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Not Imagination But Real And Far Beyond The Mind Of Man

There is coming a time in the life of every individual when they will find themselves in a position where they are forced to think harder and more seriously than they have ever had to in their entire previous life; and that is because without warning and no prior thought they find themselves and all of their loved ones in the midst of a life or death situation; and even with much thought its not going to change the facts that living will become much harder than the ease of just dying, but it's not that easy because reality is reality that cannot be changed once locked within a position with no way out.


God tries His best to warn all who believe in Him through His words of only truth written with no confusion throughout the entire Holy Bible that are all words that we are to live by; and the most important words are just ignored by man because human beings have never followed God through the instructions written within His words that we are commanded to live by through obedience; and that disobedience in nothing other than rejecting our creator. 


When you look at this photo below, what do you see? 


Look really hard and put you're heart into the vision and not just words that roll of the tongue because what were discussing is not of this world; and I have no idea what your thoughts may be on this wonder of creation whereas mine are only wanting to know the creator very intimately in the same ways as Daniel, Elijah, Samuel, Moses, John, David, Jeremiah, Peter, Isaiah and all men who walked with Him rather than against Him through disobedience; and through faith that we must have because  without it is impossible to please Him; therefore I know that I will know God in the way that I desire because that is the intent of my heart that God sees; and in the same way He see you're heart as it is each moment along with the intent of your heart with nothing ever hid that acts as His road map for who is who and their direction in life by His choices. In other words who He will have mercy on and who He will harden as He hardened the Pharaohs heart. 


 There's a name that man has given this awesome photo from the Hubble called NGC 6302 that lies within our Milky Way galaxy, roughly 3,800 light-years away in the constellation Scorpius. The glowing gas is the star's outer layers, expelled over about 2,200 years. The "butterfly" stretches for more than two light-years, which is about half the distance from the Sun to the nearest star, Alpha Centauri.


 But we are not here to talk of what man sees, but rather a microscopic object of God's creations that equals less than a proton, neutron or electron in size when it comes to God because full knowledge of him is unsearchable just as His creations are innumerable because there is no end to eternity. 


Therefore its man given name and location should be something that never even enters our thoughts because all that we should really want with a super desire is for God to allow us to see things within parts of His creations that no other man has ever before seen; and through faith God can do all things that we ask of Him when He is the center because we honor only Him so greatly from our hearts that we just become as foolish to the many who are the majority saved but still lost in the flesh as very disobedient children who believe lies from the father of lies through man rather than truth directly from God; and just the facts of what all churches in this world do and participate in that is not written in the words we are to live by says it all; therefore I need say nothing that most all people of the religions of man will not believe anyway---but notice I said most as in the many, but that still leave the few; and God still knows of some with hearts that please Him that He will draw through the inspired words of His servants who write as He leads; and again those are spiritual words that are but foolishness unto the many who are natural with the wisdom of man. 1 Corinthians 2:13-14


There is a very strong lesson to be learned from God in 1 Samuel about the heart and obedience along with rejection for not obeying God; and of evil spirits from the Lord, how His hand will be against you, and how God will remove His own Spirit from those who have disobeyed Him while feeling bad for what they have done; and what that teaches us is that there is no excuse in sinning against God when His instructions are right in your Holy Bible---But most don't even know God's own instruction on how to read it---because if the world of religions did---this entire world would not be deceived other than only the few do who obey with their hearts while being fully aware that they can do nothing themselves without God as the director of their paths; and when those who do strive to please God make mistakes, they are not purposely made--- therefore are repented of immediately through living a life of self examination with our bodies {the only true church} Head Jesus Christ as our lead; therefore the love in our hearts commanded covers a multitude of sins. John 13:34, 1 Peter 4:8, 1 John 4:8 


 Have you ever read Ezekiel chapter one that contains his vision of God's way of transportation throughout eternity while wanting the same vision?


Have you ever read the words in John 14:12 where Christ says that all believeth on Him shall do even greater works while knowing that you will without question?


Have you ever wanted the faith of Elijah in 1 Kings 17 with the empty barrel and cruse with almost no oil along with the death of the woman's son? Those words are but another lesson from God that we all must learn so as to acquire the faith for survival in the coming great tribulation. . .but that just as all that God leads me in are not the doctrines of man; therefore the many will not believe until its too late; and God cannot be found.


 All through the words of God there are true stories of men of God who did great works because they had faith in God, trusted in only God and obeyed God.


But when you disobey God which is the same as rejecting Him, He will without question reject you also. And today we live within a world of religious deception with billions who have always rejected God while teaching others to do the same. 


There was a time not that many years ago when I would cry out to God asking Him many questions such as how could a God as great as you have my grandmother of pure heart burning in the tortures of hell for all of eternity when she had a heart that pleased you and just not proper belief in you? 


