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Straight out Words of Conversation between me and you regarding what all will be not prepared for spriitually or mentally to deal with. And that is fact from the words of God that few see.

As far as this world’s talk show people like Oprah and any other given name of any individual in show business or politics or any position where they have the attention of multi millions of people worldwide is concerned; and that includes every church building of man on this planet . . . .there is no True God in this entire world: but only the god of this world as one very top notch professional that does all that he does with no mistakes whatsoever; therefore he has deceived this whole world; and those are the words of God that billions who use His name don't even believe; and with that the signs of the times with the words of God as a perfect roadmap show the beginning of the end as the beginning of sorrows that is growing closer each day; and what is the beginning of sorrows?


The hoofs that began with the white horseman of religious deception who has gone forth to conquer and deceive this whole world followed by the red horse of massive wars that are brewing hot with the black horse of world hunger right behind him and the pale horse of death right on his heels with the returning of major diseases worldwide along with new strains that have no cures; and with that hundreds of millions dying from the use nuclear, chemical and biological weapons that are in major amounts in unstable hands worldwide along with a world food shortage that already exists and will begin to have a great affect on the unsuspecting people of the world who have always had; and those in the billions will be faced with becoming have not s just as the other billions have always had to live with absolutely nothing but survival that is a very short term survival full of death------but the difference is that those who once had will not be able to deal with having nothing; and I mean nothing as in a continual decrease in everything; and I mean everything from a to z leaving nothing but a miserable slow and very painful death in a body that stinks with only skin covered bones just as the dying child in Africa with the fowl waiting for his own meal as the spoils of death.


But who wants truth? Not this deceived world, and that’s a fact! But I speak regardless because the time will arrive when all will believe; and they will remember these words.


But what about when they are all in the midst of the worst life could ever be crying out to God and anyone in the world to hear them and to help them?


No one will; and I mean no one including God; and He even makes these words perfectly clear to anyone that looks only to Him and never man. In short without even using God’s own words that no one believes anyway, I will just say that what goes around comes around. So those who heard the most while showing no love and no care but only selfish greed will suffer the greatest; and those who helped a little will suffer a little less; but those with love in their hearts God will have mercy on just as written in very many of His words that we are to live by; and because God is love all that He is searching hearts for at this time is the hearts of people who also have love; because God wants only those with love to become as the firstfruits that reign with Christ to be rulers of the world tomorrow that will begin after the 21/2 years of great tribulation followed by one full year of His wrath on those who would not believe.


Because God is love His eternal kingdom will have the laws of love; so what good would there be for God in the rapture of a false church full of hypocrites and murderers? And the verses for those words I just spoke are very clearly written and easy to understand . . . but believers do not even believe God, so why should I even write them? And its just as millions worldwide have been fed the lie of the rapture and being the bride of Christ with no worries when in truth they all have been lied to and deceived because there is no secret rapture before the great tribulation and Christ does not marry this world of disobedient murderers with no love along with doing nothing that He says to do; and again I could write the verses of God saying what I write, but no one believes Him because the father of lies has already filled all minds with his false spirit and counterfeit words of comfort with no truth whatsoever; and this religious world believes the devil and not God.





What more can I say other than I belong to God and only do the best that I can do; and He knows my hearts intent is only to please Him always; and that is my security as a sinner that is only human and full of mistakes...but when we have charity it covers a multitude of sins because God is love. 1 Peter 4:8, 1 John 4:8


I am no different than any average and normal person in life that has had {more} than their share of major battles to fight through life; and for many of us, the greater and more fights that we have through the decades the stronger and more educated we have become; and when we have reached a point that no matter where we have been and where we are now no matter how many problems we may have and no matter how bad circumstance may be, all we need to do is look at this pathetic world of sufferings with our hearts relating to what the 15 year old girl had to go through when being stabbed to death with a killer so sick that he then had sex with her corpse. Or think very deeply of the worst possible tortures that are the most frightening, painful and just more horror than words can describe while knowing that right this second someone somewhere is screaming in pain because what flashed in your mind is actually happening to them; and that is just another part of the pale horseman that brings death in all ways. Just as you are reading these few words that may not even have any meaning to you, there is something brutal happening to someone somewhere in ways from violent rapes of women and children including men painfully raping men in filthy prisons worldwide along with women being beaten and raped also along with just the life of living as a filthy animal in a cage waiting for a long slow death to come just for relief.


What about women having to live in lives with them as punching bags for their sick husbands? What about people being slowly beaten to death all over this world? Just give me much time with a few thousand pieces of blank paper with an unlimited supply of pens and pencils and I will write of world atrocities that have always been, are here now and more to come; and the gruesome details of live tortures and sick minded serial killers should totally short circuit any normal mind; but the people of the human race just look the other way, or never even see because self is their greatest and only real concern.


Just look at this whole world today from every direction and every aspect and all one can see is a pathetic disaster; and if one adds God and the truths of reality as another piece of the puzzle of life, all they will see is the greatest disaster that has ever been getting ready to begin its strike that will take billions of lives over the years to come.


At first it will begin slowly with only a million here and there kind of in secret behind the backs of citizens in America as the fema roundups begin headed by the illuminati to exterminate anyone who does like the new world order and does love Jesus Christ….and there are millions of free coffins just waiting for there new inhabitants that will come from the over 800 prison and death camps spread all over the United States of America including Alaska and facilities worldwide because man has reached the beginning of the end of the human race ruled my man that has always been a complete failure in every way from the under oceans junkyards to the space junkyard orbiting earth with the billions of meaningless deaths in between as man has trashed the earth with every kind of lethal waste ever known . . . .


When it comes down to the realities of the end there is no fighting because it is a no win situation; and everything with all the details that anyone needs to know are written within the Holy Bible that few understand because man does not believe God; because if he did, man would follow God’s instructions; and when they are followed He reveals the meaning of His words; and the only people who are working to be prepared for this coming storm of death with destruction, waste and desolation are the few that follow His instructions which start by looking only to Him and never man in a deceived world.


From what God has taught me so well as my only instructor I have many thoughts, idea’s, plans and hopes concerning ways to help as many as He has mercy on; but all that I can think is nothing but that which is only thought because in faith I know that God hold’s all of the cards which means my life is whatever He deals; and for men of God who live in faith, we just accept the cards no matter what they may be; and that is because by faith we know that God has a purpose for all things no matter what they may be such as what Job went through----but he took the cards and held them while never charging God foolishly.


So in faith we just wait while staying hard at work twenty four hours each day with Him as our heartbeat and his words as our blood-flow that keeps us alive even in hunger, because we know God has a purpose; and the harder our life becomes the greater our use for God will be which means greater rewards within His eternal kingdom; and all we need to do is look deeply into space through Hubble photo’s; and we will feel quite honored that God has chosen us from who we once were as a real nothings going no where in a world of confusion.


Make Proverbs chapter two your instructions from God and you will not be a part of the many in Proverbs 1:22-32, but of the few in verse 33.  


Below are my free web sites that I use up the free space in so have to create more because my massive wealth will never make it to the extra 49 dollars required for an upgrade.


So be it how ever God wants my life because it belongs to Him; and has for years now; and I am very thankful to not be in the position of life that billions all over the world are in right now because a very sad life it is; and this whole world is going to learn the hard way while becoming a part of the darkness they had never known. So says the creator who people don’t know, understand or believe. So proof is in route and will arrive; and that’s guaranteed.


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