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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:54 PM   [16 Nov 2010 | Tuesday]


We are often times reluctant to teach our children about Satan because we fear that they may become frightened. And, this can be true, but there are many ways of explaining things to children that do not cause anxieties within the child. Satan should be feared, but knowledge is power and that knowledge will give the child the opportunity to fight off the attempts of Satan to influence the child. Satan is very happy attacking young people and tries to influence their thinking from the very beginning of their lives, but with the proper knowledge and information, the child will be safe. The Bible tells us to “fear” God, but this should be understood as to revere and respect God. It does not mean that we should be afraid of Him especially considering the love He has for us. Understanding is the beginning of learning and that power can be used to help us through this journey with the least amount of tribulation. Jesus tells us to “learn of me” which is an indication of the importance of knowledge available to us.

Children are not stupid and they can understand more than we sometimes give them credit. They should be warned of the devices of Satan, but with the explanation of the reasons we are giving them this information. They will not be frightened, in fact, they will become more confident in their walk through this period in their lives. Things happen to us all that we cannot understand that cause us great difficulties. If we know how Satan works, we can usually find the explanation for our problems. Children do not have the experiences that older people do, and so they become confused. The knowledge we give them about Satan can eliminate this confusion and allow the child a happier life.

Satan is an expert at what he does. He will create doubt in all of us as often as he can and has many ways of doing this. We must remember that Satan cannot read our minds, but he can introduce thoughts into our minds in many ways. Our prayers should always be in the Spirit so that Satan cannot overhear the concerns we offer to God and use this information against us. Satan will use all kinds of methods to attack us. Our family and friends will become part of his attacks without them even being aware of it. The story of Job gives us this example of satanic influence and he is still doing it today. We have all been told certain things by our friends that cause certain emotions to rise within us, and we get angry at that person. If we understand that the words of our friends are merely satanic methodology,  we shall not lose a friend and we will not be influenced by their words. Children are very vulnerable to their friends’ approval and should have this explained to them in a way that does not cause them to mistrust their friends. Knowledge is the answer to this condition and the more knowledge we all have, the more we can resist the attacks of Satan.

The Bible spends a great deal of time talking about Satan and his followers. This is not just coincidence, but it is knowledge being given to us for our benefit. Church groups generally do not spend much time speaking about Satan and his methods and attacks, but this is an error in judgment. Considering the influence that Satan has upon our lives, he should be a large portion of our education. The Bible did this and so should we and especially for our children. Satan should not be feared because we know how to resist him. His power should be respected and understood, but we have an advocate who will protect us from evil if we ask Him. But, we must know what is really happening in order to ask. Our children learn most things from their parents and so it is the responsibility of the parent to explain the reality of Satan. But, in order to do this, the parent must learn too, and that knowledge will be of great benefit to the parents also !!!


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