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Conversations with God - Real Insight into My Life

Recent recorded conversations with God - His words are in quotation marks.


" Your faith is strong, but it needs to be stronger. I will build it for you. Hang on to Me. I will lead you to the place you wish to go.

Remember the scripture - 'Don't worry about anything'? Keep My peace in your heart and you will see things never dreamed of.

Rejoice, My daughter, for My hand is on you. Don't look at things in the natural. Hang on to what you know of Me and I will bring you to a higher level closer to Me. You will see things you never dreamed of. You will see My Kingdom build and grow. There will be joy as you watch Me work in different ways to accomplish My plan for you and others. Keep your eyes on Me. Just as the song you like - 'Captivate me, Lord Jesus, set my eyes on you' - you will sense My presence and be glad. My grace is sufficient for you."


"Kindness makes a man attractive." Proverbs 19:22

"It's not only for a man, Lorene. Kindness will exude love for all, it will prove a dying to self, and it will show My light within.These last few days you've been seeing only yourself - it's not attractive. Keep between us those things concerning yourself. Did I not send your pastor's call at the right time?"

Yes, it was perfect timing. You know  I think of myself because I feel no one else does. There - it's been said.

"No one else does because you do it. They don't see a need. Less talk about you, more talk about Rod,more talk about Me, more talk about others - inquire of their needs - get the focus off of you.Together we can deal with support and encouragement.

You like the song "Captivate Us" - let Me, that's let Me do that for you. You know that's when you are the happiest."

Father, you know my heart and the changes needed.I need You and Your help molding and reshaping me to be who You would have me be. I'm sorry for my wrong thinking. I know I have Your forgiveness. Please help me to forgive myself and get beyond this point so I can be to Rod what he needs even though he doesn't express it. I don't know what that is. Please show me.

"This is very serious. He is scared and is having a hard time with reality. Let him deal with it in his way. Don't keep shoving it in his face - he's not you. Let Me do My work. Pray for him when you come and when you go. This will bless him and strengthen him. More of Me and less of you."

I have been a brat. It has been hard to deal with lack of feelings.

"They are there - deep in there. Do not deny him your feelings because he doesn't show his."

You know I've turned mine off for survival's sake.

"That's because you are thinking of you, not him, not Me. You are jealous of the attention given him by others and you perceive you are not as well-liked. You neglect the fact that you have your own support group and he has his. Your support is not visible and as numerous but it is what you need.Give it up. Receive My love. Open your heart and mind to My ways. Don't look to be envious of the world's ways when you have something more precious. Yours is not to be well-known or talked about. Yours is private - to be shared with those you don't know anonomously. That's why the pseudonym. That way you can't take credit but remain in the background doing a good work out of response to a need. It is sufficient that I know."

This growing up stuff is tough. Thank You for Your love and Your caring. It's as Romans 12:2 says - "then you will know from your experience how His ways will really satisfy you". I am so thankful and grateful that I am hearing from You again. I do need You and I do want You acting in every area of my life. I want more of You and less of me. Help me to keep my conversation showing that.

As I have been going over this, I am so grateful that He had me write this down as we were talking as I have forgotten much of what was said, not intentionally, but just moving on. I know I need the repetition to cement ideas in my skull, thus the reading of the same scripture over and over and, now, the rereading of what was said. As a little over a month has passed since we had this interaction, I can see things differently than when I first heard what He had to say. My situation has changed and I can appreciate more fully the need for a stronger faith and the necessity of hanging on to Him. I sense His peace and joy despite the current circumstances and what is ahead for me a week from today.

God is so amazing! I just read August 19ths reading from Oswald Chambers. See it at


Remember what I said about repetition?

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