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Another reply to Reverend Donna; and I place them for many to read as that is the work of our Lord.

As I go through a life of only private intake of God's words first started almost twenty years ago, there is a reason why for all things that can be understood at what ever levels of understanding that God may give because the lives of only some are completely molded, shaped, formed, taught and tested over and over again through very many years only to give you education and the increase of faith that you as an individual will need to stand strong in the coming massive storms that are approaching the human race worldwide; and God tells all who are willing to listen to only Him very clearly in ways easy to understand, but the majority in this deceived world just do as God says not to do by putting confidence in man who says words of doctrine that make His word of truth to be of no affect in their lives. Psalms 118:8, Mark 7:6-13


The first thing that God teaches from the start is looking only to Him with the second being that life is going to be hard and lonely along with having no brethren because of being different as in not of this world; and with being different spiritually you will begin to see all things pertaining to the lives of human beings on earth in different ways as in more of the way that God sees all things; therefore what you say to others will seem as foolishness because you are spiritual. 1 Corinthians 2:13-14


And the more that you begin to see with understanding, the more distant that you become from this world of man. Of my total of over 300 writings with over 200 of them posted in various religious sites I have almost zero brethren and no friends even though I really have no other life than God as my only source of life; and this one in the link below is but only one writing with photos that touch on God’s view of earth from His throne which is eternal.



Donna, I am truly moved by your words of genuine kindness with deep prayers that the strengths in your heart that God watches and weighs by actions 1 Samuel 2:3 are there for His use; and I speak those words because He is not the author of confusion 1 Corinthians 14:33, but of only truth John 17:17 with only man who has always been nothing but confusion as written in Jeremiah 3:25.


As far as the link regarding an online Bible goes I do appreciate your thought of kindness, however when books and pages in hand and finger-tips become a way of life for men with God as their heartbeat, even all the scriptures that I use via the Internet in postings are actually typed out by me no matter how many times they may be used without cuts, copies and pastes that only steals from the mind much needed education.

 So to make a long story short I will only read bits and pieces of commentaries like John Gill along with certain questions such as word counts that answers come quickly rather that the time it would take me to count the word heart 762 times in the King James Bible.


And also when just looking to God for what I should write {John 8:28-29} rather than what someone else from the past wrote when knowledge had not yet been increased---Daniel 12:4, 9--so the books were still sealed----but now in these times of the end they have been opened for those in God's little flock who read their own Bibles and their own Concordance with their own Bible Dictionary and their own Bible Handbook which all are used just as the base for God to expand into what He wants you to write.


In other words there are no limits to what man can learn via the Internet that equals just so much that words cannot even begin to describe . . . but when it comes to God we can only write what He says because He is the only full true education on earth whereas man has bits and pieces which make their knowledge incomplete and incorrect when it comes to the eternal with full knowledge of unsearchable.


I do look forward to our friendship through are eternal Lord; and I have said those words to few in times past only to never hear from who I spoke to again----and that's the way Christ said it would be in John 15:18-20---so I am doing well and running the race set before me as written in Hebrews 12. Ezekiel was not liked and but few heard Him. Jeremiah was not liked and men of God never have been liked, heard or believed; but the blind congregations of this entire world just love their priests, pastors, ministers or whatever man made title they may have like pope that cannot be found in the words we are commanded to live by; and all that love for men who are not of God brings hate against the few that live for only the will of God and never their own no matter what difficulties they may have because God said it would be that way; and we believe God fully while never charging Him foolishly just as Job never did with all that he lost and all that he suffered. 



Just from the few words I have written thus far I could now add another twenty four hours worth of written truth because that is my life of writing what no one wants to hear or believe because what God says is different from what man teaches man with his foolish wisdom lacking God’s Spirit of truth rather than the false spirit from the god of this world that leads all in a deceived world. . . .And man does not even believe God’s own words in Revelation 12:9, so why should they believe anything else regarding their own blindness?  Ephesians 2:2


Below are my free web sites because I have never managed to have a way to come up with the awesome sum of near fifty dollars just to create my own dominion because of so much love in this world of today’s religions that know not they are all abiding in death according to God’s own words they are not taught from 1 John 3:14-18 or just refuse to believe as denial to the tree of life for not doing all God’s commandments such as the love of Christ in John 13:34 with no tree of life for disobedience in Revelation 22:14.


This link is my public profile in Experience Project where all of my current writings are posted which is over one hundred.


My final words are that when one looks only to God and never man by following His instructions in Proverbs chapter two, a whole new life will begin, and a hard life it will be, but in these end times it will be the greatest life because the greatest time of trouble that has ever been grows closer each day.


I also must add from re-reading your words again that what you said regarding 1 Corinthians 13 has more importance than this whole world of religious deception has any knowledge of because the 13 verses centered on love this world knows not; and God is love, so those without it can not know God in words because only love within the heart can be the way; and when it comes to today’s great preachers in word worldwide, they are as nothing to God as written in 13:2.


Read Proverbs 1:22-32 with your heart and become one of the few in verse 33 before calamity strikes with no way out because it is the procrastinators waiting for a sign that will have waited to long when your sign is faith in the words of God through all that He leads in writing.


Thank you for you’re comments Donna.


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