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When the time has come, God will answer your needs because they are for His glory; and how He knows who is who is via the intent of our “Hearts” that only He can see.

So we all need to look very deep within our own hearts just to see exactly what God sees; and then we need to compare our love for others with the love of Christ that was a written new commandment in John 13:34 that we must all have for God’s mercy.


Below through a link are about 150 stories I wrote with only a few of them or less has some writings of others mixed in that need edit, plus in this computer I use are about 300 more of my own writings along with very much information on all subjects worldwide that have to do with man and every evil from nuclear wastes and toxic industrial chemicals to just turning this planet into a junk yard from the ocean depths to all of the trash circling earth that man has launched or destroyed while in orbit. So between that and the bloodshed of man, God says enough is enough; and the final decade of the human race ruled my man has arrived.


A glance with just a touch of what God can see from His Throne which is the Universe.



And with that just the all of the uncountable atrocities of violence and cruelty that have always been and still are causing pain and shedding blood each second somewhere on earth, and the true thought of that should hurt you.  These photos in this link below are neither for children nor weak adults who cannot deal with what is. The fact is some are very sickening, and so is reality; and to hide from it does not make it go away.



What it all comes down to is I have a mass of information and a love for God that goes far beyond words because its something very spiritual between us; and with that comes a twenty four hour day that has only a devotion to God with very much care about the human race; and that is because I can see what’s coming in spiritual ways that most really can’t see, because if they could this world would not be deceived, and if the world of religion had the love of Christ which passes knowledge all would be filled with the fullness of God----Ephesians 3:19---and that would be a group in the billions as the body of Christ always drawing others into a perfect way of life. . . .but as this world has always been and currently is-----that has not happened through the religions of man that have completely missed God’s main ingredient called love---- because without it we are all as nothing------but through God’s lead and His firstfruits for kings and priests ---Revelation 5:10---we will become a people pleasing to God in the millennium and throughout all of eternity because there will be no other way into the kingdom of God aside from love.


 Just analyze the word deeply, and then place it within the heart of every being ever created and see what the result is, or better yet just look at every horror worldwide that has ever been multiplied in even worse ways than most are even aware of; and then think of love as the eternal end to all of those things finally come. And think of the way the world will be. . . .


The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. And the cow and the bear shall feed; their young ones shall lie down together; and the lion shall eat straw like the ox. And the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the cockatrice’ den. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.



And what too many appear not to know is that the fear of the Lord is that knowledge that few actually have because its not what man can teach or supply. So says the word that is truth; and many details are all through my writings with only the words of God and nothing from my own mind.



In my own mind I just take those words of God and place them in this whole world of human beings; and then Russia and America, Iran and Israel, Japan and China, the bloods and the crips along with a whole world at war through hate just comes together as just one complete kingdom of the same tongue that is nothing other than a genuine love for one another that will be the way of God in all who have ever been created. Welcome to the universe that was created to be inhabited, but only with love; and not the world still in the flesh as murderers in the eyes of God, because no love is just that. Have you examined yourself lately with the word as your guide with belief only in what God says and never man?



So when you take the religions of man worldwide that is just too extensive to list, you will see not the love of God anywhere to be found; and I have been searching for it ever since January of 2007 with a willingness to go anywhere and do anything according to His will. And through my past just one individual cost me near seventy five thousand dollars because of my heart that cares for others; therefore regardless of all my sins and mistakes. . . .


“And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8--- In the King James love is translated charity---and God is love 1 John 4:8


Where I am and what my situation has been through my life and these past years is all because everything was appointed by God.


How often does a man have a woman 18 years younger with no vices fall in love with him when they he has no money, no work, no income and no life other than stress and physical problems that come and go?


How often does a man meet a woman of 34 years filled with faith who is still untouched by man? How often does a man meet a woman who really has no religions of man but trusts only in God and always has?


How often does a man meet a woman that loves others and doing things for others when she has nothing material herself including basic needs?


Come March it will be 4 years since we met in person, and our first place to live that she had gotten was just one room in a retired teacher’s home with no ceilings, plumbing or glass in the windows, and rice was about all we had to eat, and to this day over 31/2 years later that’s still about all we have to eat other than owes for fish and owes for money borrowed to buy fish.


I could tell you many stories of things we had to go through from illnesses, immigration, hunger with cruelty from others and just too many things to list because of the years gone by including our marriage on a twenty four dollar set of rings that she bought.


