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   [27 Jun 2010 | Sunday]

The Mind A Battle Field

I was watching Byron Katie on Oprah's soul series, she was talking about all the hell she had been though and had put her family though. She went on to say that now after experiencing a profound awaking to TRUTH, she know longer suffers. Oprah ask her how was that possible, Byron said she didn't let her mind wander, she stays in the MOMENT. If you don't stay in the NOW your mind can and will keep you thinking about things that will take your PEACE.

Over the years I have been on a quest to be free, I thought at one time being free meant; no problems, having all you want, just being happy all the time. Now I realize the only way that will ever happen is to see life as it is, to know that everything has a purpose and "IT'S ALL GOOD."

Eckhart Tolle says in his book: The Power Of Now, because we have LABELED things as GOOD and BAD, when something happens that we have labled as bad, we miss seeing the PURPOSE in what is happening. We miss out on something that will help us to have a better understanding of who we are.

Over the years I have come to realize that the TRUTH is truly what sets us free. I was thinking about something and it was; we can not see what we look like without looking into a morrow or something that can reflect our image. That is the same when it comes to who we truly are, most of us think of ourselves in one way, but most of the time we are not the way we think we are. That old saying: SOMEONE CAN SEE YOU BETTER THAN YOU CAN SEE YOURSELF, that saying is true. As I said the only way that you can see what you look like is though a morrow. How we see who you truly are is though other people. The way God teaches us how to see ourselves is though the people that bring us pain, we learn more from them than anyone else I believe.

I like how Byron Katie put it from her book: A Thousand Names For Joy. She says; If a criticism hurts you, that means you're defending against it. Your body will let you know VERY clearly when you're feeling HURT or DEFENSIVE. If you don't pay ATTENTION, the feeling RISES and becomes ANGER and ATTACK, in the form of defense or JUSTIFICATION. It's not right or wrong; it just isn't intelligent. WAR is not INTELLIGENT, It doesn't work. If you're really interested in your PEACE of MIND, you'll become more and more aware of that sense of wanting to DEFEND yourself against a criticism. And eventually you'll be fascinated to find the missing pieces of yourself that your CRITIC is helpfully pointing out, and you'll ask him to tell you more, so that you can be enlightened even futher. CRITICISM is an IMMENSE GIFT for those who are interested in self realization. For those who aren't, WELCOME TO HELL, welcome to being at WAR with your PARNER, your NEIGHBOROS, your CHILDREN, your BOSS. When you open your arms to criticism, you are your own direct path to FREEDOM, because you can't CHANGE US or what we think about you. 

I call the mind a battle field because it keep us on a marry go round, no peace, no joy, know true understanding of who we truly are. My ex-mother-in-law, passed away 11/4/08, my first thoughts were; now she is free, she is free of the pain in her body, but most of all she is free of the anger and hurt in her mind. I never seen where she got to a place of peace, she would talk a good talk about the Lord but, anyone that knew her they knew how unhappy she was. As I said at the beginning, everything has a purpose. Her purpose in my life was to teach me how important it is to forgive, to not let what I don't have make or keep me unhappy, to be thankful for all the people that have been a part of my life, including her son (that made my life a living hell when we where together). I learned a lot from him and all my teachers, a lot about life and me that I will never forget. 

Now that I can see what has been the cause of my suffering all these years, I am at peace. When my mind tries to bring thoughts that are untrue, I begin to go within myself to see why I'm thinking those thoughts. Is it true, if not then it has no place in me. If it is true then what am I to learn from it, I get what is needed and then I keep moving to the next lessons that life brings. I realize now without a doubt that you can have peace in whatever life brings, because you know that it all has a purpose, and that God is with you though it all... 

And the moral to this story is; Stay in the NOW, that's the only place that you can be, right here right now... 

Mood: peaceful
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