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When we grow with God in spirit and truth we live one day at a time while just accepting whatever cards of life that He may deal without ever charging Him foolishly just as Job never did even after he lost his seven sons and three daughters along with all of his possessions of great wealth and much more with even worse to come because God actually gave Satan permission to bring great agony upon Job in the form of very painful boils from the crown of his head to his feet. And with that his own wife told him to curse God and die; and the added to that his own friends turned against him in many false words of judgment.


When we grow with God in spirit and truth we learn to only look to Him and never man because no matter what the intentions of man may be; and no matter how good and how great their intentions may be, it matters not because man has always been nothing but stiff-necked rebellious confusion that could never even hear God’s teachings and warnings through prophecy all throughout His words in the Bible that we are commanded to live by; and with that man cannot even live by the words of God so changes and redirects many of their meanings only to cause confusion and disobedience to followers with good intents that do wrong because they all have been falsely taught; and God even tells them all that much shed blood of the just shall come because of the priests iniquities. Lamentations 4:13---and the teachers of man will deny the words of God that all go against them which will bring them to shame when so many die because of their own blind teachings that all believed.   


When we grow with God in spirit and truth we begin to learn that when it comes to life nothing else really matters in comparison because God knows all things and can do all things; so our prayers become only for His direction and to just give us the needed inner peace and strength to deal with what ever our lives may be while knowing that we live for Him with faith and good things to come in His time and not ours. And when we live by His words He always keeps his promises. Hebrews 11:6


When we grow with God in spirit and truth we become someone new, but not in the way we think or when we think it because God does all things His own way in His own time that we will never understand until He is ready to begin revealing things that may have taken Him twenty or thirty years to prepare us for; and now my time has come because I am seeing things much more clearly in the reasons why He led me half way around the world almost four years ago.  


When we grow with God in spirit and truth we come to realize that we can do nothing ourselves; therefore our thoughts become minds that pray without ceasing because we may have a thousand things to say, but only want to say what His will and direction wants us to say; and because I prayed before this writing everything is different with all new words and nothing that I thought I would write.


When we grow with God in spirit and truth through faith we know that God knows our every need; and in faith we know that He will supply us according to His own will and not ours; and in faith we know that whether we like His dealt cards of life or not, we will just fully accept them in faith just the way that Paul accepted the thorn in his side which was the buffeting of Satan through his ministry for God that brought him into prisons with beatings near death, lashed on five different occasions, robbed, cold, naked, hungry, being stoned and left for dead, shipwrecked and even false brethren; but faith was his victory and he always stayed in the race set before him.


My life ever since the day that I was born has been more like a mistake than a life as I was the second of the four accidents that produced me and my three brothers. And just to make a long story short there are many skeletons in my closet of life that could be testimonies to some, but to me just part of God’s education of life for me that I learned much from and let it be forever gone as water passed under the bridge way down the river to never return as education that fulfilled its purpose. 


Moses was educated 40 years in Egypt, then another 40 years of Hebrew life which was 80 years of education to lead Israel 40 years in the wilderness of sin. So the 120 years of the life of Moses was for God; and for 80 of those years Moses never knew anything regarding the plan of God that had required all those years of education.


When we grow with God in spirit and truth we begin to see all things differently than we ever did before; and that is because of what God sees as the intent of our heart that reveals everything about us that He wants to know with absolutely nothing ever hidden. So we see Moses, Elijah, Samuel, David, Job, and all great men of God as men that God already knew before they were even formed in the womb just as He knew Jeremiah.


When we grow with God in spirit and truth we can look back on our lives of the many times that we really should have become quite dead yet remained alive along with going through a life of many tribulations while never even knowing of God until He came to us via thoughts of mind that became of the heart near twenty years ago while coming to realize through tribulations that only became worse after seeking Him that God has a plan for our lives just as He did for other men that were chosen by Him all through history; and its all because of what’s within our hearts while Satan is still the god of this world because those with hearts that please God have overcome the wicked one, therefore become of the few rather than the many whom have been deceived. And it will be those of the few who are in the first resurrection when Christ returns at the last trump; and those resurrected will reign with Him as kings, priests, teachers and whatever their calling may be.


When we grow with God in spirit and truth our hearts become full of love and forgiveness for all no mater what they have done or not done because as brethren or just individuals they know not what they do just as the men who scourged and tortured Christ to His crucifixion knew not what they were doing; and the love of Christ was so great that He even said. . . .


“Father forgive them; for they know not what they do. Luke 23:34


 And that is the love of Christ that we all must have if we say that we abide in Him; because without that commanded love from His words in John 13:34 there will be no blessings for the right to the tree of life as written in Revelation 22:14.


When we grow with God in spirit and truth we can see who we are and where we are in the world regarding the tribes of Israel; and most just have no idea of who they really are just as America for the most part has no idea that they are the great nation that God promised to Abram in Genesis 12; and God always keeps His promises, so great the USA became. God also said that if we as a great nation did not obey Him that He would curse us and bring destruction upon the entire nation to make it into a desolate wasteland; and God always keeps His promises as we have been just as the great Satan when it comes to disobedience; and the fall of America is coming in ways that just go so far beyond natural minds that they don’t even believe God’s own words stating how it will become a reproach or shame and disgrace for all the world in nations round about to see in its state of poverty, crime, terrorism, pestilence and the lowest forms of life that will lead to cannibalism. Want just a short preview? Pray to God and read Ezekiel chapter 5 while visioning yourself within the disaster that will happen.    


For some true education from the words of God on whom Israel is, read my link below.


And I pray that you look only to God as not a God of confusion because He is 100% organized and tells all who seek only truth everything that they need to know as long as they trust in only Him fully and never the opinions of man that only destroy God’s truth that He wants you to know and understand now so that you can prepare yourself for His mercy in the great tribulation.


Read Psalms 91 and decide where you prefer to be.


God has been educating me on the way out of the coming calamities for all who choose to follow His Spirit. So ask yourselves if on faith you could just walk away from your country and life into just a very simply life without worldly things while gaining peace and spiritual education with the comforts in knowing that God will watch over you and your loved ones because you completely left a nation of darkness only to see His true light. Stay with all that I write because more information on what a new and different life will be like for you and all who have ears to hear.

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