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Our Native Philippine Home from Scratch in the Banana Trees


To view from link where created. 


Us after three years of waiting in faith for the start of something we could call our own home.  



Mylene working on clearing our 30'x30' lot for one thousand dollars that she put half down from a loan through teachers payroll deductions.




This is $500 in lumber which is enough to frame our home plus  block, cement, re-bar, stone and sand is another $500. 



A carpenter with his son as a laborer helper and block mason at $10 per day total for the two of them.




And they do good work, slow but good, and slow because that's just the Philippine way to make money.




A good view of the size of a small single story home. 



With Victor the carpenter I never saw a level or power tool other than a plainer that I had to buy for shaping these 4x4's to make them very true as the six main supports for the home. The tool cost more than the total labor for him to build the frame of the entire 20'x18' home; and its cost was 3800 peso or around $75.




This was our progress in February of this year 2010




Just happy standing in her dream home looking out the c/r (comfort room) window that is still open to this day. 




And so easy to please with just love because I have nothing else other than the faith we share in our creator.So we just wait with patience for something better as in the location with a bit more property, some roosters, a couple of goats, a rabbit, a few birds, a garden and some peace in life with some privacy rather than being in a shoe box surrounded with evil spirits. My my life is so much fun. 




My wife just standing in our future bedroom within our mansion and being content.




Here in the Philippines a 2x2, a 2x4, a 2x6 or a 2x10 is actually what the numbers say it is, whereas in America the size of lumber in truth has always been a big lie just as all advertising, government words, media, news and just everything including what false preachers words while holding back the truth through ignorance or as obedient puppets on strings like Obama, Bush, Clinton and them all. Welcome to reality.




Ready for the native style roof leaves that I really love rather than the tin roofs that rust and just have no appeal. 


This NEPA leaf roofing is hand made and comes in 5' lengths and is laid out overlapping. The cost for each one is about 14 cents and we needed 600 for our roof so the cost was 4200 peso or less than $100 dollars. 




Work I did with very rough, soft and weak coco lumber, but affordable even though we still owe from months ago. The 2x2's, 2x4's and 2x6's for a material cost of about $100. On the inside of our home much bark shows; and to me just the natural look, at least that is the way my mind worked when building because I had no choices in the matter.



Just a shell, but a dream coming true with thanks to God.






Septic with dirt bottom for good natural drainage here in Negros Oriental.



Me just building a bottom of the line counter for our sink and two burner gas stove out of 2x4 coco lumber and very thin plywood. If I had some funds for just bags of cement mix, sand and gravel the whole home inside and out needs the block covered with a smooth layer of cement for looks and a sealer for the very cheaply made hollow blocks that are very weak to to the small amount of cement used in their making. Just your typical cut rate that I would not have purchased but had my own made with more mix for a better quality. 



This bamboo matting a woman with her daughters helping to makes for 150 peso each and the size is 6x8. The time it takes them is near two days of steady work; and her pay of 150 peso equals about three dollars, and we bought six of them, so that is about $18 dollars for near two weeks worth of good quality work. When my wife and I first met and saw her working with her daughters we could see they had need, so we just gave her 100 peso which is a couple bucks that made her happy for some rice and bread.




We had no glass for window openings so I began making some bamboo shutters on hinges that turned out good for something to do.




Still no glass and still no screen, but at least a way to close them from heavy rains and security.



This small section of the inside of our home with me at our computer and our small gray fridge to the right is about 1/4 of our home inside.



Here you can see the table I built, my King James in three sections, a Strong's Concordance, a bought used computer almost two years ago that is so slow and so nerve racking that it often near drives me crazy with aggravation, and you can see the light outside shinning through the bamboo lengths and mats.  




This is Brian a neighbor at 8 years old with the maturity of an 18 year old. He says little, but when he speaks you know exactly what he is saying.




Our bedroom that still has no full wall or door to make it private within its own corner of our home. But in God's time things will improve.



I made seven trips on a scooter with a plastic bucket where there was a pile of stone, and some were white that made my wife happy for her little project.




Mylene bought a length of vinyl floor mat for our counter top and some shelf brackets.  We have no cabinets so still get roaches in everything, but over the years one just gets used to whatever may be. 



Me at the back door, and by the bamboo fence you can see just how small our lot is.




 Mylene in our small living area.


 Home sweet home without a right of way.



Behind the home with our backyard. 




I put a latter against a coconut tree and went up for a couple of pictures that show just how tiny a 30x30 lot is. 



The blue laundry basket is on the fence.



This was the way we have been going in and out, but the woman that owns the property and does not even live on it just has one very mean and low selfish mean streak and does not want us using her land. 



 And this is the home that she rents on the land and where Brian lives right in front of us.



And this is the back door that is but twenty feet from us for our fine views to see, and why the woman likes to make life difficult for us is just beyond me. Kinda like all my brethren full of the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. 



There are many people all over the world that need help; and they are just good people. Here in the Philippines where I have been for almost four years I have been in many a home with dirt floors and a leaky roof with the kids sitting at a table doing their homework without a complaint because that just the only life they have ever known. I have also met many a young woman as a ladies with children that really have it rough because their husbands just up and left them, and that is so very common because there is no divorce here, nor child support or anything whatsoever requiring responsibility from the fathers of children.

The fact is I could list more hard ships with more people than I know what to do with because my hands have always been tied other than little bits here and there I have given out of what God gave too us.

Being I have now gained some experiences on building the cheapest homes possible or even much less with just bamboo, but with floors and roofs that don't leak, some projects to help others sure would be nice because they would help me with some kind of purpose because coming from a life where I used to do everything into a life of doing nothing is really taking a serious toll on my life mentally, physically and spiritually. 

If I had my way I would just want to build a small community as something from God and a place to teach His truths and the world to come. But all that I can do is keep my faith while knowing that God knows my heart, and in my heart that only He can see, He is my priority that I look too for direction, so He knows my needs, situation, capabilities and my hearts intent which is to please Him.

So I pray and I wait. 

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rl3245 | Mon Nov 29, 2010, 09:11

 Very nice to read this. I have been trying to find out how to make the top for the septic for a cr. Can you tell me how they did that?

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