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Isaiah 30

A Review of Isaiah 30
by Keith E Gardner
Always using the King James Bible


While searching the Bible I was reminded of a very poignant fact; the LORD is a jealous God.Our Lord God is so jealous until one of His many names is Jealous: Exodus 34:14.  This knowledge has made it more compelling than ever to get His truth to the world.  Who can know? Maybe before May 21, 2011 many will repent and the LORD will have mercy on them; many who are not among His elect.

Isaiah 30:1

These are all those of the churches.  Our Lord God perceives them as “rebellious children” because as He tells them constantly of their errors through His word, which all the churches have, they will not hear.  The LORD continues as He tells us “… they take council, but not of me” as they desire to hear the empty ravings of tyrants – pastors – who aren’t really tyrants, but merely puppets telling the congregations what they desire to hear for reward: Isaiah 30:8-13.  These people “… cover with a covering, but not of my spirit” says the LORD.  As the LORD has established this world there are only two spirits that will have dominion over a man.  Every man must be of one or the other; the spirit of the LORD or the spirit of evil: 1 Corinthians 3:16 and Revelation 16:13-14.  There is no other avenue for a man.  The verse continues with “… that they may add sin to sin”.  This is to say those in the churches are not elect of God so our Lord God in not covering them.  Therefore all of their sins are exposed before God the Father who cannot tolerate sin.  To worsen their plight they are members of congregations where the Word of God is twisted to support their own desires.  This is the sin added to their sins all of which they will atone for during the Day of Judgment.

Isaiah 30:2

When the children of Israel went down to Egypt they were not listening to The LORD: Jeremiah 42:11-19.  They wanted to walk in their own way just as those in the churches choose to do.  They sought strength and support, but not of the LORD.

Isaiah 30:3

Consequent to the trust people put in their own beliefs, which are not of God; turmoil will befall their lives as our Lord God will not support them in doing their own will: Jeremiah 42:16-19.

Isaiah 30:4-5

In verse 4 we see the LORD is focusing our attention on Egypt – the world – as He speaks of Zoan and Hanes which were two cities in biblical Egypt.  The Israel of this world – the church – has become a shame and a reproach to the rest of the world.  This will be most evident during Judgment Day; the last 153 days of earths’ existence.  At this time many will ask of the pastors and congregations “what happened to you?” as they will remain in the mist of the kayos and the confusion the death and the dying.  This is their plight, a consequence of the blind leading the blind: Matthew 15:13-14.

Isaiah 30:6

The LORD will send evil spirits – the beasts of the south – unto Israel or the church of today.  These evil spirits will enhance the trouble and anguish experienced by the church our Lord God left on May 21, 1988 to Satan.[1]  The church today is “the land of trouble and anguish” as it has been left under the care of the terrible one.  As the verse continues we see “… from whence come the young and old lion, the viper and the fiery flying serpent” which is God characterizing those who remain in the churches.  They will take their riches – their gospels – unto the world on the shoulders of their young; the Sunday afternoon door to door ministries, their prison ministries, breakfast mission ministries etc.  They also take “their treasures upon bunches of camels to a people that shall not profit them”.  The camels, unclean animals, represent the church leaders who go forth preaching of prosperity in their attempt to lure people in.  As we read these verses we must relate everything we read to other verses in the Bible.  This is the only way to truly understand what is written in the Bible.  Following this logic we can know, from other verses in the Bible, asses and camels are unclean animals and they are very often used by God to represent the lost.  In Exodus 34:14-20 with special emphasis on verse 20 we see our Lord God as He looks upon the unclean ass as lost.  We see the redemption for this ass is made with a lamb; one elect of God.  This is analogous to the lost who will learn and accept all the truth the LORD will give them that He will have mercy on them in their end.  However, those asses whose necks are broken are all the non-elect who refuse to hear the word of the LORD and will therefore pay their debt during Judgment Day.  We also have the camels for which we can go to Genesis 24:14-20.  Looking at these verses we can see as Rebecca provides water for the camels she represents the elect of God taking the water of the gospel to the lost.  The unclean camels here represent unsaved mankind; mankind before they are called and chosen.  This states the spiritual condition of the camel, unsaved mankind, is lost.  All men, excepting a very few, are born lost.  As Rebecca, the elect of God, bring the gospel only those called and chosen of God will hear it; only those touched by it will humble themselves before it.  Everyone else will simply add sin to sin.  There will be very few who are not elect of God that will humble themselves before His word.

