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Isaiah 33

A Review of Isaiah 33
by Keith E Gardner
Always using the King James Bible


I am well aware of the difficulty experienced by the vast majority of people as they attempt to comprehend the meanings of Bible verses.  This is because the Bible was not written by man but, by God.  Our Godhead wrote the roughly thirteen hundred pages to cover the 13,023 years that go from six days into the creation of this world – we can know this date if we look back to Adam bringing forth Seth at 130 years old – on until the world’s destruction on October 21, 2011.[1] 

In the Bible we find many verses with multiple meanings and many words whose meanings change depending on how they are used.  A good example of this is the word Babylon.  Depending on the phrase in which we find the word it could refer to the Chaldean nation of Babylon or it could be the church or it could be Satan’s kingdom on earth; all those who are lost.  We can only know the true meaning from the context in which it is used.  There are many such words and phrases in the Bible and you must study the Bible intently to know the true meaning of each and to grasp the correct interpretation of the corresponding verses.

Isaiah 33:1

In all of Isaiah 33 our Lord God is speaking parabolically about Judgment Day.  In verse 1 we see the LORD speaking of the ways of the lost toward His elect.  They will continue in their ways right up to Judgment Day as the lost will never be right in their hearts; no man of himself can be.  However, on May 21, 2011 the LORD will take all of His to Himself, Mark 13:26-27, and dam the world to 153 days of torment.  This is the time when those who spoil and deal treacherously, the lost, will make an end to spoiling and dealing treacherously.  Unfortunately for them it is also at this time that the LORD will send His angle with the seventh and final plague along with Satan and his demons to deal treacherously with them: Revelation 16:17-21 & 17:16.  In Revelation 17:16 a horn represents strength, power or rule while ten represents completeness.  Therefore this verse interpreted says Satan – upon the completion of his rule which will be May 21, 2011 – will turn on the church congregations and all who are on this earth: Revelation 6:4.  We see in Revelation 16:8-9 the punishment of God upon the people of this world.  Satan and his demons will also be under the wrath of God, Revelation 16:10-11, along with those in the churches; which is where Satan’s seat is: Revelation 2:13.  At this time only the lost will inhabit this world to be the recipients of the last 153 days of judgment: Isaiah 13:10-13

Throughout Judgment Day our Lord God will allow Satan to torment the lost however, He will not allow him to kill any of them.  Their deaths will mean an end to their torment therefore we can know that God will terminate them only when He is done with their torment.  We can know after the great earthquake there will be no shelter and as we continue to read and see the occurrence of Revelation 16:21 we can know it is only by the will of God that a man will continue to exist until God says “It is done” for that person.

Isaiah 33:2

In verse 2 our Lord God echoes the sentiments of all His elect.  We all need and are thankful for His omnipresence every second of our lives.  We all desire that our thoughts as well as out actions may be pleasing unto Him.  Therefore we, His elect, go forth unto this world deaf and blind to all that is about us that we will not be distracted by the ways of this world: Isaiah 42:19-21.

Isaiah 33:3-4

                Both phrases in verse 3 are referring to the LORD as He begins Judgment Day.  On this day our Lord God is not coming as the judge.  All those who will remain have already been judged: 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.  However, He will come to gather His elect unto Himself and to usher in the beginning of the end for this world: Psalm 50:3-5.

                In verse 4 the punishment of all who remain on earth begins.  The LORD will “run upon them” punishing them all according to the law, the Bible.  There will be none who will escape this torment.  Only those who plead with the LORD in truth will have those days reduced.  If you cry out to the one true God now you may find you are one of His elect.  However, if you are not He will still have mercy on you and maybe take you on May 21, 2011 sparing you the torment to come: James 5:10-11.  Therefore even if one is not elect of God it is still to their advantage to plead unto our Lord God for salvation and live the remainder of their life as uprightly as possible.

Isaiah 33:5-6

                Zion spoken of in verse 5 is heaven: Joel 3:17.  Our Lord God is and will fill heaven with judgment and righteousness always.  For the LORD is righteousness and all His judgments are true and just: Psalm 19:9.

                In verse 6 the LORD is speaking of His elect as He will bless all of His with wisdom, understanding and knowledge.  We – the elect – will know the fear of the LORD.  The true love, respect and admiration that only comes with salvation and we will go forth doing His will always attempting to walk as we know He desires we walk.  All that we do will be in our love and respect – which is the true meaning of fear in this usage – for our Lord God: Psalm 25:12-14.

Isaiah 33:7-8

                In verse 7 our Lord God is painting a picture of utter hopelessness and complete despair.  This will be the state of lost mankind as they are forced to accept their plight of complete and total impotence before our All Mighty God: Revelation 16:17-21.

