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   [30 Jun 2010 | Wednesday]

"Peter An Example For Us All"


I was reading some of the stories of Peter's life from the bible, and I thought about us, all of us that say we LOVE God and will do ANYTHING to be of SERVICE to Him. Here is some of what I was reading:

Peter, also called Simon, was a fisherman who became one of Jesus's first disciples. At times he exhibited unwavering faith, yet at other times his faith was GREATLY shaken in the face of ADVERSITY. He made BOLD confessions of commitment of Jesus, but at one point DENIED ever knowing Jesus.

Following these first events with Jesus, Peter was evidently with him constantly, observing his ministry firsthand. Even though Peter STEADFASTLY declared that he would lay down his life for Jesus, he ended up denying his association with Jesus coompletely. On the night of Jesus's arrest, Peter displayed his skill and bravery with his sword by cutting off the right ear of the high priest servent. But then he followed this HEROIC act with a show of COWARDICE in the courtyard of Caiaplas when he DENIED THREE TIMES that he was one of jesus disciples. Following his third denal a rooster crowed FULFILLING Jesus's PREDICTION at the last super that Peter would deny him THREE TIMES before the cock crowed.

I thought this story of Peter would best show how some of us (believer in God) think as Peter did. Because we are Christians, Saved and Holy Ghost Fielded, we BELIEVE as Peter did, that we will FOLLOW the TEACHING of Jesus no matter what happens to us. But when the TEST comes most of the time we fail. When we FAIL the people that are looking at us, the ones that are not a member of a church, the ones that WE have been telling, YOU NEED to be a member of a church, the ones that WE have JUDGED not to be SAVED, the ones that live in our home with us that see us say one thing and DO something else. The ones that say to us if you don't have any more FAITH than I have, why do I need to be like you??? Then we wonder why they don't have any RESPECT, ADMIRATION for who we say we are, do you think OUR ACTIONS are SPEAKING LOUDER than our WORDS???

Peter knew that Jesus was a POWFUL man of God, but, when Jesus told him that he would deny knowing him, Peter didn't believe what Jesus said. Peter didn't believe Jesus anymore than we believe a person when they come to us and tell us something that we don't want to believe is true. As important as truth is you would think that it would be one of the most things that we would try to get, but our action show that we are not ready for that PAIN, like Peter...

When I think about Peter and how he thought more HIGHLY of HIMSELF, I think about the seven things the bible says God hates, things that we don't talk much about. Why don't we talk more about the seven things that God HATES, becouse we ALL are GUILTY. In Proverbs 6:16-19 it says; 

"For there are six things the Lord hates, seven that are DETESTABLE to Him." The number one thing is HAUGHTY eyes, the meaning for haughty is; looking down one's nose at the riff-raff, haughty behavior is; ARROGANCE, the meaning for arrogance is; excessive self-opinion, conceit, ego, vanity, egotism, PRIDE, self-importance, vainglory. The antonym for arrogance is; HUMILITY and MODESTY. I know first hand how blinding arrogance is, you are DECEIVED, MISLEAD to believe you are someone that you are not. As long as we are deceived we can not change, we don't see that we need too.

Peter didn't understand where he was in his faith walk, in his believing that he would die for JESUS until, he had denied three times knowing Jesus. In the end AFTER Peter seen the PRIDE and ARROGANCE in him, he did what God had called him to do...

And the moral to this story is; don't let arrogance and pride take you cative...


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