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   [03 Jul 2010 | Saturday]

Do We Pray And Ask God For Things As If He Is Santa!!!

When I look back on teaching on how to get things from God, I realize for the most part, that we have been trained that God will give us what we ask Him for, and we have been trained to be PRECISE in our asking.

Now when I was a little I was told if I was a good girl at Christmas time Santa would come and bring me what I had asked him for. The older I got I realized that I wasn't being a good girl all the time, but Santa came anyway and gave me what I wanted. Now if you think about it are we doing things any different when we pray and ask God for whatever we want. Don't we believe because we are God's children, saved and Holy Ghost field, go to church and are active members, pay our tithes, don't do all the things the ungodly do like, drinking TO much, using narcotics, being with someone husband or wife, doing anything illegal. Don't we believe because we don't do all the things sinners do, that we are WORTHY of getting whatever we ask God for? 

When I read the word of God it tells me that I am to be RIGHTEOUS, GOD-FEARING, GODLY, HOLY and PURE-HEARTED. Do you think if we got everything we asked God for, that would help us to be what God says we are to be?

 Another thing I hear prople say a lot is; God will give you the DESIRES of your heart, but most stop there, but it goes on to say IF they are RIGHTEOUS desires. How many of us truly have righteous desires, not to many of us, most of our desires are centered around ourselves, we are not going to put up with anything or anyone that makes us unhappy for very long. Long SUFFERING is not something that we think we need.

When I think back on when I was single and was praying asking God to give me a husband, I believed if God gave me my husband he would be everthing that I ever wanted in a man. He would be "a super man", everthing would be PERFECT. If the truth be told, that's what we women are looking for, Mr. Right, we want him to be perfect. And we believe if God gives him to us then he will be perfect, because everything that comes from God is perfect, He can only give perfect gifts. We don't seam to understand what we call perfect and what God calls perfect are not the same.

There are a lot of people that have walk away from the person that God gave them because their beliefs were wrong. They never stopped to think that God gave me what I needed to become the person that God has called me to be...Before I got married I didn't know how to be a wife, I was very impatient, my husband has been my best teacher. God is teaching me though him how to be a wife, and to understand there are no super men. The perfect person for me is, the person that HELPS me BECOME the person that God has called me to be. A lot of times we as believers in the word of God, MISUNDERSTAND what  is being said to us at times. Before I got marred to the man that I believed God put me with, I asked my pastor if he thought he was my mate from God. I had told my pastor all about my feature husband, the first thing he said was; "God will not put with an UNBELIEVER." He is UNRQUALLY YOKED with you. If I had been a person that couldn't hear with understanding what God had said to me, then I would have missed out on the PERFECT person for me.

When I got pregnant with my son at age sixteen, unmarred, living with a man that made me do things that I had never done, or knew anything about doing at that age, I was told that I needed to get away from him and his child. There belief was; your son will be just like his father, but I knew in my heart and soul that my son was a gift from God (I didn't stay with his father). My son taught me how to love, first him then me. If I had not had my son in my life, I don't know if I would have had the power to fight to over come all my childhood pain and anger. 

So I will say to all the single woman and men, when you pray and ask God for a mate, you can be as PRECISE as you want to be, God gives what is needful, he's not Santa Claus...

And the moral to this story is; when we KEEP our FOCUS on GOD and not on how things APPEAR to be, it all works out PERFECTLY...  


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Frannie | Wed Jul 07, 2010, 15:07

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Keeping it real

I appreciate your willingness to be open and transparent. I am single and looking to find the mate of Gods desire. I cant look for my sake, Im always finding the wrong ones. I will wait. I don't care if it takes forever. My position with God is more important to me than my passions. He is my true passion. Everything I do is for Him...When I step out in the flesh which is so hard and painful. I find suffering..Yet Suffering for His sake is better than my own suffering. The bible teaches us how and why we must suffer for His sake, yes its necessary if we want peace if we want eternity if we want understanding and wisdom. In Him all things hold together that good that is for me. I always cry out to God without holding back, I endulge in his mercy, when I find something that seems challanging I take it too the cross, I allow 3 days to meditate on an answer.         Then He answers me...

I read your other blog, had a whole letter for you too read, yet my fat hand deleted it my making the cursor go back somewhere else...I hate when that happens...

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