                In verse 8 we see our Lord God has bought this world of relentless hustle and bustle to a halt.  He has finally had enough and He has forced the world to acknowledge Him as the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent God.  As lost man has gone about his life pursuing the desires of his unrepentant heart we see he has broken the covenant of his God: Deuteronomy 27 – 30.  The knowledge of the covenant the LORD has established with man has been known to mankind and in these last days it has been ignored and even despised by many.  The consequence of the availability of this knowledge is death in soul and body during the last day for all who will not take heed to the word of God: Isaiah 30:13 - 15.  This day is coming quickly and the LORD has blessed us all that we can know, if we care to, that it is May 21, 2011.[2]

Isaiah 33:9

                In verse 9 we can see the world under the torment of the Godhead as our Lord God says “the earth mourneth and languisheth”.  Lebanon, Sharon, Bashan and Carmel represent all the lush lands of this world that will be utterly destroyed by the great earthquake to come on May 21, 2011.

Isaiah 33:10

                Judgment Day – May 21, 2011 to October 21, 2011 – is the time which the LORD is speaking of in this verse.  He will not physically come to this world as this time He will not be the savior.  He is now coming as the judge with a judgment of torment for the five month period referred to as Judgment Day: Revelation 9:4-6.  This is what is meant when our Lord God says “Now will I rise, saith the LORD; now will I be exalted; now will I lift up myself”.  During the judgment the LORD will make it known to all on earth that He is the one true God.  Not the pastor, not the church or however an individual may come to the belief they are saved, but the LORD only: Psalm 24:8-10.  Just as He is our King and the LORD of Glory only He can save any of us and He has already saved all who are to be saved before the foundation of this world: Ephesians 1:4-5.  Therefore, we all must find our knees and bow our heads before our omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God that we may come to know Him or have our torment minimized in our end.

Isaiah 33:11

                The LORD is telling us here of the lost.  Just as a good tree can only bring forth good fruit and a bad tree will only bring forth bad fruit so the lost are chaff conceived by chaff: Matthew 7:18.  Therefore they can only bring forth stubble.  Without the intervention of God in our lives we are all stubble.  We all have to have been chosen by God before the foundation of this world otherwise we are stubble.  Only those of mankind who have been chosen by God are the children of God and although we all must live in this world we are not to become involved in worldly things: 1 Peter 1:13-20.

Isaiah 33:12

                In verse 12 the LORD is telling us of the end for all those whom He has not chosen.  Even still we see the mercy of the LORD as He says “the people shall be as the burning of lime: as thorns cut up shall be burned in the fire”.  If we read this verse carefully we can know that our Lord God will not burn anyone alive or forevermore.  Looking at what the LORD says as He tells us “as thorns cut up shall be burned in the fire”.  If one cuts up a rose bush is that bush still living? Obviously not so, as our Lord God says “as thorns cut up” He will then cast the lost into the fire.  They will not burn alive, but they will be dead in soul and body; thank you our Almighty Godhead.  Given our current understanding of this alone any logical thinking person would begin to question the common theological belief of eternal damnation.  If one were to truly study the Bible they would quickly find many verses supporting this; verses like Isaiah 10:17-18.

Isaiah 33:13

                Verse 13 is, as the entire Bible is, yet another way the LORD masterfully speaks to the dichotomy of mankind.  We read in the first half of the verse “ye that are far off”, which is the LORD speaking of the lost, “hear what I have done”.  Notice He is telling them to hear what He has done.  In the last half of the verse He tells His elect who are “ye that are near” to “acknowledge my might”.  Here lies another distinction between those who are lost and those who are saved.  The LORD knows the lost will never truly acknowledge His might; even during the judgment rather than humble themselves before Him they will blaspheme His holy name: Revelation 16:9.  During this life the lost have always, and they will continue until Judgment Day, viewed our Lord God and His infinite number of mighty works through the filter of their choosing; Catholicism, Protestantism and even science.  Even the atheists and agnostics must view the works of God through their filters to allow them to deny Him as they do.  One such filter used among the churches allows them to belief they can save anyone at anytime.  If you have ever attended a church service or watched a television presentation of a sermon you will notice that more often than not the speaker will admonish his audience to come down to the podium or simply stand and bow their heads while they repeat after him.  He will then recite a few bogus words conjured up in his own mind and then, only if you took part in that portion of the service, you are saved; how ridiculous.  No man has ever or will ever have such power.  Salvation is a process of selection; you must have been selected and only God makes that selection.  Your selection then required payment for all of your sins; a payment made before the foundation of this world by the LORD and savior of all the elect, Jesus the Christ.  Finally it requires the guidance of God the Holy Spirit in the lives of His elect.  Congregation members, I admonish you to read your Bibles for yourselves.

