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12:54 PM   [18 Nov 2010 | Thursday]

The object of a Christian...death to self.

The object of a Christian...death to self.

In order to substantiate the "objective of a Christian" I must touch on the doctrine of progressive sanctification. The doctrine of progressive sanctification goes back to Martin Luther and John Calvin in the 15Th Century. That period was historically titled as the "Reformation" or the period of time that men protested the Roman Church and formed what we know today as the Protestant Movement. During that time frame doctrinal teachings from the Bible began to form and spread throughout the religious world. One of the most controversial doctrines that has ever plagued society in this present Church Age was the doctrine of progressive sanctification.

Sanctification through the Spirit is "not" and "never has been" a progressive work of the Spirit of God. Progressive sanctification is a misconception highly taught in the Modern Religious World and causes people to live a Christian life of defeat and failure to God. That teaching and it's total misconception began during the days of the Reformation and has continued even until now in 2009. The Bible doesn't teach the process of maturity that allows failure to God... it teaches sanctification that gives victory in the Spirit and makes men overcomers!

The work of the Holy Spirit in the human soul at Salvation, is not a progressive work. The "new birth" is instantaneous. Forgiveness of sins are instantaneous by trusting Christ alone! The Bible doesn't teach a progressive new birth nor does the Spirit of Truth teach such experience! Salvation is an experience caused from a new birth given from the power of God's Grace! God's instantaneous power of Salvation of the human soul thus gives the believer in Christ "power to do right". For the first time in life God's power of Grace changes fallen man morally... from sin to holiness of heart. A believer in Christ has new ways and a new standard of living that's called "right" the eyes of God.

The object of a Christian is not "maturity" as many are taught today. As a matter of fact the word maturity is not in the Bible. Maturity is a man made concept of a progressive work or a progressive achievement that a Christian can gradually acquire in this life. Human maturity takes away from the action of God's Salvation that morally changes man instantaneously. Maturity is a gradual process but Sanctification through the Spirit is not! Why? Sanctification is the action of God that comes in one stroke. Biblical Sanctification is the final work of the Spirit of God that rids the Christian of the inherited Adamic life. Sanctification is the Baptism with the Holy Ghost. Sanctification rids man of indwelling sin and totally possesses man's heart and soul with holiness of character and conduct. The Holy Spirit reveals the Saviour to the heart of a believer after the new birth, and thus shows the believer that he must die to self. Dying to self comes after the new birth. This death to self is the "object of a believer" in Christ...not his gradual maturity of becoming a better Christian. Progressive growth into the Spirit is not taught in the Bible. Progressive growth into the sanctified life is not taught in the Bible.

Like Salvation of the human soul the Baptism with the Holy Ghost is another Christian experience besides the new birth! The new birth is a sinner's experience. Both experiences are instantaneous according to the Bible. After a sinner receives Christ...the Holy Spirit shows this believer a still existing "old man". When the Old man is finally"put off" the Spirit of God sanctifies that heart instantaneously through the baptism with the Holy Ghost. The object of a Christian is to put off the Old man....not just the Old man's deeds. Death to the Old man is a Spiritual concept and the Christian objective. Maturity is a human concept that opens the door for man to get away from the truth of the Bible and the work of the Spirit. The process of maturity is a man made concept that oftentimes hinders many from experiencing a death to the Old man and the actual experience of the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire as taught in the Holy Scriptures.

You won't find the word maturity or the process of maturing in the Bible! You will find sanctification through the Spirit by the action of God. Both Salvation of the soul and the Baptism with the Holy Ghost are taught Biblically to come at one stroke of the hand of God! Read it for yourself! Study your Bible! Don't take man's word for it! Please God! Find the truth within His Holy Scriptures.
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