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Common Sense Spells Reality --- which all canít see or hide from now --- with the time growing closer when to hide from world death and destruction will be impossible.

What’s so amazing is the way this world has always been with lies, greed, crimes, murders, wars, corruption, diseases, famines and everything evil that can be thought of from a to z.


And what’s even more amazing is the way that death, waste, destruction, famine, wars, diseases, corruption and weapons that have enough power to wipe out all life on this planet have so greatly increased with a world of fools that just either pay no mind, don’t believe God while believing the false teachers of man in all the churches worldwide because they are only the buildings of man full of evils that the blinded children of God cannot see, or they are just atheist, agnostic, or worshippers of the devil or just part of one of the very many thousands of different religions all over this planet that all have their own doctrines, traditions and spirits and gods that make the only true words of God none effect in all the lives of all people who don’t look directly to only God while completely by-passing man, his buildings and his teachings filled with half truths, partial truths, changed meanings and everything that only takes away from “thy word is truth” just as written.


And what’s even more and more amazing is the technology that is available to the human race all over the world that makes wanted education only buttons away for any mind that wants to absorb facts of reality along with history while also giving a good picture of what this world is coming to just through the studies of man without God involved; and when God is involved the true visions of what’s coming upon a blind human race are bad enough to give anyone who has a clear vision of their own future, their children’s future, their wife’s future and the futures of any one that they really love a stroke with a complete short circuit of the mind because how can words describe the worst of the worst multiplied by a thousand times worse?


You have a mind and a computer----so all that you need now is some common sense; and there is not a whole lot of that in people today because no one seems to see any of the realities brewing that are growing close to the beginning of sorrows as written in Matthew 24:4-8


On the internet all that people do is what self wants to do which is being completely involved in whatever their favorite web of hobbies may be as an addiction or past time whether it be the multi billion porn industry, gambling, dating sites, or Facebook, Twitter or any site slap full of worldly fools that are of this world and very deceived as God said this world would be, but is ignored with man belief in what man says rather than God who created man.  


What all need to be doing with their computers is becoming educated through any of the uncountable sites from religion {that you must prove by the words of God through prayer and studies} to information about street gangs, torture victims, terrorists, world conditions, child victims of murders and abuse mentally, sexually and physically, rapes, woman who live the lives of being beaten, broken marriages, 65,000,000 cases of sexually transmitted diseases in America alone, facts about FEMA, the new world order, a history of children’s cartoons with subliminal messages, the mind control over hundreds of millions that don’t even know it, the Illuminati and the end of the human race coming to its final end with the rule of man that has always failed because to this day no great kingdom of man has ever remained----but has always been destroyed. . . and as you read these words the once great world’s superpower is next in line to fall because God who promised it to the seed of Abram kept His promise just as He promised its destruction if it did not observe and do all of His commandments as written in Deuteronomy 28:15; and God has been taking away from America for the past 60 years now-----Just use your computer to see what the USA had in 1950 verses what it has now and you will see the night and day of truth while God’s judgments bring hundreds of millions of deaths down with it as those who survive become scattered into other nations of the world for whatever use their captors may desire whether sexual, slave labor, tortures, Ginny pigs for experiments or just anything that leads to death. Read Ezekiel chapter 5 for a glimpse of what’s coming.


So what should you be doing with your computer? Stop wasting all of your time like the rest of this world that is headed for disaster while capturing your every thought of your greatest fears with research for some good solid education for pictures in your mind of what is must have been like in the deaths of all you read about while placing yourself in the exact same position to die one very horrible death because that is the way that it is going to be for millions into the hundreds of millions into the billions with all of the horrors that God describes that man has no intelligence about because this whole world has been deceived just as God who no one fully believes said it would be.


Now once you have done as I asked regarding massive information for true knowledge with you in them, if you can now begin to see some sad realities you will be prepared to become not of this world any longer in spiritual ways because you will no longer put any confidence in man with all of your complete trust going into only God while asking for His mercy with your heart and not words from your lips that for most all in the world of religious deception have no meaning because what they say is lacking in the hearts of all that only God can see with nothing ever hidden because He even knows the hearts intent just as written in Hebrews 4:12-13


I now have very many writings with about 200 of them posted in different sites with many views as in about 60,000 and no responses other that a few comments with absolutely no actions whatsoever which places all of the religious people of this world exactly where God sees them in Job 8:13-15 and 1 John 3:11-17 along with uncountable more to add that none will believe.


Where I am at in life is where God has placed me while preparing me to help as many as He may draw whether it be hundreds, thousands or millions because what He has taught me is to live on faith with many great pains, hungers, hateful hypocrites, false brethren and just a warehouse full of hard times that God has given me inner peace to deal with while only seeing this world as it truly is full of deaths and sufferings in a billion ways that make my life look appealing in comparison.


So my mind constantly wanders in wondering which part of the world God will pick for an island as a private retreat as an exit from this world of material things to become as cast-away to live on faith and off the land with hand build bamboo shanties, what can be grown and whatever God may supply as our beginning such as wheat and rice just for simple survival with only parts of the body of Christ drawn with no free rides to hide out from the coming world destruction.


Read Revelation 12:6 with the woman as the little flock in Luke 12:32 who are of the few that have overcome the god of this world and follow only their head which is our Lord Jesus Christ.


In just EP alone I have over a hundred writings that may appear on the surface to do no good, but God has a plan for all things; and I am a part of those plans because I live for His will and not my own which allows me to just continue on because many will refocus and set their minds on things above and not things on the earth. Colossians 3:1-4


As far as God’s location goes it could be anywhere; and being that it was His will for my life transferred from America to the Philippines in December 2006 and there are about 3000 uninhabited islands here; this may be apart of my calling in John 15:18-20.


The few will see God and the many will see only foolishness. So says God.


Many and Few

1 Corinthians 2:13, Hebrews 5:14 and Matthew 7:14 are few.


1 Corinthians 2:14, Hebrews 5:13 and Matthew 7:13 are many.

Take the time to read some of my many writings, ask questions and be something I have yet to find which is a genuine brother through our Lord other than just one man from Australia who I stay in contact with; and him and his wife are in their 70’s, fixed income, health difficulties and problems in life, yet they help my wife and I with our survival financially on a regular basis by the grace of God because He is pleased with their hearts and their faith with open minds to always learn more truth that goes totally against the teachings of man in this world of deception.


As far as comments go and my spiritual discernment, I never argue with anyone and only do as the word I live by says to do which is to go from the presence of a foolish man when I perceivest in him not the lips of knowledge as written in Proverbs 14:7. So I delete and block just so as not to interfere with the truth of God that Satan does not want you to hear.   

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