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12:58 PM   [09 Oct 2010 | Saturday]

The Devil's prison house

The Devil's prison house

The subject of this Blog is about the Devil's Prisonhouse. In order to define the Devil's Prisonhouse we must first define the Devil's nature and establish the truth of how the Devil's nature tries to keep a man bound and confined, even after he has accepted Christ as personal Lord and Saviour.

The Devil's nature is the nature that man is born with since the curse of the Fall in the Garden of Eden. God's curse fell over the Earth and humanity as a result of the Original Sin. Adam fell in a mud puddle and the whole human family got dirty.The Bible says by the disobedience of Adam many are made sinners, but by the obedience of Christ shall many be made righteous. Plain and simple truth.

The Devil's nature rules the sinner. Christ is not in the picture. The mind, will, and character of a sinner is Godless.

After a man accepts Christ the Devil's nature no longer rules. Why? The believer is given a new nature. The Bible calls this new nature the Divine nature. The Divine nature is not the Devil's nature. The Divine nature is the nature of Christ that a believer "partakes of" when personal forgiveness is found and Salvation by Grace comes into the human soul. The Divine nature is ruled by Christ. The Divine nature is a God given nature that has the power to do right. The Divine nature is righteousness imputed to the human soul. It flows from Calvary. It rules the heart and life of a child of God.

So, where is the Devil's nature in the life of a Christian? Where did the Devil's nature go? Never has the Devil's nature ever been disturbed, but now Christ came into the picture. The Devil's nature has been overcome by the Divine nature. The Devil's nature still tries to retailate. The Devil's nature now tries to "rule over the divine". How does Christ feel about this? Christ says get thee behind me Satan. Move out of the way. I am God. I bought this believer with my own blood. He's my ownership. This believer has the power to glorify me in his body and spirit. Yes, dear reader the Divine nature is greater than the Devil's nature. God said so, "Greater is He that is in you". Glory!

Now we can address the Devil's Prisonhouse. The Devil's Prisonhouse is the place where the Devils's nature tells the child of God, the saved, or the born again believer that he rules. The divine nature doesn't have the power to make the child of God do right, you're always going to have this struggle with the flesh. The Devil's prisonhouse is where the Devil freely comes into the intellect and thinking and decieves a child of God into believing he's always going to be a captive to the Devil's nature. Instead of believing what God said the Devil tricks, brainwashes, and deceives people into believing what He says. People including Christian's are bound in the Devil's Prisonhouse and led to believe there is no means of escape or deliverance. WRONG! Where sin Grace does "much more" abound. I like that language! Glory!

Christ provides a way to "escape" the Devil's Prisonhouse. Yes, my Brother and Sister you can get out the confines of the Devil's nature that constantly keeps telling you the flesh can have the best of you. You can break away from that deception if you allow the power of Christ to mortify your flesh and it's awful deeds. The Devil wants you in his prison cell. There was never a conflict until Christ came in. Don't let false teaching, tradition, or the opinions of men tell you you're always going to be held in the confines of the Devil's Prisonhouse. That's just what the Devil wants! The Devil wants you at war with self. The Devil want's you to believe there is no escape and no deliverance from being tossed to and fro. The Devil wants you to be double minded. This is not peace. Being in prison is not peaceful. No contentment in the Devils Prisonhouse. This is misery...yet the Devil deceives people into believing this Christianity! That is the Devil's Prisonhouse.

The Devil's Prisonhouse is a place that drills into your thinking there is never a way out. It's always going to be this way. The flesh and the Spirit's war. The flesh wins! The flesh is greater than Christ. I don't care what the Bible says, it's always going to be that way! WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

Jesus gives the sinner a way to be forgiven.
Jesus gives the believer a way to get rid of the Devil's nature.
Jesus gives the believer a way to "escape" and "break away" from the Devils Prisonhouse.

First you have to be Justified.
Second you have to be sanctified...completely.

Justification is the new birth.
Sanctification is deliverance from the Devil's Prisonhouse.

How do I get Justified? The New birth
How do get Sanctified? The baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire.

Neither operation is progressive. Both are instantaneous and distinct acts. Both have a distinct purpose. The new birth makes you eligible to be sanctified. Sanctification delivers you from the Devils Prisonhouse.

Plain and simple truth. Bible truth! It says in there somewhere the truth shall make you free. Read it. The Devils nature can be destroyed. After the Devil's nature is destroyed you are no longer held captive in the Devil's Prisonhouse.

Food for thought...
Jesus gives the sinner a way to be forgiven.
Jesus gives the believer a way to get rid of the Devil's nature.
Jesus gives the believer a way to "escape" and "break away" from the Devils Prisonhouse.

Glory to God!

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