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About me and why I write for you to learn true education about spiritual things most cannot understand.

God is my life and priority above everything. I watch the world, prophecy and see all things as news that was written thousands of years ago coming to pass. God is love and we are to love each other as Christ loved us. When I awake God is with me. When I sleep God is with me; and through each day God is with me because I have absolutely no other life.


 My KJV is like a worn out road map all marked up and in several mangled sections with different tapes holding different pages in place with its companion named Strong's Concordance of the Bible as the two were meant for each other to help keep my heart beat while always seeking God as silver and searching for Him as the hid treasure that has become my only blood for life with no other. Fifty one years of my existence were in America's very rocky roads with nothing but raging storms of life; and the past three and one half years being where God placed me within the Philippines for training in preperation for what God has called me for because my faith accepts God’s truth without man in any way to change or distort what God’s says to few in His Spirit and His Truth which makes them overcomers and not of this world just as written in John 15:19.


As difficult as my life may be I simply look at all men of God through the past and see that it was never an easy life when living for God's will and not your own. It is not us that find God, but God that finds us by our hearts; and because God has become my heartbeat, without Him I would surely die. The day will arrive when God places me and my wife within a location somewhere in this world that needs the spiritual strength to gain God's favor during the great tribulation just as the mercy that all men of God have received all through history; and the mercy of God is all that can give one the needed strength to endure what ever situations life may bring such as Paul being beaten near death, stoned, lashed five times, robbed, cold, naked and hungry with false brethren; yet just as Job he never lost faith or charged God foolishly.


 I simply live by His word which is truth without the various teachings of man that differ and cause confusion because God is not the author of confusion . . . 1 Corinthians 14:33 while man is nothing but confusion {Jeremiah 3:25} with this whole world loaded with man made buildings called churches filled with deceived sheep that only know man made doctrines that God who is only truth says to have no part of because everything learned and associated with such as traditions of man will make the word of God of none effect in all of the lives of the sheep who have been made blind through the blind leading the blind just as written in Matthew 15:14 that blind shepherds do not teach their sheep along with the words of God all through the Bible that are totally against all the false teachings of man in “all denominations” worldwide in a deceived world.


Therefore when He says that Satan deceiveth the whole world other than the few He chooses. . . Revelation 12:9 . . .  “Thy word is truth” . . . . and a truth that man cannot see or hear because of the father of lies leads this world in darkness as a counterfeit Christ with a counterfeit spirit in his own counterfeit religion that works within the church buildings of man scattered all over this world without their head which makes them all not of the body of Christ because they have no Head in actions that God can see. Just do a double and triple read with multiplication in the verses at the end of this writing while searching for your own true light and you will find it also as counterfeit because it is actual darkness disguised as light in a false spirit that makes all children of God disobedient without even knowing. . .Ephesians 2:2   


 The only men that know a man of God are other men of God themselves because it is the Lord who brings them together.

“But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil. Hebrews 5:14


For those who truly desire to be not of this world in spiritual ways that natural minds cannot understand, all you need to do is ask God for more wisdom in stable ways through faith that God can see as your hearts intent that reveals only truth about each and every individual on this planet. James 1:5-8, Hebrews 4:12-13


In my ending words what I can say in truth through years of experiences that God has led me is that when hundreds of millions of religious people of Christianity and all denominations read the words of John 13:34, Ephesians 3:19, 1 John 3:16-19, 4:8, 11, with a genuine self examination they will come to see if God shows them mercy that they will not receive the blessings of the tree of life as writer in Revelation 22:14.


Say you love Jesus Christ? He says . . . “And why call ye me Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say? Luke 6:46


My wife and I still have an extension cord for our only source of electricity with still owing from our rental home of 21/2 that we moved out of and into our small {20x18} unfinished in the beginning of August. We also owe the people that with kindness have allowed us to plug in; and with that have no money to even pay a deposit for our own power while bread and rice are my basic life’s food.


I have no complaints and have just come to terms in learning to never ask anyone for anything because I have learned well to only depend on God . . . . So through my hundreds of writings with many mentions of my life’s hardships and seeking any helps at all----the words are not in the way most all judge, condemn, detest and persecute me----but in the way God sees humanity as a whole without the love to be an overcomer of the devil who hates love and righteousness. . . .


Therefore great punishment is coming upon all within this deceived world of darkness that knows not love; and God is love----so all who say they love Him and have no love for others are walking in darkness and abiding in death.


One further added word from wisdom is that the father of lies has fooled millions into believing in some manmade secret rapture where all will meet Christ in the air prior to the great tribulation; and I am not here to argue with anyone, but only to say welcome to the world of religious deception because to prove that teaching is false is very easy to only hearts and minds that look only to God and never man. To be of the body of Christ is to be in one accord or full agreement with only one God, one doctrine, one Spirit and one truth----but the world today has millions of gods, millions of spirits, millions of doctrines and millions of traditions all in disagreement with everyone right and everyone else wrong. So merry pagan Christmas to all and say hello to Christ when you see Him the colored bunny egg hunt along with every holiday of man with pagan origin while knowing nothing of God’s feasts that are a shadow of things to come throughout the millennium and through eternity. . .


Amen to God’s truth that His children refuse to believe, hear or understand because all that God says goes against what man teaches-----so this whole world has been deceived as written but not believed.



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