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Isaiah 28

A Review of Isaiah 28
by Keith E Gardner
Always using the King James Bible


Isaiah 28 is, as a large portion of the Bible is, speaking of the judgment to come.  Even more importantly it is speaking of the reason for judgment.  In this writing I will attempt to make clear what is being said however, because the LORD speaks parabolically throughout most of this chapter I must clarify several issues before I continue.

The LORD is speaking about us and now so, His use of Ephraim is symbolic as it is a representation of the world today.  This symbolic or parabolic use of an expression is extended to include Jerusalem which is a reference to the churches while references to Judah are our Lord God referring to the world.  Zion here also has a parabolic meaning and it is referring to heaven and the gathering of the elect of God.  Mount Perazim and Gibeon are not used parabolically here.  They are simply times and locations the LORD is using to express the point that just as He did then and there He can and will do again.  Just as His actions were against the non-elect then they will be once again.  We can know that the destruction spoken of in Isaiah 28:21-22 could not relate to the world of Isaiah’s day since the world is still here today and the destruction described is final and complete.

Please read this paper in conjunction with your Bible.  Study it and do not hesitate to send me an email if you have any questions.

Isaiah 28:1

Those who wear the crown of pride are as drunkards as they are unable to discern from our Heavenly Fathers word what is about to befall them: Daniel 5:1-6 and 5:22-28.

Isaiah 28:2

As we view this verse we begin to realize the mighty and strong one spoken of is not the LORD.  It is the will of our Lord God – expressed by the hand – to cast down to the earth a mighty and strong one.  To cast down one who is coming as a tempest of hail and a destroying storm and as a flood of mighty waters overflowing.  Our Lord God will cast Satan, the destroyer of Jeremiah 4:7, down to the earth to destroy the Gentiles who are all those not elect of God: Revelation 6:8.  This is the will of our Lord God.  He will use Satan to destroy all those who are not elect of Him focusing the sincerest of His fury on those who will not humble themselves before Him and beg His forgiveness.

Isaiah 28:3

Our Lord God has given us relentless examples of this verse.  The crown of pride” spoken of by our Heavenly Father is the pride that is inherent to all mankind.  The most broken and destitute person still has a measure of pride that, as long as we exist in a human body, is and will be inherently a part of us.  It is one of many of the burdens that only death in soul and body or the resurrection can cure us of. 

As our LORD speaks of “the drunkards of Ephraim” He is speaking of all mankind.  It is probably difficult for our Lord God to understand the pride that men have when they really have done and can do nothing.  God must empower a man to do everything from rising in the morning to falling asleep at night and without Gods blessing no man can do anything.  So we must realize that we are all operating under the mercy of God.  Therefore every man “shall be trodden under feet” except those who are elect of God. 

What does it mean to be elect of God? This is explained clearly in Ephesians 1:4.  It is therefore impossible for anyone to go anywhere or do anything that will save him.  In the face of this verse a man can only study Gods work and pray that he might be elect of God.  Every man must always remember that elect or not God will have mercy on those who seek Him in truth; that is with all the commitment possible.

Isaiah 28:4

…the glorious beauty, which is on the head of the fat valley, shall be a fading flower …” is our Lord God telling us that time is short for this world and all there is of it.  Although this was written roughly between 740 and 701 B.C. God began to open it to our understanding on May 21, 1988.[1]  As of that time our knowledge of the word of God has grown dramatically.  As we read Gods word we now recognize the preponderance of parabolic language used throughout the Bible.  This has served to enlighten Gods elect to the true meaning of His word.  Consequently prior to May 21, 1988 those things written in Isaiah 28, as well as most of the Bible, could not be properly understood.  However at this time God has blessed all who are elect of Him with insight that we, if we study it, can know far more than ever before: Proverbs 1: 5.  …and as the hasty fruit before the summer; which when He that looketh upon it seeth, while it is yet in his hand he eateth it up” I believe is referring to our Lord God as He will swiftly bring judgment upon this world: Malachi 3:5.

