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The year of the cat!...

And the Lord does not stop tellin' us thing's! I was listenin' an oldie called the year of the cat and that's what the lyrics say anyway! And it just so happens that in China if I'm not mistaken they have the year for each animal, the bull, the cat, the dragon and each epoch has its year! And I'm just like to say that I feel like sayin' that the anti-Christ will come in the year of the cat, when ever that is, I have no idea!...

In Mexican folklore there's a sayin' that goes that at night all cats are grey or dark or look the same! And in that time we want to look the same as everybody else and we will have to be extra frieindly and blend in not look like we are 'set apart' for slaughter!...

And the Lord says that we want to make freinds and talk their language and presupose we know anything about anything but humbly give God his place as a quiet opinion like if we don't know anythin'g and are wayward and simple but freindly and presuppose to take any holy air!...

And we will respect people's religion like today China Christian do in China to avoid trouble! And China is proto-type of delilverate bannin' of Christian Preachin'! And the only thing allowed is Internet and emails! And China is prophesy of thin'gs to come! The way we preach the gospel in China without settin' churches there is the way the gospel is goin' to be preached in the tribulation-no churches-no physical pastor-no church buildings or anything like that-total respect to current customs and bosses-and dignitaries-and teachers- and parents- and everyone!...

And we will go to their Temples with our family members and do what we have to do there and burn the incense to what ever statue is there and say what ever the ceremony requires there and the most important thing is that we will pray with them there and super important we will be involved in the children blessin' ceremonies! God will not forgive you if you mess up some child's with your 'set apartness arrogance'...

And we will have plenty of Saki to drink and rice to eat and go to parties and bless ourselves to the Tokyo Chicken and the Pekin' Duck!...

And really nothin' will change! Cept' what I'm tellin' now to do then even now and blend in and blend in and blend in!...

And your success is if you look the same, but there will always be somethin'g about you that will set you apart! Your conduct! And people will wonder about you and want to become your friend and they will listen to you even Jesus, when you go to their Temples with them and really show patience and charity to listen to their problems and not look down on the truth poverty!...

And you will have internet to keep connected and will do dial-up and us public service that are still free to connect to the web like cell phones, thinkpads and dial-up which is so outdated no one will care for that outdated system of communication bein' so slow to web!...

And God will bring to life your old computer and give it strenght to dial to internet provider and get your spiritual food from some site out of town or out of country and just out there somewhere we will be to bring you the message in maybe common parables that make sense biblically and you will understand those review of movies and how they look to something the bible says and you will not have to say you believe, just note the similariity and you will say you marvel about the similarity and you will tell your China in their language the similarity you notice about the movie they happen to like!...

And it will all be symbol and similarities and no one will be able to pin anything on you for notin' similarities of somethin'g someone likes and what Jesus says in the bible!...

Notin' similarities is not a crime, you can even denounce the movie as too similar and have it banned and tell eveyone about it the similarities they should denounce and tell them to not sneak and see the movie...mmm...mmm!!!!

And it will be the year of the cat! You will be sneaky like cat catchin' the mouse! And you know cats have no problem with the snakes, devils, spirit of persons!...

And China will be the plan! So if you make China freinds in Thailand, Signapore, or Peking or Korea or somewhere in the stringent parts of the world you will know the beast has his day counted and you will know that the cat is out of the bag to do his thin'g in the year of the Cat in China and the whole world!...

Blessin's Amen...

  Posted Oct 11 2010 11:01:46pm
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Author: tohimbeglory Pledge Partner
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