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Leviticus 19:28 You shall not make any cuts on your body for the dead or tattoo yourselves: I am the LORD

What is the Mark of the Beast?

The mark of the beast is a combination of letters and symbols that will be physically and permanently placed on your forehead or right hand. Most people will consider it an honor to receive the mark.

The mark of the beast will be placed on people who worship the beast and choose to receive his mark. There will be severe penalties for refusing the mark and great rewards for getting it.

Worship the beast and get his mark

The mark of the beast will be enforced. The people who believe in the beast and worship him will be glad to get his mark.

When two people get married the wife will often take the last name of the husband as her own. The husband and wife will both wear a wedding ring as a symbol of their marriage. Likewise, people will take the name of the beast and will wear his mark as a symbol of their allegiance to him.

There will be six hundred and sixty six different ways to get the mark.

666 and the Mark of the Beast

666 comes from Revelation 13 in the Bible. 666 is a human number that is connected with the mark of the beast.

Beast is Satan, claiming to be God

The beast is Satan in a brilliant, perfect body. He will appear to people as a glorious being and he claims to be God. He will have many names, all of which are different names for God. In fact, he will have a total of six hundred and sixty-six (666) names.

666 blasphemous names

This verse tells us to calculate or count the number of names the beast has. The beast will have 666 names. When he first comes to earth he starts out with 7 blasphemous names and over the next few months he keeps adding names until he reaches 666 blasphemous names. These are blasphemous names because they claim to be God but they aren’t God. When you count up all of his names there will be 666 names.

Mark of the beast is 666 names

The mark of the beast is the name of the beast or any of his 666 names. In other words, you receive the mark of the beast by taking any one of the beast’s 666 names.

So why does he need so many names? Because he wants to appeal to every person on earth. He carefully select his blasphemous names so that one of his names will appeal to each person on earth.

He will come as Allah or Imam Mahdi to the Muslims, Maitreya Buddha to the Buddhists, Jesus Christ to the Christians, Krishna to the Hindus, Messiah to the Jews, Saoshyant to the Zoroastrians, the “Dark Lord” to satanists, and so on through the whole list of 666 names.

His goal is to win the worship and allegiance of every person on earth.

What does the Mark of the Beast
look like?

The beast is Satan, coming to earth, looking like God and saying that he is God. Each of his names will be blasphemous, because Satan is not God. The beast is not a person or a human organization. The beast is Satan himself. But when Satan comes as the beast he will appear in a glorious body. People will not recognize him as the Devil. He will claim to be God and most people will believe that he is God.

The mark of the beast is an outward, physical symbol, showing that the wearer has chosen to worship the beast and receive him as God.

Does the mark of the beast look nice?

The beast is Satan.

But he will appear on earth as a powerful, awesome being. He will claim that he is God. This will happen very soon.


It will please the senses and will excite the admiration of those who see it. Most people who wear it will be proud to have it.

The mark will be plainly visible for all to see. Your friends and family will be able to see if you have received the mark. Your employer can look at you and see the mark. This law will apply to every person in every country on earth.

It won’t matter if you are very wealthy or if you are poor. It won’t matter if you are the leader of a great country or if no one knows your name. You may be free, or you may be in prison or in debt.

You may be old or young, male or female. You may be very religious or you may not even believe in God. Nothing about you will matter. If you are alive you will be under great pressure to receive the mark of the beast.

The beast is Satan,

pretending to be God. He will command you to worship him and to receive his mark and he won’t care which of his 666 names you choose. The mark of the beast will include one of the beast's 666 names. Each of the 666 names will be a name for God. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.” Revelation 13:17,18

Mark of the beast a symbol of worship

Almost everyone in the world will get the mark of the beast. There are many reasons why people will choose to get the mark:

There will be great rewards for getting the mark of the beast

People will believe they are honoring God by receiving the mark of the beast

Please understand that God YAHWEH for a reason will not allow anyone to receive the mark of the beast unless they choose to get it. People will not be physically forced against their will. But most people will choose to worship the beast and to receive his mark. Read Leveticus 19:28 for your self.





will make a law requiring every person to receive the mark of the beast and there will be stiff penalties to anyone who refuses. The mark of the beast will look attractive and beautiful. The mark of the beast will be a literal, physical combination of letters and symbols. It will be permanently and prominently ( engraved or tattooed ) on the forehead or right hand of each person who gets the mark of the beast.

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