The way we have gotten as far as we have concerning living conditions is because God made things happen. My wife was a woman from a very poor family that worked her own way through college so she had the education to become a school teacher. And last year started gaining credits for her Masters to enable her to become a school principle; and because she is a natural, good at what she does, loves children and loves people, plus loves smooth operation and proper order; she will get what she is after----unless God has other plans for our lives because all we want is His will and to please Him.



In our prayers all that we ask God for is a simple home on more property, a home that I could do things to like tile on the cement floors, a bathroom sink and shower, a closet, a dresser and just a few things like that we have never had because we just pour cold water on our heads for our do it yourself showers and cover all our folded clothes with a sheet to protect them from all the nepa ceiling dust, spider webs and lizard turds that are always dropping plus all the cockroaches.   



All that we would like is a few goats, a few roosters, maybe a rabbit or two, some fish and a place to plant a garden foe veggies to eat and flowers to enjoy and another small native home to build; and then the home we now have we would like to give to Mylene’s mom and dad who live in another province of the Philippines and have not to much of anything; and then my wife loves and misses her parents that have absolutely nothing but age would become very happy, and her happiness brings my happiness; and it really hurts her because they really struggle in their age just like others all over this world; and to care about others with tied hands that cannot help is a part of life that is very hard to deal with.  



What it all comes down to is just needing a simple life with food to eat so that we have better health along with some kind of life to live rather than just mostly just myself 24 hours a day in the same square mile for years now with most of that time being in the same walls just because of no money, work, tools or just anything period. And that kind of life with nothing in any way can really be rough as it nears the 4 year mark as of December 1, 2010 because that will be the day of my 4th year in the Philippines with no income; and that’s how God wanted it because just one example of many would be the over 700 individual job requests I put in through KBR just to get back in Iraq or even Afghanistan as a welder and vehicle armor protection fabricator and installer as a millwright, but it was just not the will of God because all that he wanted was me as His student. Isaiah 28:9



God knows that I would like to have one of the three thousand uninhabited Philippine islands just for a group God chooses who wants the fear of the Lord while also wanting to rein with Him as part of the government of God throughout the millennium, and with that training up children in the way they should grow; and true reality is that the time will come when even the wealthiest in this world will have absolutely nothing; so the only wisdom is to do things that please God so that He will have mercy on those with hearts.


What is comes down to is my wife and I need some help, and one of our greatest joys comes from helping others, but with tied hands were just kind of stuck in a very uncomfortable situation. Yet we maintain our faith, trust in God, and just wait while knowing that He has a purpose for us. Because with good people everything is in the hands of God; and when He is ready a heart somewhere will be touched to help us; and we will just do his will whether it be a private school for true education with God as the source, an orphanage, or just whatever He chooses because only He knows all things; and all that I know is I will do whatever He leads me into because I have no other life and no other intent from my heart other than pleasing Him.



What everything comes down to is that we are into the final decade of the human race; and the fiery furnaces are once again seven times hotter than ever before; and the only way for any human being to stand tall and strong with self control and good composure is to have the faith of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego along with obedience to our creator.  Daniel 3:8-30 is a very good read with note on the way we need to think and speak in verses 16-18.



But this world of the religions of man is completely unprepared spiritually, mentally and physically, and when hundreds of millions become blindsided the suffering will become just to great for words; and I am doing my best to prepare for helping as many as God will allow because we are nearing the beginning of sorrows written in Matthew 24:4-8



What I want to do with all of my writings is to edit them through prayer and fasting while also reducing them into just what God wants; and He knows with the way of my existence just how hard that will be with needs in every department of life.



I also have four free web sites because as I use up the free space I just have to create another, and I have no way financially to even have a site of my own…and if that’s what God wants it will happen. The fact is, whatever God wants it will happen because I exist as His to do with whatever He chooses no matter where in the world it may be which may be exactly where I am and doing what I want to do, I just need a better means to do it best.


For many years through looking into many truths I have found more fraud concerning billions of dollars worldwide that is just the way of man; and many good people with hearts have give massive amounts of money only to line the pockets and lifestyles of those who lie and steal the best; so all that I ask is for some honest help for God’s honest work, and if you cannot I understand so well because my whole life has been there, but at least help me to get help while also passing on God’s whole truth which is based on love; and the thirteen verses in 1 Corinthians 13 say it well.


“Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear Him, upon them that hope in His mercy; To deliver their soul from death and to keep them alive in famine. Psalms 33:18-19


May God have mercy on you by touching your heart.


The public profile link where my writings can be seen through all of the different group names I created to go with each story, and edits are very greatly needed.


My free websites.


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