Isaiah 28:5

This day is the same day spoken of in Isaiah 28:4.  It is the first day of the last 153 days of this world.[2]  The residue of His people” is a reference to those who are elect of God.  In that day our Lord God will be “for a crown of glory and for a diadem of beauty” to all His elect as He will save us from the damnation that will befall this world and all that is known to mankind.

Isaiah 28:6

In Isaiah 28:5 our Lord God spoke of His elect.  Now in verse 6 He speaks of the non-elect.  The LORD is saying here that He will be “for a spirit of judgment to him that sitteth in judgment”.  This is to say that our Lord God will judge the churches and all who are of them as they have put themselves in the position of control over their salvation: Ezekiel 34:16.  The LORD also refers to these as “them that turn the battle to the gate” because rather than fight the good fight of faith they have chosen to pursue the desires of this world.  Our Lord God speaks of these in Isaiah 28:14-18 and their ultimate end.

Isaiah 28:7

Here we see our Lord God speaking of errors in judgment made by the priest and prophets who today are the church leaders.  They stumble in judgment due to wine and strong drink.  Once again this is parabolic and is referring to their misinterpretation of Bible doctrine.  For they refuse to recognize that God spoke in parables throughout the entire Bible.  Consequent to their refusal to accept this fact they are unable to properly comprehend many Bible truths.  Therefore they attach their own understanding to a verse and it is always wrong.  The end result of this is the church leaders are “out of the way” and they continue to move further away from truth as each new lie is based on a slew of lies and all their doctrines are built one misunderstanding upon another.  For this the LORD will severely punish the church leaders and all who were exposed to His truth but preferred to accept the lie: 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.

Isaiah 28:8

This is our Lord Gods’ view of the church along with church doctrine and those who perpetuate it.  For it is not spiritual but natural and the natural man can not comprehend the spiritual matters of God: 1 Corinthians 2:11-14.

Isaiah 28:9

We see God here defines what it means to be elect of Him.  As we know He only teaches His elect therefore His elect are all those who “are weaned from the milk and drawn from the breast”.  We are all those who have been blessed with the faith of Christ: Philippians 3:8-10.

Isaiah 28:10

This is how our Lord God teaches all of His as too much at once might artificially inflate our egos therefore requiring God to send a messenger unto us to remind us that we are merely servants here to do our Fathers will: 2 Corinthians 12:6-7.

Isaiah 28:11

In this verse the LORD is speaking of those who are not elect of Him.  He is speaking of those whom He has blinded the eyes, deafened the ears and hardened the hearts of that they will not be able to discern His truth: Mark 4:11-12.

Isaiah 28:12

Our Lord God tries repeatedly to bring His truth to all mankind but none will hear.  Only those who are elect of Him are blessed with eyes to see, ears to hear and a mind able to comprehend His will.  Therefore our Lord God does unto to those who will not hear as He did unto the fig tree spoken of in Mark 11:13-14.  Drawing an analogy between the fig tree and the lost of this world we see; 1) the fig tree did not yield figs because it was not yet in season and the lost will not accept the true gospel because you must be elect of God to comprehend it, 2) Jesus curses the fig tree that it will never again produce fruit, wither away and die just as the life of the non-elect will fade and they will not live beyond this life, therefore they will experience death in soul and body.  For they will not hear nor will they ever take heed to the word of God: Jeremiah 6:16-19.

Isaiah 28:13

Here we see the anger of God has been fueled and the fire has begun to burn.  As He bought His truth to mankind constantly and they refuse Him repeatedly He has begun to reward men with the fruits of their labors: i.e. AIDS, hepatitis, herpes etc.  Only those who are elect of God will do the will of God.  However, there will be some who are not elect of God but, they will acknowledge Him accepting the Bible as it was written, they will humble themselves before Him begging His forgiveness in truth and He will have mercy on them in their end.  But, the vast majority of mankind is too proud to accept that they cannot do anything for their salvation and consequently God will have no mercy on them.  He will allow them to sink even deeper into their own beliefs moving farther away from Bible truth so when He brings His judgment on May 21, 2011 He will show no mercy unto them in their end.  This is the time spoken of in Matthew 13:47-50 when the separation between Gods’ elect and the lost will be clearly delineated.  On that day the LORD will take all of His elect from this world leaving only the lost to suffer the last five months of torment: Revelation 9:3-5.

