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Why you are going to suffer

Each day of my life starts out the same with battles in my mind while seeing this world crumbling upon one very foolish human race with the lowly being of the best quality and all of the religious people in the top ranked worst categories when care for others becomes part of the equation; because over a three year period I have found absolutely none beyond total silence with a few false words or just very open condemnation with anything but the love of Christ who they know not.  And if you even go so far as to mention the truths of God on any subject, the most part as in 95% never say a word against what’s written other than a few that will call you a sick bastard, heretic, false prophet, blind and stupid or just whatever loving words their hearts overflowing with God’s Spirit can come up with; then you get the other 4% who agree with all you write and even care about you; and will pray for God to give them a direction towards you’re needs while never hearing from them again, or you will on how much they like your writings that show so very much dedication to God while still not parting with even two bits which makes them perfect hypocrites that fit right in with the other 95%.


Below is what all must become familiar with now before it becomes your life in the times ahead as unknown horrors with just no solution because there are none to any nightmare that becomes a living reality. I look only to God who I cannot see just as I cannot see what my absolute future holds--because in faith I know that no matter what it may be -- I will endure because I know that Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego also endured the fiery furnace that was so hot the men that forced them into it burned up, yet they walked within unburned with a fourth who looked like the Son of God.


 Then there is the remaining 1% who may not know all things about God, but desire only His truth as a sponge wanting a steady flow to always absorb non-stop while possessing a genuine concern with care for other human beings; and with themselves being lowly with little, their love and faith moves them to help others the best they can; and that is why God who is not the author of confusion writes narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it; because very few can be found that love thy neighbor as they love themselves.


But never tell a Christian or religious person what God who is not the author of confusion says because all they all do is confuse His words of truth by aiming them at someone else with complete blindness to themselves who God is speaking to just as His every word that we are to live by---and if you can’t understand those words read Hebrews 5:13 and 1 Corinthians 2:14. But if you can understand them read Hebrews 5:14 and 1 Corinthians 2:13.


And if you say that you are not natural, where is you’re love?


The great tribulation is coming upon a hypocritical world of religion because the main ingredient of all of God’s laws that will be written in all hearts is love, because with an unbroken circle of love ruled by His kingdom there will never again be rapes, murders, wars, greed, sexually transmitted diseases, tortures, lies, corruption, hate, child abuse, false education and just everything false and wrong that is but a perfect description of the worlds human race today that has no love beyond false words other than the very few that God watches closely because they will become a part of His kingdom who rules with Christ.


 If you can understand it’s because God is showing you mercy, if not it’s because God is hardening your heart just as He did to the Pharaoh. Romans 9:18  


I am like many others that have had a very hard past. But with me I know that God was unseen in the picture that kept me alive from suicide attempts that by all means should have been a success when I was 12 and 20. A drug overdose when 16 and a gun to my head at 17 in a Chicago heroine development run by those who had no use for whites.  I also had a fall head first down steps to a concrete basement floor----but landed on my feet at the bottom off to the right below a ceiling where it was impossible to land; and there were many other times God’s had to have been there with the greatest being in 1988 when my Harley Davidson soft tail broadsided a car and I went up 20 ft and came crashing down on concrete with a helmet on---the neurosurgeon had to remove a small portion of my brain from a hemorrhage; and between the neurosurgeon, head shrinks and all the pills like halogen they gave me I was pronounced permanently disabled whereas I had to learn things like how to scramble an egg---and that was about the time when God came and put an interest of Him in my mind that wanted to know more; and He has now been feeding me for about eighteen years while never being a church member or even associated since the mid nineties.  


When my injury came I had married for 12 years to a ready made family that was never a solid as marriage is meant to be, so the next 15 years were just a steady downhill crisis in uncountable ways. Today as I write these words I still live in a crisis, but in different ways---and the difference is that the ways of life now I can fully deal with----Because all things even though they are not all good cards of life that are dealt by God, are very good cards according to His will that I have come to trust deeply in spiritual ways the natural man can’t understand because I can very well just accept all circumstances of life no matter what the cards dealt by God may be; and that is because Job’s cards were only bad cards of deaths, loss, pain and suffering-- but he kept his faith.


