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A Prophecy Based on the Bible

                                      Some one hundred and fify years ago people across the world began to prophecy that the Jews who at that time scattered all over the world would come together and form a nation for themselves with Jerusalem as the capital. Picture yourself as a person living at that time somewhere in the world. Imagine yourself as a knowledgeable person who has some knowledge about the affairs of the world. When such prophecies were being made what would you have thought about it. Most probably you would have thought that the ones who were prophesying like that to be mad or to be Christian fanatics. As per the conditions that existed then that happening was quite improbable by any standards. A hundred years that has actually come true. How many of you has read the book "Oh Jerusalem" Those who have not read it I strongly reccommend reading that. In that book you shall read about the difficulties the Jews have gone through for the establishment of their state. As for me I look upon David Ben Gurion with awe and is one of the few  heroes I have.  I have digressed from the main topic a bit ,however coming back to it ,those who prophecised that Israel as a nation will come about in the world based their proclamations on the Bible and time and again proved right proved right in their assertions as many before them.

                                        Similarly anybody who reads the Bible carefully and prayerfully can predict the events that will take place in the world. As a careful reader of the Bible I have got this feeling that improble things are going to take place in the world. Recently I have read some where that people that the prevailing chaos in the world, the inhuman acts caused by global terrorism has made believers loose faith in God and has become atheists or agnostics. But what I feel is that just as the holocaust eventually led the Jews to clamour and prepare for their homeland the happenings of these days particularly  Islamic terrorism, are actually preparing the world for the prophecies made in the word of God. I have read somewhere that some ten years ago there were only ten million Christians in China which now stands more than ten times that number. While considering this fact one should also remember that China is a communist nation and persecution unthinkable for many of us are perpetrated on Chinese Christians. Nevetheless the number of Christians has multiplied. So we have now seen wholesale conversions of atheists after huge perpetration of violence by the atheist Communists. As we all know nobody now can rival the violence perpetrated by the hardcore Islamists. If we interpret the verses in the book of Isaih in conjunction with that in Revelation, I believe two Islamic nations viz Egypt and Syria are going to see wholesale conversion to Christianity. What do you think of my observation. Has anybody predicted like this before. Please inform me if any body has any knowledge.



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