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 By the time I was born my parents were separated.
One evening, while still a small baby, my mother carried me into the bar where my biological father worked.
She set me down on the counter and said,"I've had enough. You take her, I am all done with this!"
My real father was a proud man and full of what he thought to be pure genius and what he did next he later referred to as "The best investment he ever made."
With me sitting quietly on the bar he hushed the crowd and said,
"Attention. I will give anyone in this room one thousand dollars to take this baby."
Out of the stunned crowd came 
the man who took me that day.
He gave the thousand dollars to my mother, insisted on marrying her and adopted me as his own.
The marriage only lasted a short time but his unconditional love has stayed with me for 35 years and I still know him as my Dad to this day.
To you Dad, a poem on Fathers Day.

Just a man walking tall,
A baby thrown away.
Free with will you had a choice on what to do that day.
A mom strung out who could not care,
A path to take, most would not dare,
But you my Dad were most aware,
Someone had to stay.

You had 2 kids and mouths to feed,
Another one you didn't need
A heart of gold in you to lead.
You saw my life and then took heed.

Years they passed, the marriage dead.
Still not "yours" you chose instead.
To keep your word and go ahead,
And raise me as your seed.

A troubled youth I set adrift,
Perhaps you saw a wasted gift,
A childs foot you'd tried to lift,
By then, you'd made your bed.

You sent advice, your words were strong,
Repeating them all day long,
I know it seemed I found them wrong.
The tune I'd dance upon life's stage,
The tune that fit for every age,
The tune I hum as I pen this page,
Those words became my song. 

Without your love a childhood,
A world devoid of all that's good
Don't think I never understood,
You freed me from that cage.

If and when they ask of me,
How was it YOU who came to see
Love like this? It came to be,
This man sent so I could.

It's Fathers day and I am glad
A blessEd life from you I've had
When no one else would be my Dad,
Through you God cared for me.

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