Isaiah 30:7

The Egyptians in this verse represent all the people of the world.  They will be joined with those of the churches – Revelation 16:14 – however, it will be for naught as no one and nothing can withstand God: Proverbs 1:24-32.  Our Lord God reminds mankind their strength is to sit still but, they would not.

Isaiah 30:8

We see in this verse our Lord God is recording this in the Bible through Isaiah.  He desires it recorded “that it may be for the time to come for ever and ever”.  At the time of the Great Tribulation that time came and it will be forever and ever as it will continue until October 21, 2011; the end of time which marks forever.  This is the reason the LORD speaks of hell fire – the culmination of Judgment Day – as being forever.

Isaiah 30:9

The “rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the LORD” are all those who want their own way.  They are those who choose and worship other gods; gods of their own design.  This is anyone who worships a god in a church for this cannot be the one true God of Heaven.  They, therefore, are worshiping their own god and unfortunately their god is and will be powerless to assist them in the end: Jeremiah 2:28.

Isaiah 30:10

This is and always has been the desire and motivation of every church as they pick their pastors and the congregation members as they pick their religions.  They pick and stay on those that are more suited to them.  Could this possibly be the God of the Bible, follow me if you like me? They will not continue to attend a church that is closer to truth than they desire to accept.  Although no church teaches the truth all congregations seek only those things that are pleasing to them.  Therefore “they say to the seers, see not: and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits”: Jeremiah 14:14.

Isaiah 30:11

The congregations do not want to hear the truth of the LORD as His truth is as salt in a womb to the vast majority of the world.  Consequently they feel “get you out of the way, turn aside out of the path, cause the Holy One of Israel to cease from before us:” Jeremiah 18:11-12.

Isaiah 30:12-13

In verses 12 and 13 we see our Lord God has begun to withdraw His mercy as He says in verse 12 “… because ye despise this word, and trust in oppression and perverseness, and stay thereon:”.  The oppression is the refusal of the world to hear the word of the LORD while the perverseness in that of the church as they have taken the oppression to the next level.  In the churches they have their own gospels and subsequently their own salvation plans but, it is all for naught: John 14:6. 

The LORD sees their iniquity and in verse 13 He says “… this iniquity shall be to you as a breach ready to fall, swelling out in a high wall, whose breaking cometh suddenly at an instant.”  The breaking that shall come suddenly at an instant is Judgment Day.  They will all be faced with payment for their iniquity beginning on that day and continuing for as many of the 152 days to follow as our Lord God demands; these are the final 5 months.[2] 

Isaiah 30:14

Verse 14 is telling us that the LORD will destroy totally and completely.  On the 153rd Day of Judgment our Lord God will destroy everything and it will be as though it never was: Revelation 21:4.

Isaiah 30:15-16

Once again we see in verse 15 the world desires it their way.  They characteristically will not hear the word of the LORD.  As it is stated in Isaiah 30:10-11 every man desires to run in his own way with no regard for the truth of the LORD.  Therefore in verse 16 we see our Lord God will not shield those who seek their own way: 1 Peter 2:6-8.  They are at every risk there is as the LORD may even remove their common sense to avoid danger.

Isaiah 30:17

In verse 17 we see our Lord God telling those who will not follow in His way that He will run contrary to them.  The LORD is painting a picture of a people who will be able to accomplish nothing.  Anything they attempt will result in failure.  As the LORD says they will “be left as a beacon upon the top of a mountain, and as an ensign on a hill”.  This is evident today as men, many among the very brightest, attempt to correct countless problems and they seem only to worsen.  One good example is the automobile.  It’s needed by nearly everyone everywhere but, it’s destroying the atmosphere.  Also, consequent to our need and use of fossil fuels in nearly every aspect of our lives we are destroying the land, water and the air.  As though this was not enough we have major universities around this country along with other laboratories experimenting with the faster proliferation of animal stock coupled with growth hormones to make them larger.  All these chemicals trickle down into the people who eat the meat of these animals and the consequence is an explosion in diseases, both new and old, and a general depreciation in the health of societies worldwide.

