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The Fine Print


     Its proven fact that most people surf through putting objects together without reading the instructions or the fine print. Not just the men but in some cases woman stand guilty too. To discover once the project is complete there are some parts that where never used. Consequently; because the object is put together the parts are tossed somewhere in assumption the manufacturer was mistaken. Your work is complete and surely it looks well put together. But much later or eventually it begins to fall apart.   The frustration kicks in and before long you are dialing the one eight hundred number to file a complaint. Only to be put on hold for an hour and your patience is wearing thin.   Suddenly a representative answers with a bubbly spirit to ask you “How may I help you today?” By this time your temperature is boiling and you let them have it how you, carefully to put this thing together and you want to know why it’s not working if it says lifetime guarantee on it. There is a pause and the representative politely explains if you read the instructions you would find that there were certain things that you thought were not important and tossed a side. Then in the back of your mind you realize that those tiny parts did mean something if only you would have token time to read were they went. However being so anxious and in the hurry you did it your way. But because you took the time to sign up for a warranty the representative is more than happy to replace it. When you finally get it you read the instructions and to your amazement no parts are missing and it works a whole lot better than before. This is a fine example of how we do things without including God. He is your number one support system and without his instructions you would truly fail. “Many plans are in a man's heart, But the counsel
of the Lord will stand” Proverbs 19:21. This passage simply means when we try to do things your way by being anxious. We simply miss out on doing it the right way and getting a result that last for eternity.   But we most first abide by his instructions meaning reading the fine print that is written in the Bible.   Once we have discovered how his words gives eternal victory over anything is when you will come to realize that you can’t do anything until you seek guidance from Him. And then you start to realize that if you just took a little time to pray about the situation or anything you desire to do. That it was in that very moment you turned it over to Him that he filled in the missing parts.
Now its time to not miss out, on what plans He has for you by seeking counsel from your manufacturer. The one who created you and remember satisfaction is a guarantee....God Bless!
By Floria Comeaux
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