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Who Gives Kudos:



Why there is no difference between a Christian or Atheist

And with that valid statement comes all of the uncountable religions of man scattered all over this world that are all right in their own beliefs with all the others being wrong when in truth by the words of God they have all been deceived; and with that fact their own human spirit with wisdom far outweighs the wisdom of God who gave them the spirit of man at creation, so they all just believe themselves rather than what God says with no confusion within His words that we as believers have been commanded to live by with trust in only Him while never having any confidence in man.



See this link below for a list with many of man’s religions that are all wrong in beliefs and actions including Christianity because there is much more than just belief in God and Jesus Christ for any who want to become worthy of His kingdom to come.



And when I tell you the exact reasons why you will just walk away because the answers are something spiritual that no one can understand, therefore nobody wants anything to do with what they know nothing of so they just turn away because this whole world has been deceived other than the few who God chooses and calls; and believers won’t even believe that because it’s something God says to only those who can hear spiritually.



“It is the spirit that quickens {gives life}; the flesh profits nothing: but the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. From that time many of His disciples went back, and walked no more with Him”. John 6:63, 66



There are approximately two billion Christian believers in God, yet none of them even believe what God says; and when He calls them all hypocrites they most certainly would never believe such words because they are all so self righteous and saved even though God plainly tells them exactly how He views them all as murderers because of their cold and very selfish hearts that like to judge others- - - -and He even speaks His words of truth so very plainly for all to see how they murder and are unworthy for His kingdom, but they refuse to believe thy word is truth while having absolutely no love for others that are not the perfection as they see their own selves. 1 John 3:14-18, John 17:17



Whereas the atheists at least are just who they are as non believers that don’t hide behind false names as the religions of this world do; and that makes an atheist much more innocent in the eyes of God than all who profess His name while living deep in the sins of darkness with only their lips full of love with false words for their excuse that has no meaning to a God that searches only hearts while never hearing any words.


Why did Christ’s words so offend His own disciples? Because they were carnal and unconverted, that’s why. They did not, could not, and would not understand "spiritual things." They could understand and believe physical, material, and literal things. They could not understand "spiritual" things, and therefore they walked with Christ no more!


The love of Jesus Christ that we have all as believers been commanded to have and do in actions towards others is very spiritual because for years I have been seeking any kind of helps whatsoever from brethren in our Lord only to find them all to be false who enjoy slander with judgment and murder of their own brethren; and even atheists don’t do that in such great quantity as all in the false churches worldwide today that only love their own who are deceived just as they themselves. Christ words all the religious people of man perfectly in John 15:18-20 because it is them who are the persecutors.


Let’s have a sneak preview “from the surface  because there is much deep discussion and scripture” that will come in later writings of how this world has been deceived; and this world meaning all 6.8 billion less God’s little chosen flock, and as far as atheists who may read no further that is absolutely no problem whatsoever because all who believe that do read won’t believe a word anyway because its what God says and not the words of man who has deceived them all; and that is because they all have rejected God through disobedience because they all follow the lead from the god of this world who is the father of lies and very good at what he does. But all the fools just say they are saved and nothing else matters.


First of all the word church means a group of people and has absolutely nothing to do with a building; and for religious people to pay tithes is completely unscriptural because that’s like telling the flock who is the church that they need to paint themselves for upkeep and it will cost money.



To give to God for His purposes through their hearts spiritually which is suppose to be love for others is good; and giving to please God is showing your love to others in need and not the blind leaders of the blind that should be the ones teaching you these truths rather than leading you into the ditches with no escape and your own blood shed because of their carnal minds that teach no truth. So giving to man for his own use through his belly and greed is wrong just as the buildings of man are not churches but only as dens of thieves that not only rob the congregations, but also rob Christ from being the head of His body which is a group that could be considered the church that follows only their Head for proper direction.


Jesus Christ had short hair, so the long haired Christ is the worship of a pagan idol.



All of mans holidays are also from pagan origin with Christmas and Easter being only two of the many.



Christ was born on September 11.



Satan was transformed as an angel if light; and so are his ministers; therefore they are very likable and do teach some truths to keep all deceived.



There is no pre tribulation rapture.



Hell is the grave and death; and God is love; therefore any who believe in Him certainly are fools to place God who is love as master of eternal tortures from babies to the elderly. It’s just pure stupidity how any could place God Almighty that low as if He would enjoy the eternal screeching pains of billions. 


As far as the Sabbath, it was the seventh day rest and not the first day of the week. However when it comes to the meats of the word Christ actually broke the Mosaic Sabbath; and that can easily be proved to any mature Christian that trusts in God’s words of truth and not mans false and partial doctrines that only destroy God’s truth.  Again these words are only surface to show what your blind teachers don’t even know let alone teach.


The Lake of Fire is on earth and will become very active in these coming years as the return of our Lord grows closer; and again much proof and discussion is always available only for those mature who desire meat and believe only God and never man.


When Israel crossed the Red sea on dry land from the wind blowing with the sea held back on both sides, is not what you see them crossing on the dry bottom? Or is that not mans general description? The word says different when speaking of the Egyptians in pursuit of Israel "They sank into the bottom as a stone". "They sank as lead in the mighty waters" If all of Israel was at the bottom with Egypt after them, how could Pharos army sink? Their crossing was via an ice bridge that scriptures can prove to any person who trusts in the words of God and never the lies of man.


Heaven is the kingdom of God that will be right here on earth.


There is salvation and this whole world had been saved before the world began, just some will not be awarded the tree of life for His kingdom during the millennium, but in the second resurrection will be given eternal life. Again only meat for the mature with plenty scripture to back up what you just read.


Lazarus and the rich man are still in their graves.


About us currently . . . .

For years my wife and I have lived via the lowest means of life with never a complaint because we trust in God and know there is a purpose. But when she get such bad pains from UTI all that I can do is pray for God to remove the awful pains that I can see in her eyes so clearly that it hurts me. Last night she got some rest and this morning went to her teaching job of the 3rd grade. But within an hour she text me to try and find some buko (coconut) juice to help her system because there was none last night. This morning there was still none so I paid my near last funds for a Norfloxacin Uritracin and headed towards where she teaches, but caught her on her scooter headed back towards home.

We talked and I gave her the pill, and she wanted to go and see a doctor. As of now we are just waiting to see if the pill helps. Cranberry juice is suppose to be something good for UTI, but here in the Philippines it’s not available.

We can take many bad cards of life, but for me to see my wife suffering and in pain with tied hands is just to much; and especially because I was a great giver to help others once to the point it left me broke; and then to see a world of religion that has no care for others whatsoever is really something, and I can understand God’s anger.

In March 2009 my wife Mylene had to go into the hospital because of UTI, and here in the Philippines you must pay to be released, and we had no money. But God was with us because on the day she was better a man sent us three hundred and fifty dollars that paid Holy Child Hospital, the doctor and all the used medications while leaving some left over for foods to eat. And that man came through Aid Page and not some religious site.

So as hard as life is, God will provide, but in His own way and in His time.

You can see pictures of my wife here.






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MorningStarPoet | Fri Nov 05, 2010, 22:11

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I agree with most of the things you have said, but I have to ask you, what proof do you have to say that Christ was born on September 11? Are you speaking about His actual physical birth into this world, or some other kind of birth? Please explain. Thanks.

JOHN333 | Sat Nov 06, 2010, 08:11

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You forgot to mention the aliens, the little green creatures that spy on us at night while we sleep.

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