Isaiah 30:18

“The LORD is a God of judgment: bless are all they that wait for Him.”  However only those who are elect of God will wait for Him.  We are a people who want all what we want: right now.  For the vast majority of us waiting for anything is difficult so, rather than waiting for the LORD churches have devised their own “do it yourself” salvation programs.  Rather than waiting for the LORD fertility clinics have devised ways to attempt to force the hand of God.  Although our Lord God still determines if and when a child is conceived we very often see 2, 3 and even more babies born at once as a consequence of fertility treatments.  Is this a blessing, or has it been foreseen by the LORD and allowed to assure the arrival of mankind at the predetermined number by the predetermined time?

Isaiah 30:19-21

Beginning in verse 18 and continuing through verse 26 the LORD is speaking of His elect.  The setting is May 21, 2011 and beyond but, we must remember, when we leave this earth time cease and all things that exist will exist outside of time.  With these facts stated let us look at what shall be.  In verse 19 the LORD says “for the people shall dwell in Zion at Jerusalem“.  Zion and Jerusalem spoken of here are the new heaven and the new earth.  “…thou shalt weep no more” is saying our Lord God will wipe away all tears; all the memories of this earth.  The last part of this verse is explaining the care our Lord God will show unto us.

In verse 20 the LORD begins speaking about the “bread of adversity and the water of affliction” we experience in this life.  Much of the negativity we will experience is merely a consequence of our being here with the lost.  We must endure much of what is to befall them by virtue of being in the same place.  However, in the life to come it will not be so.  The LORD says “yet shall not thy teachers be removed into a corner any more, but thine eyes shall see thy teachers”.  By His use of the phrase any more our Lord God is telling us that in heaven we will see the Godhead face to face and our eyes will meet His.

In verse 21 the LORD is telling us He will teach us and we will learn His ways.  We will learn to walk circumspect before our Godhead.

Isaiah 30:22

In verse 22 our Lord God has gone back to speaking about us here in this life.  This we can be sure of because in heaven there will never be even the illusion of a graven image.  Therefore as the LORD speaks of the casting away of such a thing it implies we have them amongst us.  This will not be so in heaven.  There will not even be such a memory in heaven: Revelation 21:4.  The LORD says “thou shalt say unto it, Get thee hence” and that would only be said by the elect of God here and now on this earth; referring to the multitude of thing that misdirect mankind.

Isaiah 30:23

Verse 23 is explaining the spreading of the gospel throughout the world.  The LORD will “give the rain of thy seed”.  This is the work of our Lord God as He touches the hearts of all those whom He has sent His elect to minister unto.  They are all called but, our Lord God will choose from amongst them all whom He had chosen before the foundation of the world.  These are the “bread of the increase of the earth”.  Reading Luke 8:5-8 we see the reiteration of exactly what is expressed here.

Isaiah 30:24

The oxen and the young asses mentioned here are among the “bread of the increase of the earth”.  They were all called and they will be chosen by May 21, 2011.  The clean provender they shall eat is the “true” word of God and as they are called they will be chosen. 

Isaiah 30:25

“The day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall” is Judgment Day.  On that day everything on this earth will be in disarray.  There will be no high mountains or high hills as everything above ground will be flat and everything below ground will be raised: Zephaniah 1:10 and John 5:28-29.  However, the mention of “every high mountain, and upon every high hill, rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter” is not speaking of this earth.  The rivers and streams of water are the gospel and there will be no gospel on this earth during Judgment Day.  All those our Lord God has qualified to bring the gospel are gone.  Therefore these high mountains and high hills are not on this earth but, the new earth created with the new heaven where the Godhead will reign forever: Revelation 21:1-4.