And God answered that question by showing me that He is not a god of eternal tortures in burning hell fires as man has always falsely taught man because hell is the grave with outer darkness and the lake of fire being judgments just as the withered branch cast off, gathered and burned in John 15:6.


I also asked God why so much great suffering has always gone on in this world far beyond words along with what is coming upon this human race of man woman and child due the facts of God that they will be far worse that any sufferings in the history of the human race; and I asked because I really needed to understand; so God has also answered that question in many ways through many circumstances of my life with the most being through these past almost four years now with my complete life turned over to Him entirely with absolutely no other life other than what He leads me into and what He teaches me without man or the churches of man ever involved; and that is because the words of God that we are commanded to live by say to trust in God and put no confidence in man; and God has had to teach me that by keeping me from becoming involved in any churches because only He knows how hard I have tried many times to become apart of one in greater active ways than most would even understand because I am only spiritually minded with my affections set on things above and not on things of the earth. So it was God that kept me away because He wanted no doctrines of man put into my mind that would make His words worthless and of no effect in my life.


But mans greatest mistake is not doing what God says to do; and that is no different that just rejecting Him with your faith through your own excuses rather than the faith in who created you with trust in only Him and His every word with no exceptions. And I say no exceptions because when we may not understand what we really want to know with more needed understanding, all we need to do is become as miners seeking silver and searching for hid treasures in faith that we will find what we are searching for; and we will because God rewards those who seek only Him with no trust in man.


Because my life is only God and His words of truth that I never question, I have understanding of why the beginning of sorrows, great tribulation, His wrath, the many of this world who are saved but will be punished along with their deception and disobedience. In addition are the firstfruits who were chosen by God and why they were chosen along with many other subjects all depending on when God puts priorities on what He  gives me because I can do nothing myself; and that is the mind of Christ our Lord who is our Head that we are to follow. 


I feel that by viewing deeply some of God's beautiful creations that human words can't even begin to describe that my time is growing closer in doing great things for our Father just as Jesus Christ said all who believed on Him would do just as He also spoke words in John 15:18-20 that I have been chosen with His words of the way of life it would be fitting me perfectly well.  


Now look at God again very deeply with one very strong thought in mind being that He is also looking at you via you're heart with absolutely nothing hid; and I mean nothing in not even a thought, action, intent or anything whatsoever. So when he tells you through His words of truth what He is expecting from you to become as a worthy first-fruit, you're reasons for not doing as His words command just have no excuses because their is no excuse for disobedience as men of God have always learned with many examples of their wrongs and the great price that had to be paid.



God Almighty says that we are to live by His every word; and the many of this world as in the billions who profess His name in no way do while the few of God's little flock strive with all of their hearts to do as His words of truth say to do as in following God's instruction which means to follow our Head Jesus Christ.

Yet all of the religious people in the world today led by the religions of man will fully deny words of God that are aimed 100% directly at them with proof by their actions that God is speaking to them with very strong warnings of what they are bringing their own lives into all because they refused His truth. 

When God calls you a murderer in 1 John 3:15 you pay no attention because you feel that His words are not directed at you. Then in the following verse saying how we ought to lay down our lives for our brethren you also give no thought to, and if you do its very well hidden because in the next verse is written that if you have any of this world's good and see a brother with need, and shut you're heart of compassion from Him, how can you have the love of God in you? 

And the next verse shows the religious world of today that will love in tongue, but never in deed with truth. 

Our Lord gave us all a new commandment that we are to love each other as He loved us, and in not doing all of God's commandments there will be no blessings for the tree of life. Yet man and the religions of man to this day have none of that love; and ever since January 2007 I have been seeking the love and compassion of brethren only to find they don't exist in family, churches or the world other that the few God uses. 

With a life of seven twenty four hour days times fifty two weeks devoted to only God I have but one brother with daily contact who is in his 70's and in another part of the world; and that is the way that God works with His few---because only but few have the kind of hearts that please Him whereas the many have many words with no actions. 


Below are just a few words as my reply to the few words that he speaks each morning regarding what's going on in the life of him and his wife of 43 years.



Any words at all from a friend and brother are substantial; and as far as people showing their true light as you stated regarding brethren, I have a lifetime of dealing with it because most all people are very false and the majority rule, therefore none understand what God means of the many and the few because all of the many have only a false light with no truth; and just as Ezekiel did in telling the majority what they won't believe and don't want to hear, that is my calling so I do as God says to do no matter how repetitive my words may be because even though God repeats the word heart 762 times . . .the majority still don't get it. . .but will when they are all in the great tribulation with no one to hear their cries including God; and He even tells the majority that, but the blind just prefer the words of man in all of the false churches worldwide that have no true light.

I speak only the words the Father gives me because

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