much at times for my mind to comprehend. Yet, thank God the church has the opportunity to tap into technology and send out the word of God through various means and sources. This is a fantastic hour.

I will continue to blog. If you happen by this blog as you surf the web, thanks for reading. And perhaps, if you have not, you will find the Savior is waiting with open arms and an open invitation to you to come and dine with Him. Even if it is early in the morning!!!!!!!

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