 Paul was dealt the cards of being beat near death, prisons, lashed five times, stoned, robbed, false brethren and more that were all thorns of Satan's buffeting that God would not remove, but he kept his faith just as all men of God will always do no matter how bad the cards He deals may be----


But all of today’s religious people of man feel that they are saved and superior to all men of God throughout history in that they can just live how they choose, go to whatever denomination they choose, believe any man they choose, judge who they want and just feel secure because they are the bride of Christ and will be snatched away-----while not even knowing the only true God in Spirit and truth while living in total disobedience and not knowing that Christ will marry no harlot that’s walking in blindness while being completely surrounded with other gods with there pride that cometh before destruction which God hates.


My daily fight in life is just for enough bodily and mind strength to begin another day of writing for God that’s about a 14 hour process on average and has gone long as 18; and what I write is for all who God chooses to read because the words go into four web sites with no comments other than a few words here and there that only come through this experience project site with absolutely nothing from the sites that are only religion with the most hypocrites that outweigh un believers as I have come across atheists who are much kinder, real and friendly with understanding why because they are not associated with false light that is counterfeit darkness.


Yet God pushes me and gives me the strength to get through another day because there is a purpose; and the day is going to arrive when no truth can be found. Amos chapter 8 is for you now no matter what the blind shepherds that don’t feed their sheep may tell you as written in Ezekiel 34 which is a book of prophecy for today that all religious people is a book of old not directed at them. Read Ezekiel chapter 5 because it’s got your name written all through it and the whole book.



 Years after my head injury I finally got a settlement of $380,000; and with that came my joys of doing things for others in to many ways to list while also trusting in man. As a result I went broke quickly as in just one man went bankrupt on me being unsecured and I lost about $75,000 all because I cared so much; and I won’t even get into church building funds I gave much to, tithes, feed the children, sponsor a child, home for battered women, medical research, individuals in need with families, and was one to always stop along a highway to help someone broke down and on and on all to be spit on, judged and ignored by the religious world who follows Christ which means to have His love as commanded because they have the mind of Christ who is the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey Him; and love is a commandment that if not obeyed will keep back the blessings for the tree of life as written in Revelation 22:14. . . . But never tell a religious person that because the religions of man know not the love of Christ that passeth knowledge----because if they did they might be filled with the fullness of God just as the word says in Ephesians 3:19----so where is all that love in the man made traditional Christianity or man made religions of today? According to them I am but a fool that has brought all my hardships upon my own self and they could really care less. 


Want the answer? It can not be found because the love of Christ does not exist in the religions of man because this whole world has been deceived, and that is why God’s punishment of great tribulation followed by His indignation and wrath is coming upon the unsuspecting world of religion that knows not God because they are all led by the spirit of error put into all minds by the prince and power of the air who is the god of this world-----and God makes His truth so plain and easy to understand for anyone that looks only to Him with the desire of only His Spirit of Truth which is required to become one who  overcomes as Christ overcame the god of this world.


I don’t even try and figure out exactly what God is doing with me individually because He says it can’t be done in Isaiah 55:8-9.  Therefore I am just as nothing in comparison to our Majestic God Almighty that has no beginning and has no end, so who am I or who is any human being that is but a creature to God that can place themselves as know it alls with all big name preachers and teachers fitting 1 Corinthians 13:2 as a tight leather glove because my experiences with Flurry, Pack and many others have shown me truths that are but foolishness to most all in this deceived world; and the truth is this is a world without love; and anyone who says different is but a blind fool that can’t even see the walls coming down with more death and destruction about to take place than ever before in the history of man, yet all are led by the god of this world who is the father of lies that all believe.


When God says destruction cometh, He tells no confusing lies.



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