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Not Jews Land



It's not your land to take! God made a covenant with you and you have broken the contract


God gave the land to the seed of Jacob which he sware unto your fathers, with the promise that IF YOU OBEYED HIM he would continue to bless you in that land. But he ALSO PROMISED that if you disobeyed him he would curse you – and root you out of the land. Deuteronomy 29:28.


When God told the children of Jacob to pass over Jordan and go in to possess the land and dwell therein, he said “ye shall observe to do all the statutes and judgments which I set before you this day, Deuteronomy 11:31-32. Dr. John Gill remarks that the law was so frequently and often repeated to the Jews because on the observance of the law “depended their continuance in the land of Canaan.”

And God told you that if you did not obey his commandments, he would “scatter you among the heathen,” and leave your land desolate and your cities waste, Leviticus 26:33.


You haven’t kept your part of the bargain you brutish men of Israel! You don’t obey God. You have forsaken his law; you have rejected the good statutes he gave you; you are proud sinners before God. You killed the Lord Jesus Christ! You have never confessed that sin, or repented for it.

You think you can substitute badgering, belittling, besieging and bullying for obedience. But you breached the contract. God is not going to change his mind. You will not remain in possession of the land. You can talk until the end of time about all the technical legalistic reasons you claim you’re entitled to that land. Blah, blah, blah. Unless and until you put away your sin and OBEY THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD – IT IS NOT YOUR LAND!

Your contentious rebellious ways will cause this land issue to be your downfall. Obama the Arrogant Antichrist is not backing down, and neither will you. It’s in your headlines every day and it’s all you’re talking about. You will duck, dodge and dissemble about the settlements and the land, until all the nations have enough – and march on Israel. Your annihilation will come because of your false claim to the land. Israel is doomed.

After funding and supporting the "settlements" and hostile takeover of your so-called land, Israel, America is turning on you, by God's hand.


Antichrist Beast Obama has brought into sharp focus the land dispute in Israel. Israel has been making claim to the ancient Promised Land for decades, claiming possession since 1948, when it declared independence.

Now the Beast is demanding that all “settlements” freeze, while Israel jabbers about “natural growth.” Antichrist Obama wants to “change the conversation” with the Muslims with grandiose notions of “a new universal discourse.” He’s demanding a two state solution with Jerusalem under international jurisdiction, because Israel’s current “trajectory” is “profoundly negative” for Israel and doomed-America.

You arrogant Israelites are shocked at the clash you find yourselves in with doomed-America. You assume your bully enforcer is always ready to do your bidding, with the latest polls showing 59% of the gullible citizens of this cursed land are pro-Israel. But Beast Obama is a Muslim, and he can count – 1 billion Muslims vs. 14 million Jews.

You Jews are going to dig in your heels about the land. It’s a sore spot, and you’re ready to fight Obama and the whole world over it.

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