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My reply to MICHAEL NEALY BAKER / C.A.G.C.LV who is a brethren and church goer that concerns all.

When any individual walks with God their own lives change so drastically over time that years have past before they even begin to fully realize what has been taking place in their life because there are no feelings, fellowship, churches or blessings, but rather hardships, pains, hunger, suffering, confusion and a world of false brethren just as Paul had to deal with in 2 Corinthians 11:26.


But with all of the very hard times from living on word of mouth credit for fish and other needs in a foreign country like the Philippines comes the realization that there have been many blessings all along in unseen ways that are not seen until some spiritual maturity begins taking root very firmly on good ground for very deep and secure growth; and it had taken about fifteen years of very much private intake of the words of God along with another period of time that stretched over three years just for a beginning with God that has allowed seeing very much more from His point of view rather than what man sees and what man teaches man.


First comes your faith that only increases as ways of life sometime seem to decrease so much that existence becomes more like a sinking ship with no lifeboats, but you never blame God because you just believe in Him, so all that you do is keep on reading, praying and breathing in wait for something better to happen; and when nothing does and only seems to worsen your prayers just become asking for the inner peace to deal with whatever cards of life that He may deal. And from that point onward all that you begin to see is what Job went through, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego, Paul and the sufferings of people worldwide while gaining appreciation for what you do have no matter how little it may be because so many people through the past and now have had life so much worse that many words cannot even describe their hardships.


Next your focus begins to see only thy word is truth over a process that takes years because you want so badly to be very deeply involved with God’s only true end time church that in your own mind you thinks you have found, once, twice, a third time and again always to find the false spirit. . . . so you never do because all lack the truths of God that we are to live by; therefore God wants to keep you just as you are so that He can continue being you’re only teacher {Proverbs 2:4-6, Isaiah 28:9. James 1:5} which brings very harsh judgments against you because all see you wrong as in boasting about your own relationship with God while putting the rest of the religious people down as if you are better when in truth everything they think is completely wrong and backwards because they are not looking through the words of God in the same way.


The fact of the matter is that I had no normal childhood with no upbringing and no churches and a very lousy life; and it was not until after a head injury that God began to draw me by putting an interest with a desire to know Him into my mind about twenty years ago.


And I will tell you why I have always been alone when it comes to God. . . . Because when He only becomes the center of ones life, all that can happen is His will and never our own. And because God has always been, has no time and is everywhere always, that is how He knew Jeremiah even before he was formed in the womb which means that God also knew me, you, and everyone; therefore those whom He has chosen are pre-destined because God knew of their hearts that had love for others along with the intent of their hearts that made Him priority above everything else in their life along with their faith that would not waver even in storms including how they would only believe Him as God Almighty while never putting any trust or confidence in man.  


Back is 1978 I went to a small Advent Christian church with Sunday service and all the usual added festivities within the world of religion that included the little children dressing up as Bible characters for Halloween parties, to more characters for Christmas parties to more characters for Easter egg hunts to more characters for whatever the cause may be with none of them written in the words of God that we are all commanded to live by because near every single holiday of man are of pagan origin; and that includes Christmas, Easter, sunrise service and all that cannot be found within thy word is truth; and when man takes part in what’s not written, he is completely rejecting God because thy word is truth; and with that we are to prove all things. So prove Sunday Sabbath, paying tithes in the New Testament, and prove where God says to hear and follow the doctrines of man because it is impossible to do.


Now to prove of religious deception is very easy to do, but none can see God’s words of truth because of the false spirit of the prince and power of the air who works in all the children of disobedience. Ephesians 2:2


All that is required of any human being on this planet is to just believe everything that God says with absolutely no trust or confidence whatsoever in man; because once you do that and read in Revelation 12:9 that this whole world has been deceived you will believe God while immediately telling Him that you love Him and want only His truth as you repent with the words of David in Psalms 51. 


Were you aware that according to God long hair on men was a shame? My Christ is a man with short hair whereas the Christ of this world has long hair as in all photos, paintings and even the Passion which to me was a good movie to see the sufferings of our Lord; but in God’s truth Christ had short hair. Also to eat the bread and drink the wine unworthily is to bring damnation upon you, so all who take part while living a life that follows not their head will be in the great tribulation without God’s mercy. And they lose not their salvation because they are only being punished.    

1 Corinthians 11:14, 27


I am not here to argue with anyone because arguments have never settled anything but only heaped up coals to make things worse. So what I will say instead is that God is still the same and has never changed because perfection is just perfection with no flaws to change. And in the same way Satan has never changed either because perfect wickedness as the father of lies and being of only evil darkness in every way cannot change because how can the devil change from the worst to even worse when he already is the cause of every evil in the entire universe?


So we have God the same, Satan the same and man still the same who is in the middle. Now take a glance at the resume of the devil and you will find that over a period of time only God knows that he deceived one third of God’s angels and turned them into demons one by one over what could have been billions of years; and with his evil and deception judgment from God was brought upon the face of the earth to destroy. Satan then deceived Eve and has been deceiving this whole world ever since.


What I have done is tried to make a good reply to your words ever since I received you’re comment last night. I would write much, stop, try to sleep, get up and write again while finding myself having to rewrite what I have already written hundreds of times because everything you say is through just not seeing all of the words of God because I have never told anyone they are not saved.


And trying to live in faith while only sharing scripture is not boasting as all seem to judge, but rather only through a love that you cannot see trying to warn all people of the religions of man the truths of God they refuse to hear even with God’s own warnings through His words of truth that none believe. So the faith that I speak of is the faith that God is looking for in every believer, because without that faith it is impossible to please Him. Hebrews 11:6


The hardest calling to fulfill is sharing truth when all that you want to share it with already have their own truths deeply planted by the father of lies. And God tells all in many ways very clearly with no confusion while the prince of darkness confuses the human mind that makes the blind leading the blind and shepherds who feed not their sheep; and much just blood shall be shed because of the iniquity of priests.



And until the religions of man can find the commanded love of Christ, they will not be worthy of the kingdom of God, because God is love. What have you done for other parts of your body in need lately? Why cannot the religions of man read the words of God in 1 John 3:14-18? Why can’t individuals see Proverbs 21:13 in truth with their own reward in Proverbs 1:22-32?  Why can’t those who love our Lord God see themselves in Lamentations 3:8, 43-44?


Nothing that I have ever written is intended for putting down my brethren, but only as a teaching from what God has taught me that His only church is the body of Christ who all need each other to function properly; but as it stands in this world that has been deceived God’s flock is little and scattered worldwide and not in the buildings of man worldwide with different doctrines, traditions, spirits and beliefs.


Please read this post with another hundred to follow and still another hundred more after that because I write for God for you as my own life lives in a home that has ten steps from the back door to being outside of the front door with rough cement for a floor, many ants, rats at night and cockroaches with little to eat while living on faith because we are all in the final decade of the human race as known to man; and amen to that because in the kingdom of God will be love and no more of the death and bloodshed this world has always been.


And please read this one also and let me know which religion you are.






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