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At last we can be frankly clear!...

At last we can be frankly clear!...

It took some doing to get to this point in our developement and go into higher rank courses in 'theology'! One important developement in logic math is the discovery of the 'empty set' which made things all clear there! Now quantum physics has revealed that empty space is by no means empty and light can be mass and wave!...

Now is this the way to start a blog?! I was watching two movie clips, we one was soap opera program and the other was movie of vintage of someone who looked like late Sammy Davis Jr.! In the movie clip, there this cowboy wrangler who is hunting and he very good at shooting down quail and putting a meal on the table!...

And then man who had just escaped slavery happened to be literate and was very good with words and writting and took upon himself to exalt himself and point out that his sharp shooter freind could not write his name, he did not how to read or write only shoot down quail and provide!...

And the illiterate cowboy tells this slavery scapy, after you finished to diceration on how well you read and write perhaps you can shoot down the coming dinner, since you are so intelligent! And the slavery escapy just put down the roasted quail from his mouth and perhaps that maybe it would of shown a greater command of language to say nothing!...

Now back to our soap opera clip, we have a husband coming down on his wife because she want to go to college and further her education! And husband is outlining the facts that a housewive should be in the home and not out there in the street and perhaps flirting with other men!...

And we, I learned two thing we basically need to be happy. One is provision, plenty of roasted quail and two the dignity to have freedom! And we are happy that we now learned the love is gift and not something we have to do if we don't want to: Freedom and the joy to understand the truth of that!...

Now if we had an inkling that in a marriage, the provision the man provides should be a gift out of his goodwill and love for his wife and family and should never be taken for granted like we learned somewhere! And keep in mind that love is more of a gift we give than a command!...

I know we all have learned that we are commanded to love and obey, but we really should pray that we understand that we are not commanded to give what we don't want to! And if we remember that we have reserved the right to refuse service to anyone, then we know we have freedom!...

God says that were there God's spirit there is freedom! And as humans are required to do only what is humanly possible! And back to the husband and wife, the wife should give her submission to her husband as a conditional gift based on her right to human dignity and freedom to have dignity!...

And like we learned today that we learned to demand affection and demand love and have a 'to-do-list' of what we expect from our spouse! Now God renews his loves for us everyday because he wills and not because he has any moral obligation!...

God is always free to do what he pleases! But since God never feels threatened by anyone he can love continually with out fear! Love which is freedom cast out fear!...

And we do need bread which is Truth and drink which is Dignity and Freedom from from our sins and ostigation and tyranny! And the wisdom of it all that we can be ourselves and help our spouses in his, her developement and not forget our own dignity and freedom to feel free to love and not because we are obligated or by compulsion and for being demanded, but because we make a serene choice to want give of ourselves!...

Blessings. Amen.

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