Isaiah 28:14

Wherefore hear the word of the LORD ye scornful men” is our LORD addressing the church leaders.  We see He refers to them as scornful men and this is emphasized repeatedly in the word of our Lord God as He uses the Pharisees as an example of today’s church leaders: Luke 18:10-11.  The LORD continues in this verse “… that rule this people which is in Jerusalem”.  Studying the Bible you can see, if God has blessed you, that Jerusalem is representing the churches of today while Judah is representing the world.  In this verse Jerusalem indeed represents the churches and the people in Jerusalem are the congregations.

Isaiah 28:15

As you read the Bible you will notice the LORD frequently makes a statement and reiterates that statement in a slightly different way.  We see that once again in this verse as the LORD says “Because ye have said, we have made a covenant with death, and with hell we are at agreement;” we can know that death and hell are one in the same as similar analogies are drawn elsewhere in the Bible.  The knot is tired very tightly here by our Lord Gods’ use of the terms covenant and agreement with death and hell respectively.  We see the LORD enunciates the same thoughts in Proverbs 5:5 and several other places in the Bible.  Incidentally, the correlation between a verse in the Old Testament and a verse in the New Testament is only further proof the Godhead wrote the entire Bible; from Genesis to Revelation.  This verse continues with “… when the overflowing scourge shall pass through it shall not come unto us:” this is the belief of the churches.  They do know the LORD is coming, in spite of their refusal to acknowledge the date.  They feel they are safe from the unbridled carnage that will ensue on the day beginning our Lord Gods’ judgment and the 152 days to follow.  The verse closes with “… for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves:” which speaks to the position of every church.  Every church’s interpretation of Bible doctrine depends solely on the denomination of that church not the Bible.  Therefore every denomination has its own view of what the Bible means when a statement is made.  I am unable to comprehend how a Seven Day Adventist can view the Bible as they do, a Jehovah’s Witness view the Bible as they do, a Catholic as they do and so on but, they all believe they are saved.  Have any of them even thought to ask one simple question; how can this be?

Isaiah 28:16

The LORD is telling us in this verse that He is in Zion – the church of His elect, Psalm 9:11 – and because He is there it has a sure foundation.  He tells us that if we believe we will not fret or worry, 1 Peter 2:6, about those things He has told us will occur.

Though our Lord God has said in this verse “he that believeth” we must understand that believing is a work and we are saved through the faith of the Christ not our faith in the Christ: Ephesians 2:8-10.  To say you have faith in the Christ would constitute work on your part and no man can be justified by works.  Romans 4:2-4 states clearly the plight of the churches as there is nothing anyone can do to assure their salvation.  In Romans 4:4 we see that if you will attempt to work for your salvation then it will not be of grace but of work and you could never attain it.  Continuing in Romans 4:5-8 our Lord God makes clear the relationship between works, belief and faith actually summing it up in verse 5.  The topic of faith is one that many people are confused about so I offer Romans 11:2-8 to solidify the point that the faith of mankind is work, you can not work for salvation it is a gift, and the faith of the Christ is the gift of salvation given unto whomever God chose before the foundation of the world: Ephesians 1:4.  Once an individual is saved they can then believe through the faith of the Christ and our belief will be evident in the works we will do.

Isaiah 28:17

Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet:” is our Lord God stating that He will judge everyone fair and exact.  This is evidenced by the expression “lay to the line” and further substantiated by the expression “righteousness to the plummet” where a plummet is a plum line used to assure the construction, particularly of a foundation or wall, is perfectly level.  Given this we know the LORD will not punish anyone more or less than is required by the law, Gods law, under which we all live.  We can verify this in 2 Kings 21:11-15 as the LORD speaks in verse 13 of how He “will wipe Jerusalem as a man wipeth a dish” and we know Jerusalem, in many places in the Bible, is representative of the church and Judah the world.  The verse continues with “… and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the water shall overflow the hiding places” is referring to the judgment to come.  Our Lord God will bring His punishment unto Jerusalem or the churches making apparent to all the mass of lies the churches have been teaching throughout the tribulation period.  It is during the tribulation period that our Lord God has completely opened His word to mankind but, it is also during the tribulation period that the churches have gone further away from the truth of God.

