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Isaiah 29

A Review of Isaiah 29
by Keith E Gardner
Always using the King James Bible


In this chapter of Isaiah and throughout the entire Bible we must read the verses carefully to recognize how our Lord God is using every expression.  Paying strict attention we can see the LORD uses the expression Ariel when He speaks of both those in the churches and His elect.  These two distinctly diverse groups are both referred to by the LORD as Ariel, Jerusalem and the church.  The LORD makes it obvious to which group He is referring by what is said.  If you follow this line of reasoning through the entire Bible you will not be lead astray.   

Isaiah 29:1

Woe to Ariel” – in this context Ariel and Jerusalem are the same – for it is a city our God sees in all its’ sin; it is a picture of the church.  Our God does not view Ariel – the city which is called by His name – through the Christ but He sees Ariel as it is and no one can stand before our Omnipotent God without the covering of the Christ.  Therefore “Woe to Ariel” as they “kill sacrifices” – which were analogous to paying tithes – unto gods that were not God.

Isaiah 29:2

We must recognize Ariel is simply another name for Jerusalem and Jerusalem, in this context, is a representation of the New Testament church.  God makes His intensions toward the church clear as He speaks of the distress, heaviness and sorrow that He has in store for them.  In the final portion of this verse the LORD says “and it shall be unto me as Ariel”.  This is to say again the church does not have the covering of the Christ.  Therefore as God looks upon it He will see it in all its sin.  Our God can not stand to look upon sin and this will culminate in the destruction of the church and the entire world at the end of the Day of Judgment.

Isaiah 29:3

The churches have established their position making the LORD their adversary.  Consequently with the beginning of the Great Tribulation on May 21, 1988 the LORD left the churches and passed dominion over to Satan.  With Satan ruling in the churches the Godhead has camped round about against Satan and the churches.   This is evident as God has and is blessing His elect with the understanding to speak of what is going on.  Our Lord God will lay siege against the churches with a mount is the LORD granting wisdom to His elect.  Meaning all of Gods elect who remain in the churches will know they must get out and spread our Fathers’ true word.  The LORD will raise forts against Satan and his church.  These forts are the knowledge our Lord God gives unto all of His elect.  That we will all know the end is near and just as our Lord God sent His apostles to spread His word throughout the world in Matthew 10:5-8, He now sends us.

Isaiah 29:4

In verse 2 the LORD says “I will distress Ariel” and in verse 3 we see our Lord God will “lay siege against thee” where thee is Ariel.  In verse 4 the LORD has begun the destruction of Ariel and He is using Jerusalem as a picture which, in this context, is the New Testament church.  The final destruction spoken of in verse 4 will occur during Judgment Day.  All of those who remain on earth will be those who are not elect of God and they will be dyeing every moment.  The low speech out of the ground is the speech of all those of Jerusalem and Judah, the church and the world, which have been killed.  The dead speaking here is parabolic just as in Luke 16:22-31.

Isaiah 29:5

The “multitude of thy strangers” are all the non-elect of this world including the members of all the churches: Matthew 7:21-23.  This verse continues with “… the multitude of the terrible ones” who are Satan and all his demons verified in this very chapter.  In verse 20 of this chapter we see God uses the expression “terrible one” and this is a reference to Satan.  Coming back to verse 5 we see our Lord God closes the verse telling us that Judgment Day shall come “at an instant suddenly”.  We see this reiterated many times throughout the Bible as it is in 1Thessaloninas 5:3.

Isaiah 29:6

This verse speaks of the occurrences of the first day of Judgment Day – May 21, 2011 – as the earth will see a day as there had never been before.  The extraordinary worldwide earthquake that will occur will set off nuclear plants – these plants are everywhere throughout our country and the world used to generate electricity and develop weaponry – fires, destroyed dams and even a lot of mankind’s own weaponry will be set off.  Although much of what will occur at this time will generate fires as well as floods the “flame of devouring fire” spoken of in this verse will occur on October 21, 2011 and it will mark the complete destruction of this world and the entire solar system: Isaiah 1:28 and 2 Peter 3:10.  It is unknown how long the earthquake will last or how it will progress but we can be sure it will not last more than one day.  After May 21, 2011 there will be another 152 days such as none before them.  The 153 days total constitute Judgment Day.  After these 153 days everything and everyone will be no more.  Those who remain alive after the first Day of Judgment day will be sick, injured or more likely both however, they will not die until they have paid their sin debt as then and only then will the LORD afford them a pardon from His wrath.  We must remember always that God is in control and only what He wills or allows will occur.  In Zephaniah 1:2-3 we see that our Lord God will destroy this world.

