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MorningStarPoet (1)


   [22 Aug 2010 | Sunday]

A Good Teacher


Good Teachers

I tell my husband that he is my GOOD TEACHER all the time, I have learned more being with him than I have with anyone else. When we are young and have a teacher that stays on us, we think that person is being mean to us, but the older we get we can see that teachers are the one’s that makes a big different in our life. Good teachers wont give up on you, they stay with us though it all. My husband and I have a lot in common, but the one big thing is; we have NEVER stayed one place to long, not when things start to become to difficult, at that point “its time to go”. So we tell each other all the time “you know God is good”. He knew just what He was doing when He put us together. You know a lot of time when God tells us to do something, IF it doesn’t look like something we think God would have anything to do with, then we have a hard time obeying.

Before my husband and I got together I was going to small church, I say small because we didn’t have that many members. My pastor at that time was a GOOD TEACHER, it was as if God would talk though him to me. One scripture that he always would quote was; DON’T FOCUS ON THE CIRUMSTANCES OR HOW THINGS APPER TO BE, KEEP YOU FOCUS ON GOD AND GOD ALONE. God had been getting me ready for Charles for a long time, so when the day came I knew in my heart of hearts that he was the man for me. After we got married I realized why I always heard the pastor saying; DON’T FOCUS ON THE CIRUMSTANCES.

I remember as a child telling God when I get married it’s going to be the man that He puts me with. There had been a lot of times that I could have gotten married but, when I would pray and ask God if the man that I was with was the man that He had for me, the answer would always be no. At one point I didn’t know if I would understand when yes came, thank God I did.

I have said many times that I look at life as a school, when you are in school you learn all you can so you will pass to the next grade. In life before you can move on to the next place you have got to pass the test, we have many teachers a long the way. I didn’t do to good when I was a child in school, so now that I have a GOOD TEACHER, I’m not going to miss out on passing this test so my soul and spirit can rest when that time comes…


And the moral to this story is: don’t miss out on your opportunity to learn all you can from the GOOD TEACHERS that God will put into your life, they will help you pass the tests in life…

By; Paula T.

Mood: peaceful
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MorningStarPoet | Sun Aug 22, 2010, 22:08

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Great insight! We need to be wise to recognize the teachers God has sent to us. Although the Holy Spirit is the primary Teacher that we need to learn from, God uses many different means to instruct us. It could be  through the voice of a child, the song of a broken heart, the diligence and harmony of ants, a dreadful storm, and more.

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