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Love Your Enemies

Jesus told us to love our enemies.  The word love is agape or agapo, both of which are defined as the love that God has for man.  The command is very specific and has no limitation as to which enemies we are suppose to love, it just says to love them.

   The term agape love is generally understood by most as an incontional love, yet if you take a concordance and look it up, what you will find is it is a social and moral love.  In that light it is not necessarily unconditional and is something we have the ability to do, if we apply ourselves to it. 

   The problem most of us have is in our narrow scope as to who we define as an enemy.  We see an enemy as someone who has done wrong to us or desires ill upon us.  Yet the reality is an enemy for most of us can be someone we just don't like. 

   In recent years Americans have defined Islam as the enemy.  In doing so great measures have been taken by the governmemt to destroy those radical factions of Islam that created the horror of 9/11.  However, by extension the normal man on the street lacks the ablity to separate radicals from common everyday Muslims and therefore sees all Muslims as the enemy.  In the understanding (of most), all Muslims are from the middle east and in that thought define everyone from the middle east as the enemy.  Hebrews see all Arabs as the enemy based on the very same idea of radicals and their actions.  I mean since terrorist don't run around wearing signs, we are better off just condeming the whole lot; right?  Yet for this rational we are left with the words of Jesus, "Love your enemies." 

   It is impossible to love your enemies while having absolute hate for them.  Many years ago I also realized it is impossible to love your enemies while trying to kill them.  Where Christianity has declared that a war was God's will, it is also true that in that declaration they are in violation of the idea of loving your enemies, blessing them that curse you and praying for them that misuse you.

   In this light remember it is impossible to be a follower of Jesus and be a racist.  It is impossible to wish death on anyone and still live by the commands of Jesus.  It is not possible to truly live your faith and habor ill will against an entire group of people because on the actions of a few.

   If we give over all of our hate to God it is possible to get beyond the limitations of that hate.  When we view people from the light of God, we may find we will have brothers and sisters of all races and nations.  You may finally realize that God sees neither gender nor race, he only sees spirits that are his.  In the spiritual there is neither male nor female, there is no division by race, and there are no boundaries of hate.  In there spirit there is only light or darkness.  If a person is striving to love God they are light.  If a person continues to think and act outside of God's will, they dwell in darkness.  It is just that simple.

   "Love your enemies."

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