May people say “this is my life” however, it is not your life.  This is part of the reason for the extraordinary punishment of the last 153 days.  Men feel they are their own masters however, God tells us constantly through His word that we are in control of nothing He gives all and He takes all away: Psalms 44:3.  This should be further motivation for all those in the churches to look closely at their “do it yourself” gospels.

Isaiah 29:7-8

Here we see a strange thing.  Our Lord God thus far has used the term Ariel to refer to Jerusalem which represents the New Testament church.  Ah, but now we see the LORD as He refers to Ariel in a totally opposing way: “… the multitude of all the nations that fight against her”.  This is clearly not the Jerusalem, the church, the LORD spoke of earlier telling us the church suffered with the nations of the world.  Therefore we can know the Ariel our Lord God speaks of here is the Jerusalem of God or His elect.  God tells us that although they fight against her “they shall be as a dream of a night vision” meaning our Lord God will take care of it all.  In time, on May 21, 2011, the LORD will bring judgment unto this world and in Isaiah 30:8-15 He tells us why.  In verse 8 we see our Lord God gives us two scenarios telling us of the futility of the actions of all those who rise up against Him. Reading these verses we can see that all those who stand against Ariel or the mount Zion of our Lord God are standing against the LORD.

Isaiah 29:9

In verse 9 the LORD goes back to speaking about Jerusalem of today: the church.  He tells us “… they are drunken, but not with wine; they stagger, but not with string drink”.  This is the plight of the church; it is the condition of Jerusalem today.

Isaiah 29:10

In verse 10 we see the LORD has “… poured out upon you the spirit of deep sleep” where you represents the churches.  This is clearly the church as it is in the church where you will find prophets and the pastors there are the rulers.  All those who profess to dream – the seers – “He has covered”.  These people have another gospel as the LORD is no longer in the church.  These people are all those who hold the “strange slips” spoken of in Isaiah 17:10.  The LORD speaks of their teachings as strange because it is not the gospel of the Bible.  Unfortunately they have and will continue to bring their children – the “pleasant plants” – up in gospels – the “strange slips” – which are not the gospel of the Bible.

Isaiah 29:11-12

In verses 11 and 12 our Lord God is reiterating what He explained in verse 10.  He is giving us further explanation of His power to give unto whomever He desires the ability to comprehend His word and His will.  Everyone who will not accept the word of the LORD will be left in darkness to flounder on their own.  This explains the multitude of false doctrines that are flourishing everywhere you look.  However, because the LORD is a truly gracious God I do believe He will have mercy on all those who are not elect of Him.  If they will humble themselves before Him and beg His mercy as Ahab did in 1 Kings 21:25-29 I believe God will allow them to know a portion of His truth and leave this world in a more humane and honorable way.

Isaiah 29:13

This verse is telling us that the God of all knows our hearts.  Regardless of outward appearances the LORD knows us in ways we do not know ourselves.  The innermost and deepest thoughts of a man are known to the God of Heaven even before they are fully comprehended by that man: Hebrews 4:12.  So the outward showing of religiosity that is inherent to all the false doctrines of the churches mean nothing to the LORD.

Isaiah 29:14

The “marvelous work and a wonder” the LORD will perform will be upon all those who are in the churches.  Our Lord God will remove the wisdom of His word from the wise in the churches and He will hide the understanding of the prudent.  This is one of the many consequences of the LORD leaving the church.  The church has become the “synagogue of Satan” as we read in Revelation 3:7-10.  We also see in Jeremiah 7:4-20 where the LORD speaks of the temple, the house which is called by His name and even Shiloh all as pictures of the New Testament church.  God tells us that He will do unto the temple and the house which is called by His name – all the churches – as He did unto Shiloh; the first meeting place of our Lord Gods’ people was setup in Shiloh: Joshua 18:1.  With the loss of the Arch of the Covenant in 1068 BC to the Philistines at Ebenezer Shiloh began a decline from which it never recovered.  The LORD uses Shiloh several places in the Bible as an example of damnation: Jeremiah 7:12-15.  Notice Jeremiah 7:14 as in this verse our Lord God ties the church – “the house, which is called by my name” – directly to what He did unto Shiloh.

Isaiah 29:15

This verse speaks to all the charlatans of this world who profess one thing but actually live another.  Those whose hearts are not at all right in the sight of God.  This is every man unless or until he is chosen of God.  Since the fall of Adam and Eve every man, except a very few God saved in the womb, is born a charlatan.  Therefore unless God has saved us, as we cannot save ourselves, we will die under the wrath of All Mighty God; the most incomprehensibly horrible place to be.

