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12:58 PM   [09 Nov 2010 | Tuesday]


The Bible is the word of God. Everything in it; the stories, the events and the principles are true and correct and are not subject to opinion. Considering the fact that God cannot lie, then we have no option but to accept this document as being absolute. Not everything that there is to know is discussed in the Bible, but everything that we need to know is there in order for us to get through this life and have the opportunity to achieve eternal life in the presence of God. If there are those that do not understand or agree with this statement, then they should examine their position in relation to claiming Christianity.

The Bible was written by God and therefore is perfect in all aspects. The position of the stories or lessons is not arbitrary and there is importance to when and where we are given certain information. It is clearly an indication of the importance of Satan in our lives when we realize that the very first story concerning humanity involves the influence of Satan, and perhaps more importantly, the fact that Satan achieved his objective. Certainly, God could have intervened, but for His reasons, He choose not to, and we now have established the nature of man. Man will be and is influenced by Satan !!!

The evil influence of Satan is discussed many times throughout the Bible, and we usually find man succumbing to the wishes of Satan. The only individual who overcame Satan was Jesus, and He is the only one who can overcome Satan. We as humans have little or no chance, but we are given much information concerning the methods used by Satan and with this knowledge, we can resist him…. When Satan attacked Jesus in the dessert, he waited until Jesus was at a very weak moment both physically and emotionally. This is when we are most vulnerable to attack and so we should be on guard especially at those times. If we look at the example of Peter standing on the water with Jesus, we see that even when Jesus is right next to Peter, Satan still influenced Peter and Peter begins to sink…. He is that powerful and we would be foolish to think otherwise, but that is exactly what he wants us to think. Satan will use every method to attack us, but we are shown these methods and should use this information to resist the attempts to defeat us.

Some Christians believe that we are not bothered by Satan because we chose Jesus as our savior. We should understand that the opposite is more likely the truth. Those who do not believe are of less interest to Satan because they are already doing what he wants them to do. It is the true believer that is attacked more violently because Satan does not want us to be good examples to others. But, he really does not need much help there because most of us are poor examples anyway….

We say that we have closed the door on Satan, but that is seldom completely true. We close the door almost shut but leave it open just a little bit for that occasional time when we want to do something that we know is wrong. Unfortunately, this is the nature of man because the flesh truly is very weak. The important thing is to recognize our enemy. Satan will use every weapon in his arsenal to attack us; he will use our own weaknesses, he will use our friends and he will do everything he can that he knows upsets us from observing our personalities and past history….

It is important to study and understand the methods of Satan because only then can we resist him. Unfortunately, many people claiming Christianity believe that they are above satanic attacks and are sadly mistaken. Resisting Satan will only get him away from us for a time and then he will come back and attack again. But, during that time when he is leaving us alone, our lives become more peaceful and without the usual stresses and we soon realize that it really is worth the effort. Do not believe that as a Christian that we are immune from attack because if Satan went after Jesus, we are not any great challenge to him !!!!!

If we recognize our true enemy, we will begin to understand that it is not a particular person or event that is getting to us and upsetting our lives. These are just the methods that Satan uses and by realizing this, our lives become less stressful. We do not get angry at a person who is troubling us because we recognize that it is not that person, but Satan using that person against us. We should pray for that person and win that part of the battle with our true enemy, and maybe keep a good friend along the way…. The influence of Satan on mankind is of extreme importance when we realize it was the very first thing about which God decide to warn us…..

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