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Isaiah 32

A Review of Isaiah 32
by Keith E Gardner
Always using the King James Bible


Isaiah 32 is another chapter in which the LORD gives us clear delineation between His elect and all those of the world who desire it their way.  Our Lord God speaks plainly to all who have ears – spiritual ears – that we will know His will.

Isaiah 32:1-4

The first four verses of this chapter are speaking about the elect of God from the start of Judgment Day and continuing throughout eternity.  Verse 1 speaks of the new earth where the LORD will “reign in righteousness” and all of His elect “shall rule in judgment”: 2 Peter 3:10-13.

Verse 2 speaks of the elect of God as our Godhead will make us all “… a covert from the tempest; as rivers of water in a dry place, as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land”.  Who can know the future plans of God for all His elect? However, reading this verse we can know our Lord God does have a plan for each of His elect; we all have a purpose in eternity future.

Verses 3 and 4 are speaking of all the elect of God as He will empower us all to do His will.  He will grant unto us all wisdom, understanding and knowledge then He will guide us all as we go forth doing His will throughout eternity: Proverbs 2:3-11.

Isaiah 32:5-6

In verses 5 and 6 the LORD is speaking about the leaders of the lost.  All who are not elect of God are vile and churl in the site of God: Psalms 58:3.  In this day, if we look intently, we can see the fulfillment of verse 6.  For many pastors outwardly do the things that are not right in the sight of God.  Unfortunately they all persist in what they do going forth to “… utter error against the LORD, to make empty the soul of the hungry”.  This is done via the false teachings of the churches and it “… will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail”.  The drink of the thirsty in this scenario is the satisfaction of those who think they seek God.  However they are not drinking the water of the true gospel of the Christ, but the false teachings of the churches therefore the drink of these thirsty will fail.  Because we know all who are called and chosen of God will come to God, Matthew 9:9, we can know that all those in the churches are born to be lost for they can not hear the LORD speak: John 8:42- 45.

Isaiah 32:7

Verse 7 makes plain the target of our Lord God’s distain.  The LORD says they work through “… lying words, even when the needy speaketh right”.  We know this is true as anyone who attends a church and disputes in anyway the false doctrines of that church they will find themselves asked to leave or be excommunicated very quickly.

Isaiah 32:8

Liberal, in this verse and throughout the Bible, is a term used only to refer to those elect of God.  We can know this from Proverbs 11:25.

Isaiah 32:9

We know very often in the Bible our Lord God refers to all mankind as women; Isaiah 4:1 and Matthew 25:1-12 are a couple of examples.  However the LORD here is defining further which women of the two types He is referring to.  He says “ye women that are at ease; hear my voice, ye careless daughters” which is a reference to the lost.  Our Lord God desires that all the lost “give ear unto my speech”.  This is because all those who will not hear, their damnation will be enhanced; their part of the last 153 days will be greater.  From all we can know in the Bible it is only the lost who will not hear.

Isaiah 32:10

The LORD here is telling the lost of this world – those who refuse to accept Him as savior or modify His word to suit themselves – they shall be troubled.  For the careless women here are those of the churches who desire their own salvation plans; salvation plans in which it is their contribution that will determine their fate.  The LORD says “… the vintage shall fail, the gathering shall not come”.  This is our Lord God referring to the gathering of all the people found in the churches.  He says “the gathering shall not come” as on May 21, 2011 they will not be gathered as the LORD gathers all His elect.

Isaiah 32:11

In this verse our Lord God is speaking of the churches.  He is telling them they should not be at ease but, they should be troubled.  They should be troubled for what is about to befall them as it is actually a terror beyond their comprehension.  “Strip you, and make you bare, and grid sack cloth upon your loins” is our Lord God telling those of the churches to humble themselves before Him and beg His forgiveness for their flippant approach to His truth.  For the time of torment is drawing nearer; consequently the time for their repentance is growing shorter.

Isaiah 32:12-13

In verses 12 and 13 the LORD is telling of the anguish to come unto all those who will be left on earth during the judgment.

Isaiah 32:14

Verse 14 is speaking of those days following May 21, 2011 on until October 21, 2011.  The verse says “… the palaces shall be forsaken” and this is so because God will forsake the entire world once He has taken His elect.  “The multitude of the city shall be left” is our Lord God telling us the number of His elect will be relatively small leaving the vast majority of the world behind.  The verse closes with our Lord God giving His perception of all those who are left.  His reference to forever is a reference to the end of time which will be October 21, 2011.

Isaiah 32:15

“Until the spirit be poured upon us from on high, and the wilderness be a fruitful field” is the LORD choosing all of His from amongst the mass of this world.  By the beginning of Judgment Day – May 21, 2011 – the LORD will have chosen all of His elect.  Beginning May 21, 2011 and going until October 21, 2011 the LORD will view this fruitful field as a forest.  A forest because at this time there will be none who will know the LORD on earth.

Isaiah 32:16

“Then judgment shall dwell in the wilderness” is the LORD telling us of His judgment to come on this world.  “Righteousness remain in the fruitful field” is the elect of God who will be with the Christ always and forevermore in the new earth where righteousness will reign.

Isaiah 32:17-18

In verses 17 and 18 the LORD is speaking of all those whom He has taken to Himself.

Isaiah 32:19

Verse 19 is telling of the turmoil on earth while those elect of God are in the peace of heaven.

Isaiah 32:20

Our Lord God says blessed are all who take the true gospel of God unto the world that He may complete His harvest of this world.  That the ox and the ass - all those called and soon to be chosen – will hear His word that He may bring in His harvest.

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