All men attempt to hide their dirt from plain sight.  It is something that is simply innate to mankind.  We are just “wired” that way and it requires very little, if any, prodding to manifest: 2 Samuel 11:1-27. 

Isaiah 29:16

The LORD is telling us in this verse that He knows all things.  He is the one true architect of everything and no one can hide anything from the LORD: 2 Kings 5:20-27.  Notice also in 2 Kings 5:27 as the curse is pronounced on Gehazi and his family Elijah says “The leprosy of Naaman shall cleave unto thee, and unto thy seed forever”.  It’s obvious that Gehazi’s blood line died out quickly as no one, excepting possibly another leper, would have a leper.  So we can be fairly sure his family line died off however, Elijah pronounced his curse upon Gehazi and his family line “forever”.  This was clearly a curse from God as it had to be sanctioned by God to occur.  Following that logic we see this is another of the Bibles multitude of examples of our Lord Gods’ use of the term forever; forever as used by the LORD actually means until the end.  Therefore just as the LORD speaks of forever in terms of the destruction of Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboim He is also speaking of the end of this world.  It will not continue in torment forever, but it and all there is of it will end in an instant and be gone forever never to be remembered or come into mind: Isaiah 65:17.  Remember, 153 days is an instant as the world will have been here for 13,023 years and the Godhead is from eternity past to eternity future.

Isaiah 29:17

Lebanon here represents the world which will blossom from the population of Isaiah’s day to the roughly seven billion of Judgment Day.  Today we see the fulfillment of the prophecy of the LORD has truly come to pass as this world has become that fruitful field.  Also, just as the LORD has said, “the fruitful field shall be esteemed as a forest”.  This is our Lord Gods assessment of this world.  It has become a forest in which His truth is obscured by the refuge of lies that were present in the seven churches of Revelation 2 & 3 and to a far greater degree permeate the religious teachings of this day.  Therefore the LORD will punish all who are not elect of Him and refuse to humble themselves before Him: Jude 11-15.

Isaiah 29:18-19

In verse 18 our Lord God is telling us of the great harvest of souls occurring today.  Throughout the entire tribulation period – May 21, 1988 to May 21, 2011 – there has been, and will continue until its end, the salvation of millions of people.  Today is “that day” when God is saving the vast majority of all who ever were to be saved.  We know this because from Adam to the Christ was the generation of Satan; relatively few would have been saved at this time.  During this time Satan and his demons were allowed to possess many people: Matthew 4:23-24.  However today is the generation of the Christ and there are few, if any, true possessions known.   The generation of the Christ began with Jesus death on the cross and will continue until the end of the Tribulation Period.

Isaiah 29:20

The “terrible one” mentioned in this verse is Satan and he is bought to naught as he is destroyed on October 21, 2011.  The scorners are the church members who rebuke and scorn the true word of God in favor of their own “do it yourself” gospels.  Those “that watch for iniquity” are all those of the world who are not elect of God but, are not members of any religious organization.

Isaiah 29:21

That make a man an offender for a word” is referring to the church leaders who teach lies to all who will listen.  … and lay a snare for him that reproveth in the gate …” is speaking to the distain of the churches for all the elect of God.  The churches see the truth of the Bible as an affront.  Consequently they see all who bring the true gospel as one they will “lay a snare” for, if possible.  The last phrase in the verse reads “…and turn aside the just for a thing of nought” is referring to the primary motivation for all the actions of the church: money.  The churches will tell their congregations whatever they want to hear for money; it is the “thing of noutht” that motivates all the churches.  However, one who is just is one who is elect of God and such a one can not be turned aside by anything as we are told in Matthew 24:24.

Isaiah 29:22-23

The LORD draws our attention from the lost of the world in verse 22.  In verse 23 our Lord God has brought all of His elect to heaven where we will sanctify His holy name for He is the Holy One of Jacob and we shall fear our Godhead always and forevermore.  However, this fear will not be the fear as motivated by a viscous tyrant ruler.  It will actually be reverence, respect and admiration which are far less than that which is due the Godhead.  Unfortunately because we are unable to do any more than serve Him we will all serve Him perfectly.

Isaiah 29:24

The LORD will make all of His to know and understand His word; as there will be some who are saved in the last days and they could possibly know as little of God as the thief on the cross: Luke 23: 32-43.


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