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   [29 Jun 2010 | Tuesday]

Baggage, Can You See Yours???

There is a dating show on called; Baggage, on the show people come on and tell their SECRETS talk about their BAGGAGE. Tell things about themselves that has been a problem in their pass relationships. I think that most of us realize that we have some baggage, but if you ask us what our baggade is, most of the time it want be what other people see. So I will give the meaning for baggage from the show; anything that makes your mate uncomfortable, they just don't want any part of it...

The meaning for secrets is; deliberately concealed from awareness or vew, hidden, under wraps, hush-hush, closet, undercover, sneaky, just to name some. When your baggage is a secret you hope know one will ever find out. The dating show is saying; put your baggage/secrets out there in the beginning, then you may have a better chance for the relationship to work out. Judging from there pass relationships, at some point it comes out, so why not tell in the beginning so it want become a problem down the road and someone gets hurt. 

If you where asked, what is your mates baggage you properly wouldn't need to think about it before you gave an answer. On the other hand, if you where asked what is your baggage, you may need some time to think about it. The only reason why you didn't need to think about it was because you have been told many times by other people, not only your mate. 

A lot of the baggage that we have comes from childhood, things we never liked about ourselves, somethings we can change, somethings we can not change. The things that we can not change, maybe we need to stop and see it for what it is and learn how to love that part of ourselves. In doing so maybe others can love that about us too. I wonder sometimes why some people here and on face book don't put their picture up, is it because you don't like the way you look, or you don't want other people to see who you are, but you want to know what others look like, who they are, lets keep it real...Getting back to the subject, the things you can change you change.

I thought this show opened the door to help us get a little more insight into who we really are. Why not asked the person that is the closest to you what they think your baggage is. Have them write yours down and you write theirs down, the only way this works is though HONESTY. This way you will be able to see just how much you SEE/KNOW about yourself. One thing to understand is, if they put something down that you don't believe to be TRUE, IF YOU GET ANGER, that is the DOOR that opened for you to see who you really are, Why, because truth ALWAYS hurts when you don't believe it to be true...     

And the moral to this story is; know yourself and why you do the things you do, because you are the only person that you can change...It took a long time for me to get that understanding, maybe it want for you.

Mood: peaceful
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