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Our Hearts That Tell God Everything with Absolutely Nothing Ever Hidden

God knows all things and glorifies Himself through those who love Him in ways so genuine that they also love others while knowing that is the only way to please Him: and it is our heart that tells God absolutely everything with nothing ever hidden including our hearts intent of our actual desires that make the words of most all completely worthless because what their lips may say can not be found deep within the heart; and God uses the word heart 762 times with an additional 114 when its plural because it is our hearts that tell God to have mercy on us or to just harden our hearts as written in Romans 9:18.


Yet the mass majority of the religious world today have not that love therefore bear no fruits of righteousness; and they have withered because they have been cast forth as a branch which shall be gathered, thrown into the fire and burned just as the word of God says in John 15-----and not the man made hell fires that makes our God and Father of love with chastisements a god who thrives on pleasures of eternal agony and eternal screaming with more pain that can be imagined as in unspeakable eternal tortures; and all who believe that God would actually be that cruel are only belittling God Almighty as something lower than words can say and you ought to repent from your shame because you seek not truth as silver and hid treasures---- but the fire that will burn them in the judgments of great tribulation because that is the only way His disobedient and rebellious children that have been blinded by the god of this world will come to understand the truth of His words that Satan has blinded them all to.


Because God is not the author of confusion He just tells it like it is; so when He says “Because strait is the gate and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.— God Almighty is telling you all nothing with confusion but only His  words of pure truth and sound doctrine; and when God says “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: ----- He as our God of love is only telling you a truth that’s of His words of truth that only the few can see because the god of this world has overcome them all and deceived this whole world just as God said he would in Revelation 12:9. . . .But there are the many in the billions who just believe the words of man that are but the partial truths that cause only confusion that will bring a shame on all of the religions of man that have robbed Christ from being the Head of His body who is suppose to be the church and not the buildings of man that are bringing destruction upon their blind congregations through the lies from the father of lies that makes all shepherds  so blind they cannot feed their sheep; and so says thy word is truth that man has taught man not to believe truth as they change God’s meaning of words by redirecting where they don’t belong while also holding back the meaning of how our Lord will never leave us or forsake us, because what they don’t teach is that punishment even unto death is not our Lord leaving you, but teaching you because death is only the grave that you will be awaken from in one of the resurrections----so you have not been forsaken, but taught just as billions of others.


I say again with even more words added that you need to know. . . .


Because God does love us all as His church, He expects His children who are the church to follow only their Head which is Jesus Christ which is written within the words that we are to live by. But man takes the words of their creator who also is the creator of absolutely everything seen and unseen that stretches billions and trillions of light years into the eternals with no ending and just hears what he wants and ignores or changes what he wants not because he can’t understand----and that is because the god of this world has totally overcome man with his counterfeit spirit of error that is a false light, false security, false roots, false Christ, false doctrines, false traditions, false lips and false love that all leads to nothing but what’s counterfeit and not real because Satan’s only purpose is to steal, lie, kill, cheat, pervert, destroy and to bring darkness with deception just as he has always done ever since the creation of earth when God gave him rule with one third of His angels of righteousness who over time turned all of the righteous angels into unrighteous demons of darkness full of evil that brought God’s judgment and destruction upon the face of the earth. Jeremiah 4:23-27


God then said let there be light which was not the beginning of creation because earth had already been created perhaps billions of the years earlier, so what God was doing by His Spirit was renewing the face of the earth that had been destroyed through His judgment.

Psalms 104:30


What all need to understand is why God created man and why He did not just keep His angels to rule for eternity and why man who He created that is now lower than angels will be superior. There are reasons written that are easy to see and to understand to only those who God leads; and I understand well, do you?  Do you know of the spirit of man and why?  Do you understand where and how king Nebuchadnezzar who was very evil got his greatest kingdom?


Do you know who Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama were and are controlled by?


Few believe the truths of God just as He says within His words of truth; and that is even when everything said can be proved; and that alone shows the powers of the darkness that rules this world that is nothing but darkness with only the counterfeit lights that people can see. . . .But soon the counterfeit light shall bring more darkness than has ever been seen before that turn into the blackest hole of deaths with suffering and destruction that has ever before been. . .and you are being warned. Read Proverbs 1:22-33 because what you do is your own choice.


These are my free web sites for my works for God with His Holy Spirit as my payment in full. 

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