Isaiah 33:14

Verse 14 also speaks to the plight of the lost.  As all those in Zion as it is used here are representative of the churches and the hypocrites represent those of the church and the world.  “Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? Who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings?” As we draw ever closer to May 21, 2011 more and more of the lost are secretly contemplating these questions.  However, consequent to their rejection of Gods’ truth He will grant them strength in their resolve and even enhance their disbelief in His truth.  All this as He is giving them all up to enhance their sins whatever they may be: Romans 1:24-32.  In giving them up He is allowing the blind to stumble blindly that they will not see the forest for the trees allowing them to go further from truth as He prepares them for the judgment: Matthew 15:13-14.

Furthermore the “everlasting burning” the LORD speaks of here is not eternal, but it will end the worlds’ existence on October 21, 2011.  This is why our Lord God refers to it as everlasting for it will be the last occurrence in the history of this earth bringing about the end of this world and all that men know.

Isaiah 33:15-16

               In verse 15 our Lord God is describing His elect.  We can see the Lord expressing similar sentiments through king David in all five verses of Psalm 15.

                In verse 16 our Lord God says “He shall dwell on high” which is the LORD telling us His elect will dwell with Him.  The verse continues with our Lord God using analogies to describe our existence in heaven as we will learn of Him and His way and our salvation will be complete.

Isaiah 33:17

                All of Gods’ elect will see our Godhead in all their glory and beauty.  For to see the Son is to see the Father, John 14:9-11, and all who are elect of God will see the Son: Mark 13:26-27.  We will also behold heaven, “the land that is very far off”, in the day the LORD gathers us to Himself.

Isaiah 33:18

                In verses 15-17 the LORD is speaking of all those who are elect of Him.  However in verse 18 He has gone back to speaking of the terror and the torment of the last 153 days of earth’s existence.  This is the portion the LORD has for all of those left on earth for the judgment: Zephaniah 1:2-8.  In Zephaniah 1:2-4 we see the LORD will destroy everything and this is all before He incinerates the entire solar system.  In Zephaniah 1:5 the LORD is speaking of the churches of today as He uses the practices of ancient Israel to setup the parallelism between the two.  Seeing this we know the churches of today are lost as all who attend them believe their attendance has somehow sanctified them; i.e. water baptism, communion etc.  However it is only the LORD who saves and He has already saved all who are to be saved: Matthew 25:31-34.  Therefore the church saves no one.  As the LORD has called all of His out of the churches the churches serve only as a holding place for the dammed: Revelation 18:2-13.  As you read these verses notice verse 13 and the last thing merchandised by the churches.  In Zephaniah 1:6 we can see the LORD as He speaks of those of the world who have turned away from the gospel and those who never had any knowledge of the gospel.  None will be found guiltless.

Isaiah 33:19

                The LORD is telling us all in this verse that the terror to come will not be by the hands of men.  He is telling us that the terror will not be as anything ever seen or know by mankind and it will never be know again: Daniel 12:1-4.

Isaiah 33:20

                Once again in verse 20 our Lord God goes back to speaking to His elect.  He says “look upon Zion, the city of our solemnities”.  This is the LORD speaking to His elect about our, which includes the LORD, city of solemnities.  The LORD is also telling us all the Jerusalem of Heaven will be our tabernacle forevermore: Revelation 21:3.

Isaiah 33:21

                In verse 21 the LORD continues to speak of heaven.  We see He speaks of “a place of broad rivers and streams” which is to represents the true gospel we will become part of once we are in heaven; we will all be sons of God: 1 John 3:1-2.  We are to understand that no galley with oars or ships will pass thereby because this is not truly water but, the water of the gospel: Revelation 22:1.

Isaiah 33:22

                Still speaking only of His own the LORD says “for the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our King; He will save us”.  All of us who are elect of God find unrelenting comfort in the word of the LORD.  As we examine ourselves through the word of God we find in situation after situation our salvation is continually reaffirmed: Psalms 35 and 62.

Isaiah 33:23-24

                Verse 23 is telling of a great ship that is crippled.  It could not remain afloat and consequently the prey of a great spoil was divided.  This is an analogy speaking of this world.  On May 21, 2011 the ship, this world, will sink.  The lame that take the prey are the elect of God and the prey are the lost.  We are not literally taking anything but, because we bought the true gospel to the lost who would not accept it and consequently they went down with the ship we are being credited with the prey.


                Verse 24 validates that those lame spoken of in verse 23 are the elect of God.  In verse 24 we read “and the inhabitant shall not say I am sick:” the inhabitants are the elect of God.  The verse continues with “the people that dwell therein” the inhabitants “shall be forgiven their iniquity” and we know only those elect of God are forgiven their iniquity.

[1] Adam When?, by Harold Camping, 1-800-543-1495, ,

[2] WE ARE ALMOST THERE, by Harold Camping, 1-800-543-1495,



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beccabishop | Mon Nov 08, 2010, 21:11

Ummm, it is written in the bible that we will not know the day nor the hour when Christ comes. 

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