Isaiah 30:26

On May 21, 2011 our Lord God will take all of His elect from this world.  On that day all of us taken will be in His presence and He will be the great light.  He is the prefect completeness, the alpha and the omega for us all.  The elect of God are His people and our breach with the stroke of our wound is our earthly body.  The LORD will heal this infirmity when He gives us our heavenly bodies on May 21, 2011.

Isaiah 30:27

Our LORD comes “burning with His anger, and the burden thereof is heavy”.  This is the LORD as He makes His second appearance on earth.  This time He will not come physically because He is not coming as the savior, but as the judge.  His burden for the world, all the non-elect, is the punishment of hell; the last 153 days of the earth’s existence.  The LORD is angry with the people of this world as they have repeatedly sought their own means of salvation – Isaiah 4:1 – telling our Lord God constantly they will do it their way: Isaiah 30:9-11.  Therefore toward this people His lips shall be full of indignation and His tongue as a devouring fire.  The lips and tongue of our Lord God are His word and the devouring fire is the consequence of His word unto a people who refuse to hear Him.  Therefore it is a torment they, all the non-elect left here for their part of the last 153 days, will endure.

Isaiah 30:28

All those who will not hear the word of the LORD shall be further blinded.  Our Lord God will put “a bridle in the jaws of the people, causing them to err”.  The LORD is preparing all those who are lost for the judgment.  He is allowing them all to be as bad as they will be that they will have earned their part of the last 153 days: Isaiah 30:12-15.

In Isaiah 59:1-15 we can see mankind as we would be if God completely removed His hand.  Without the intervention of the LORD men would quickly destroy one another.  However, for the elect’s sake, God has shortened the days – the days for His elect on this earth – that before He completely removes His hand of righteousness He will remove His elect from this world.  Consequently these verses are telling us of the state of man without God beginning May 21, 2011.

Isaiah 30:29

In this verse our Lord God is still speaking of the lost.  Notice He opens the verse with “ye shall have a song, as in the night when a holy solemnity is kept”.  This is the LORD speaking of the false worship of the lost.  Our Lord God continues to the end of this verse speaking of those who are lost and their false worship.  Paying strict attention to the wording of the verse you will notice our Lord God uses the word as.  This is to say it is not real but, incredibly pretentious.

Isaiah 30:30

Now the Lord brings “the indignation of His anger”.  His fury has been unleashed upon all who are on this earth – only the non-elect will be present – as they will know the wrath of the LORD.

Isaiah 30:31

The “voice of the LORD” is the elect of God as we bring the Bible to the world. The Assyrian here are all the enemies of God; those who believe as they desire.  They smote with a rod as they snub and ignore the truth of God.

Isaiah 30:32

In verses 31 and 32 the LORD has gone back to speaking of His elect on this earth and our confrontation with the world.  “And in every place where the grounded staff shall pass” is a reference to the elect of God.  The LORD is sending His forth unto this world with the gospel; “with tabrets and harps”.  “In battles of shaking will he fight with it” is a reference to the elect of God as we go forth fighting with His word.

Isaiah 30:33

“Yea for the king it is prepared; this king is Satan.  “He hath made it deep and large” is a reference to our Lord Gods’ preparation for Satan’s final end.  “The pile thereof is fire and much wood; the breath of the LORD, like a stream of brimstone, doth kindle it.”   This is our Lord God preparing Satan’s final end.  Satan will be burned alive until he and all there is shall be no more.  Satan is the only being that will not be dead when the LORD ends Judgment Day on October 21, 2011.  Satan, however, will be burned alive on that last day.  Revelation 19:20 is telling us that for all his endeavors Satan will be burned alive.  It will not be literally forever and ever but, it will end in the final destruction of this world and the universe: Revelation 20:10.

[1] Time Has An End, Harold Camping / Family Radio, Pg. 403,, 1-800-543-1495

[2] We Are Almost There, Harold Camping / Family Radio, Pg. 58,, 1-800-543-1495

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