Isaiah 28:18

This verse is clearly speaking of Judgment Day as it speaks of the “covenant with death”.  This covenant is the many theologies of the all the churches which are not consistent with the Bible.  As the covenant of each church shall be disannulled their agreement with death and hell, which are one in the same, shall not stand.  The “overflowing scourge” is Judgment Day and it shall overcome all on earth as the lost will be “trodden down by it”: Jude 14-15.

Isaiah 28:19

The world is now enduring Judgment Day.  It is the damnation described in Zephaniah up to, but not including, Zephaniah 3:9-20.  Nearly the whole book of Zephaniah is a depiction of the judgment of the LORD upon the people of this world.  As you read Zephaniah you must be aware that God is speaking parabolically and in future tense.  Notice Zephaniah 2:12 is speaking of the destruction of the Ethiopians.  Although the destruction being discussed is complete the Ethiopians are still here today.  Therefore this must be a future occurrence.  In Zephaniah 3:6 we see the LORD has desolated the world and verse 7 is further proof that men are – and will be right up to their very end – stubborn, disobedient and corrupt: Jeremiah 2:22-25.

Consequent to the nature of mankind unless he is elect of God he will not heed the command of God.  So for mankind the destruction of Judgment Day awaits when the LORD will remove the intelligence of men and replace it with confusion: Isaiah 19:7-14.

Isaiah 28:20

This will be a time of dire need as men will not have enough of anything; God will show them all the complete opposite of all He had given them before this time.  He will let those who were discontented and desired more, which is nearly all mankind, truly see what it is like to have less than nothing.  They will truly need – not simply want more or better – food, clothing and shelter.

Isaiah 28:21

The LORD was victorious through king David in mount Perazim over the Philistines and through Joshua over Gibeon.  In this day the LORD will also do a mighty work that will be strange to this world as He will bring punishment unto those of this world.  They will not comprehend His act as those in the churches will feel it is unfair and those of the world will be completely bewildered.

Isaiah 28:22

The people of this day are being warned to take what they are learning seriously.  For if they do not they will be assigned a larger part of, more days during, the judgment to come.  As there will be nothing under the control of man, not even his own demise, during the Day of Judgment.  Just as each day turns to night and each night to day the conditions will worsen and I don’t believe any man will be allowed to take his own life before he has paid to God the torment that is due: Revelation 17:17.  Put simply this verse is telling us, as we should already know, all things are and will proceed as God has preordained them.  No man will cut his torment shorter than God has determined it will be.  At this time torment is the will of God for all those who remain on earth: Revelation 9:5-6.  It is clear to me that one who is dammed will deal with the torment of damnation until God has determined he has had enough.

Isaiah 28:23-27

In verse 23 we are admonished to listen that we might understand.  The answers to all the questions posed in verses 24 thru 26 are yes.  In verse 27 we can see all things will be exactly as they should be.

Isaiah 28:28

We can draw a prefect analogy between the “wild grapes” of Isaiah 5:2 and the “bread corn” spoken of in Isaiah 28:28.  The bread corn represents the non-elect.  The LORD “will not ever be threshing it, nor break it with the wheel of His cart, nor bruise it with His horsemen” is to say that these are lost.  The LORD will do nothing for these as expressed in Isaiah 5:5-7 for they are allowed to go without correction as they will not accept correction: Isaiah 1:2-5 and Jeremiah 2:30-31.  Therefore our Lord God is leaving them until Judgment Day then they will be dealt with: Matthew 13:24-30.

Isaiah 28:29

Our Most High God is gracious, glorious and most magnificent always and in all things.  He is due more praise, honor, glory and adoration than has ever been or could ever be lifted up to Him.

[1] Time Has An End, Harold Camping, Page 403,, 1-800-543-1495

[2] We Are Almost There, Harold Camping, Page 48,, 1800-543-1495






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